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Chapter 91

Hermione watched Severus sleep peacefully. This was a very hard Christmas for them. It was the first one without Tom. Their boy died on last March at the ripe age of 110. It was their first Yuletide without him.

Hermione watched his handsome, if wrinkled face. She smiled and kissed his lips. They would have dinner with the Potters later. Their circle was forever changed after Remus and Petunia died. Regulus died soon after Petunia. She was seventy-eight. He appeared to not want to live anymore. Dudley and Cassie tried to get him out of his depression but it was to no avail. Remus' lycanthropy took an immense toll on him. He passed away at the relatively young age of sixty-three. Draco threw himself into a Lycanthropy cure most of his adult life. Remus' boy found it six months before his father passed away. It was Remus' greatest joy to take it first.

Hermione blinked tears back. Narcissa took it upon herself to make sure that everyone knew about Remus' good heart and his contribution to teaching. She lived in Hogsmeade alone, her horde of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren doted on her. Draco married Ginny Weasley and had a brood of his own. Her goddaughter Dorea married Dudley and had two kids of her own. She was the only one to only have a few kids. The rest of Narcissa's descendants were known to have as little as four children each. Hermione honestly lost count after a while.

Hermione thought about Tom once more. It was hard to see him on that bed. Hermione and Severus were with Minerva who was utterly destroyed. Tom's mind let go. He almost did not recognize anyone.

Severus and her were by his side during the last hours of his life. Minerva was there too. Julia was asleep in her room. She said her goodbyes earlier, "I can't, this is, this is torture." She said. Hermione comforted her and showed her to a room Minerva set for her.

Tom woke up later and looked for Minerva, "Minnie, you look beautiful. Come we have to make sure to give Julie her birthday gift. Dad will have a cow when he sees the pony." He mumbled.

Hermione had laughed then. Severus was very cross with Tom for weeks after he gifted Julia with Daisy for her tenth birthday.

Tom was in and out of consciousness after that. "Minnie. I love you very much. Will you marry me?" He asked Minerva.

Minerva cried and held him, "of course my love." She said.

"It will be great Minnie. We will do great things." He continued and fell asleep.

Tom woke up one last time and then looked at them with his almost blind eyes, "Mum, Dad." He asked them.

"Yes, sweetheart." Hermione said.

"I love you. Mum, do you think Sir will come to the caves with us?" he asked Hermione.

She smoothed his face, "of course he will. Sir loves you very much Tom." She kissed his forehead.

"Dad said not to tell you but we went to the football match. Sir swore." Tom said again. Severus grabbed his hand.

"Tom, you can sleep now." He said with a broken voice.

"Dad, Am I your boy?" he asked Severus.

"You are. I love you so much my boy." Severus kissed his forehead too. "Now go back to sleep." He said and waved his hand over his eyes.

"It's time." Minerva said. Severus nodded and administered him a sedative to ease him.

They were with him until he passed. Minerva asked to remain with him for a bit. Severus and her told Julia who hugged them both.

The funeral was just as grand as Albus' had been so many years ago. Everyone was in attendance. He was buried in the Princes' cemetery. Severus decided that they would all be interred there, well Minerva, Hermione and him if anything.

Severus stirred a bit. "Good morning Hermione." He said and kissed her cheek.

"I miss him so much." Severus said sadly.

"Me too but we have a big day." Hermione said with a smile. Tom did not want them to be sad. He specifically asked that they had a gathering with the family for New Year's Eve every year. He wanted his birthday to unite them.

Severus and her readied for the day. They were healthy 82 year olds. Severus was a respected researcher. Him and Lily broke grounds with their research on the cruciatus curse. Severus then went into business with the Weasley brothers. He helped with their potions' development. Molly Weasley stopped talking to him for a few months. The twins dropped out of Hogwarts shy of their NEWTs.

"When are they coming?" Severus asked as he sat down to have breakfast. They were still in their Hammersmith home. It truly was home. Hermione kissed his cheek, "in a few hours." Severus nodded. They had breakfast. Severus read the Daily Prophet.

"They are criticizing her once more. Idiots the whole lot of them, what can you expect from the Lestranges?" Severus frowned.

"Julia is perfectly capable of defending herself." Hermione added. Julia was now Minister of Magic. She took over after Hermione served two terms. It appeared she was not exactly cut out for playing along with dishonest people. It was more of a Slytherin job if you asked her. Julia, a Slytherin through and through did very well for herself.

Lily and James were the firsts to arrive. "I know that you said dinner but James and I could not simply stay in the house any longer. Zinnia and Ron have decided to stay in Germany with their new grandchildren.

Ron married Zinnia Potter who was born when Harry was seven. James hugged her. He nodded at Severus. It was as best as they could expect even after all these years. Their mutual agreement of no aggression was almost broken when James made a comment about Julia now being a Potter when the kids announced their engagement.

Hermione and Lily intervened then. Severus mumbled something about toerags and boasted quite loudly when their first shared grandchild was named Severus Albus Potter. Lily was quite full of herself too. "The cloak is finally back where it should be, with a Potter."

Hermione glared at her then. Julia used and abused that cloak to get into Gryffindor tower and visit Harry. She hated to give it to her when she was twelve but Minerva would not stop sending letters about how little Julia Snape refused to follow rules. Severus frowned at her. He always liked Draco better for Julia. He apprenticed under Severus while Harry followed into James' steps and became an auror. He was now head of the Magical Law Enforcement department.

Julia and Harry had two children Severus Albus and Lily Hermione. Severus was devastated when Lily Hermione married Orion Sirius Black. Sirius married later in life and produced his heir with one Lizzie Parr. Severus reconnected with Lizzie later in life, after Tobias was gone. They became very good friends and she happened to be at Julia's wedding and met Sirius. They fell in love and married soon after. They had Orion ten years later.

Lily and Hermione chatted for a while. "Sev, come and help." They cooked something quick. One of the kids was bound to bring something to eat.

Julia and Harry were the next to arrive. "Dad." She said and let Severus kiss her forehead.

"I will write to Evan. He needs to talk to that grandchild of his. He is an arse." Severus went on about the Daily Prophet.

"Dad, leave them be. They will issue and apology later today." Julia said. Hermione kissed her cheek. "It helped that Harry threatened them with Azkaban time for libel."

Hermione smiled, that she was proud of that. Hermione spearheaded the movement to get rid of the dementors. She pitched the initiative to remove dementors from Azkaban to Arthur Weasley who was minister before her. Arthur however was not able to have the law pass. He served three terms while trying to get the law looked at. It took Hermione a whole term before the law was enacted. Arthur and her were really proud of it.

There was a noise of people. Severus played with young Alphard Black, Lily Black's only child. Another boy, James Severus, Severus Potter's eldest read silently. He looked just like Severus but had green eyes. She secretly thought that he was Lily's and Severus' favorite. He was eleven and newly sorted into Slytherin.

They all ate and celebrated the New Year together. "Lily, dearest, would you mind leaving Alfie with us for tonight? It would be nice to have a young boy back in the house." Severus said carefully.

"Oh Grandpa, I don't know, he is a handful." Lily said while looking at the sleeping five-year-old.

Orion solved it, "Lils, let him. We deserve a little break." He said with a wink. Hermione laughed. He had Sirius' charming smile and Lizzie's sweet nature. He probably thought of making baby number two. Orion hated being an only child.

"Oh fine." She said. They were the last to say their goodbyes in case Alfie woke up and wanted to go home.

He didn't. Alfie loved to stay back and be spoiled rotten. Severus positively loved the child. Sirius and him had a competition. They wanted the boy to love them best.

Hermione personally thought that Severus was winning. She was very surprised when the next morning she found Severus and Alfie in the backyard playing with a small snake.

"Show Mimi what you can do." Severus encouraged the little boy. It started with Severus Albus. He could not say grandma Hermione so he called her Mimi. The younger kids now called her Nanna Mimi.

Hermione almost dropped the mug of hot chocolate she had on her hands. Little Alfie Black spoke parseltongue. Hermione had not heard anyone speak like that since Tom was little and played with the snakes in the same backyard.

She smiled happily. "How wonderful!"

Severus nodded, "he reminds me of our Tom."

Severus said and gave her a big smile of his. Hermione grinned.

"Grandpa Sevvus. He's cold" Alfie said and petted the small snake. Alfie looked adorable and looked at the snake as it was a pet bunny.

Hermione smiled, "we have to get him inside. Have you named him?"

"Yes. I know what to call him. Bilbo." Alfie said and placed the small snake in a makeshift cage Severus conjured.

Hermione was taken aback, "is it poisonous?" She tried to not let it show too much. Severus followed along.

"No, this fellow is a grass snake. It's travelled a long way." Severus said.

Alfie nodded, "he is from Dorset, wherever that is." Alfie said happily.

"Alfie, where did you hear that name?" Severus asked Alfie offhandedly. The little boy shrugged, "I don't know. It came to me. You have to promise to convince mummy and daddy. My Bilbo is nice and he is cold." Alfie said chin stuck out.

Severus picked him up, "Of course you'll keep him. Tell you what, if they don't let you I will keep Bilbo here for you."

Hermione shook her head. They went back inside the house and let Alfie take care of Bilbo. The little boy brought a blanket and placed it on the cage.

"Tom probably told him about his Bilbo or he heard it from Lily." Hermione said. Severus nodded too, only they both knew that it couldn't be. Lily did not know the story, not even Julia knew about Bilbo and Lily Black and her family moved back to England from Argentina only three months ago.

Hermione and Severus rested side by side. Severus smiled at him, "his magic is like Tom's. It's because he speaks to snakes." Severus was energized. Hermione kissed him sweetly.

"He sort of looks like Tom, don't you think?" Severus asked her.

Hermione held him and put on a happy face. Thinking of Tom hurt but maybe Alfie would help them to think about Tom and remember the good times.

"You know; I think he does." Hermione said and watched as Severus grinned. He spoke about all his plans to make sure Lily and Orion let Alfie keep Bilbo.

Hermione snuggled to his chest. She loved to look at old pictures of Tom and talk about him. Severus could not talk about him yet but today was the right step. It was the longest he'd talk about their baby boy in months without crying or asking her to please stop. They were healing and accepting that their Tom was gone and they needed to remember him fondly.

"I love you Hermione." Severus and her told each other every night before sleeping.