H2O Just Add Water: New Fish and Reveals

Chapter 13: A Secret Life

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It had been a day since Emma had told her parents her big secret.

It was 7:00am Ash arrived at work, signed in then went straight to the stables to brush the horses. Stopping at the shed to get a brush. He brushed all the horses taking more time on his horse but spent a good amount of time on the others as well. After he brushed the horses he put the brush back. Then he went outside to where the hay was kept and brought a cube of hay back into the stables, Ash put in a big arm full of hay into each of the horses bowels. After that was done he took out the hose and turned it on and filled each and water dish being very careful to not get a single drop of water on him.

Cleo woke up at 8:30am to the sound of her phone and it was Emma.

"Hey Em"

"Hey Cleo I was wondering if you wanted to join my family we're going scuba diving in about half an hour Rikki's joining us"

"Okay I'll be right there"

"Okay see you in a bit bye"


And they both hung up. Cleo got up and got ready (brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, got dressed and made her bed). After she got ready she went downstairs "morning dad" said Cleo "morning Cleo and where do you think you're going young lady" said Don putting down the new paper down and standing up "I'm just going out" said Cleo "the dishes" he said "I'll do them when I get back" said Cleo "okay fine but if we have no dishes for breakfast I'm not the one to blame" said Don.

Cleo arrived at the Gilberts a few minutes after Rikki, the door was still opened so she just walked through and outside to the back door "hi guys" said Cleo "oh hi Cleo" said Emma's mom. Cleo walked over to where Rikki and Emma were standing "hey guys" said Cleo "so Em are we taking them on an underwater tour" asked Rikki "well that's what I was thinking like we only went swimming in the middle of the ocean yesterday" said Emma "so we could take them around Make island's al reef and maybe into the moon pool at least if that's okay with you guys" said Rikki "yeah okay" said Emma "yeah sure" said Cleo. Cleo, Emma and Rikki walked back to where Emma's family was "are you guys ready" asked Emma "yeah" they all said "okay the lets go" said Rikki. Elliot, Mrs. Gilbert and Mr. Gilbert picked up there flippers and walked down the dock with Emma and her friends "you guys go first we still have our flippers to put on "okay" said Emma. The three girls walked to the edge of the dock and dove in. A few minutes later the others were in the water "first the Mako Island's reef then to our special hideout" said Emma then Rikki, Emma and Cleo went underneath the water Rikki splashing Elliot in the face with her tail.

After they showed the reef and Mako Islands reef they swam into the moon pool and surfaced "what is this place" asked Emma's mom "we call it the moon pool" said Rikki "hey Rikki you splashed me when you went underneath the water" said Elliot "oh sorry" said Rikki with slight laugh "so Rikki and Cleo have you told your parent that your….mermaids" asked Mr. Gilbert "no…nether of have" said Cleo "actually maybe we should tell our parents Cleo I mean we've kept this secret 3 ½ years and everyday it gets harder" said Rikki "okay but how a are we going to tell them" said Cleo "what if we take them to the south side of the beach where no one goes and show them our powers then dive into the water like Emma did when she showed Ash then of course explain and all this will happen at 1:30pm" said Rikki "yeah sure and what about Ash and Lewis" said Cleo "we'll invite them too" said Emma "well we better go you guys want to tell your parents" said Mrs. Gilbert "okay plus I want to see Ash" said Emma. They all swam out of the moon pool.

Emma walked into the stables and saw Ash and his boss arguing "no I'm not going to wash the horse" Emma heard Ash say as she walked closer "why not the horse is muddy and needs cleaning" said His boss "I just can…." Ash was interrupted by Emma "what's going on" asked Emma "he wants me to clean the horses and I can't do that can I" said Ash "Ash can I talk to you for a moment in private" said Emma "yeah" said Ash. They walked outside "so Rikki and Cleo are going to tell their parents that they're mermaids so why don't you invite your boss over to the beach for 1:30pm" said Emma "okay" said Ash. They walked back into the stables and to where Ash's boss was still standing "come to the south side of the beach at 1:30pm" said Ash then he left with Emma. On the way back to Emma's Emma explained the plan "so we are going to take the parents or in your case your boss down to the beach, show them our powers then dive into the water like when I showed you then of course explain" explained Emma "okay" said Ash.

Cleo was almost home when she ran into Lewis "hey Lewis what up" said Cleo "my parents are asking me all these questions why aren't you fishing? Why can't you wipe the tables? Sometimes I just want to tell them" said Lewis "well that's good because Rikki and I are telling our parents that well we're mermaids" said Cleo "okay so what's the plan" asked Lewis "so we are going to take the parents down to the beach, show them our powers then dive into the water like when I showed you then of course explain and this will happen at 1:30pm at the south side of the beach" said Cleo "okay see you then" said Lewis.

Cleo finally walked in the front door "hi Sam, Dad" said Cleo when she noticed them sitting at the kitchen table "are you here to do the dishes" said Don "no actually I'm here because I want you guys to meet me down at the south side of the beach and no Kim at 1:30pm" said Cleo "okay we'll be there" said Sam.

Rikki walked up to her dad who was sitting on a chair reading a book "hey dad could you meet me a south side of the beach at 1:30pm" said Rikki "yeah sure" said Rikki's dad.

Emma was on her way home with her parents when she saw Bella "Bella what up" said Emma "it's my parents they keep bugging me about the water why I'm not able to touch water" said Bella "well Cleo, Rikki, Ash and I think Lewis are going to tell their parents or in Ash's case his boss that they're mermaids/fish so you could ask your parents to come to the south side of the beach at 1:30pm" said Emma "okay" said Bella then She walked off.

At 1:20pm Lewis, Ash, Cleo, Emma, Rikki and Bella arrived at the beach so that they could get ready "so what's the plan for power wise" asked Ash "well Cleo brought two water bottles full of water and Bella and Cleo will show their powers, Lewis will make a rock or something float, you will ask someone to think of something then after that we will dive into the water then I will dry everyone off" said Rikki "oh okay" said Ash.

At 1:31pm all the parents including Emma's parents and Ash's boss arrived at the beach most of the them brought beach chairs "so why are we all here" asked Don setting up a beach chair "you're here because we have something to show and tell you guys" said Emma "now please do not freak out and don't get mad at us for not telling us in the first place" said Cleo "what do you mean" asked Bella's dad, everyone had now formed a somewhat of a straight line Emma nodded which meant it was time to show the powers.

Cleo was the first one, she stretched her arm out towards the bottle and flipped her hand so that her palm was facing the sky then she slowly lifted her arm up and the water formed a small bubble then she slowly moved her hand down and the bubble dropped back into the water. Next was Bella she stretched her right arm out then turned her hand like she was going to drink something out of a cup, the water the turned into jello. After Bella was Ash "Mr. Sertrori think of something anything" said Ash o...okay' he stammered "got it" said Don "okay are you thinking of going fishing next Saturday" said Ash "yes how did you know" said Don "just a power I have" said Ash. Lastly was Lewis he did the same thing that Cleo did except the rock in front of him floated.

Everyone was stunned "there's something else you should know said Emma. Then Cleo, Bella, Ash, Lewis and Rikki turned and ran towards the water as soon as they were in the water they dove into it. Ten seconds later they surfaced near the shore their tails in full view "your fish" said Rikki's dad as the five of them pulled their selves out of the water when they were out of the water Rikki held out her hand over her tail and dried herself off once her legs were back she dried everyone else off.

Everyone was stunned "are you a fish too" asked Sam turning to Emma "yes and I can freeze water" said Emma "why didn't you show do this too if your one too" asked Don "because my family already knows and we only are showing the people who don't know that we're mermaids and mermen" said Emma "ah well that explains things" said Ash's boss "how many years" asked Bella's mom "Rikki, Emma and I 3 ½ years" said Cleo "since I was 9 years old" said Bella "and the boys six weeks" said Ash "ah well let's go home" suggested Lewis's mom.

Authors Note: Well that's the last chapter for this story. I hoped you enjoyed this H2O Just Add Water: New Fish and Revealed story. I know the ending probably sucked. Let me know what you thought and if you want a sequel.