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Chapter 1: After the Storm

Rose lay in her bed—well technically it was the Doctor's bed which then turned into their bed—curled up in a fetal position with her face buried in a pillow held close against her chest, her eyes red and swollen from all of the crying she had done. She wished that everything was a dream, that this was all just a continuous and realistic nightmare that refused to fade. Like the others she's had over the years since she began travelling.

But it wasn't, it was all true.

Prior to the events that recently happened she and the Doctor had spent a week hovering in the vortex and hadn't been on a real adventure that included danger when they stepped a foot outside of the TARDIS during that period of time. Just light travels, that was all. Harmless traveling, like always. They never were looking for trouble when they explored, only did it for fun, for the thrill and exhilaration of finding new worlds.

After the Doctor took Rose to planet Noel, better known as the Christmas planet due to the fact that it's entirely dedicated to the Earth holiday, they had remained in the TARDIS to celebrate more of the holiday. That, and the fact that they had finally confessed to each other their feelings and took a giant step—no, more like a giant leap—into their relationship and spent the time occupying each other. Now that they had the right to without fears of shattering the first few boundaries of their friendship and making things seem awkward, it was hard to resist. It was overwhelming.

Of course neither one of them were being forced or pushed into doing certain things with each other, it was always mutually understood. They never took things further than kissing but whenever they were both on the same page it was amazing. No, more than amazing—utterly and undeniably incredible. No, that wasn't the right word either. Fairly there was no words to describe their relationship right now. Basically it was like living in a dream, a real life fantasy come true. A miracle that they came to this point given that they both held in everything until the surprise trip to Noel.

Everything was perfect, no worries of any kind, just…fantastical serenity.


Three weeks ago

"Alright, what d'you say we give the Old Girl a spin, eh? Where should we go?" The Doctor clapped his hands together as he circled the console with his usual bounce.

Rose sat on the jump seat, her hands gripping the edge and legs swaying in the air above the floor grating as he stood in front of her, his back to her as he started to press random controls. "I dunno," she replied.

He kept his attention on whatever he was doing on the console. He was probably just buying time since he didn't know where they should go to next.

"C'mon Rose, think of somewhere. Anywhere, anywhen. Forwards, backwards, sideways—" He cut himself off. "No, scratch that, no sideways. That's impossible. Well…" he drawled as he resumed pressing random controls.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Doctor, I really don't know where to go. It's your ship, you decide."

A frown crossed his face as he turned to face her, one hand stilled on some kind of button. "Rose, you know very well that the TARDIS is your home too, meaning you have just as much say as I have." He tilted his head. "Maybe more even. No doubt She listens to you more than me, and She's been with me for centuries."

The TARDIS responded with a playful hum as the Doctor critically looked up at the ceiling before turning back to the console and Rose giggled. That was probably true. Lots of time the TARDIS seems to be on her side, leaving the Doctor to be ganged up by the two girls who meant everything to him.

"Okay then, you promised a visit to Mum after Noel."

The Doctor stilled his hands on the console. "Oh. I did, didn't I?"

"Yes, Doctor, you did. Remember? We agreed that after Noel we'd go see Mum for Christmas but we didn't get a chance to do that so we agreed to visit after going to New York on New Year's Eve. You even swore to it. Twice."

Oh, she must have been setting him up for that. The Doctor let out an exaggerated sigh and mumbled. "Oh, why did I have to swear to that? What was I thinking?"

Rose overheard him and threw him a teasing smile. "You really have no idea what you were thinking about at the time?"

He chuckled. Did she even have to ask? Of course it was obviously a rhetorical question, one she was joking around with. He knew very well what was on his mind at the time. To be honest he hadn't stopped thinking about it since then. In fact…

"Oh, I have a very good idea of what was going on in my head."

He sat down on the jump seat beside her, a smile tugging at his lips. He placed a hand on the side of her face, softly brushing his thumb over her cheekbone before moving it behind her head, bringing her close until their lips met. She let out a chuckle as she mirrored his position and rubbed his sideburn. His other hand came up to tilt her head at a different angle to deepen the kiss, which she happily allowed with a low moan.

Rose was lucky she was seated on the jump seat because the Doctor knew just how to make her knees buckle. It was so easy to get lost in the moment with him, hence the fact that they have been couped up in the TARDIS for a couple days enjoying themselves. All of the holding back of their true feelings for each other and the constant angst of it all was going out in full force whenever they initiated this and neither one regretted it.

However right now she knew exactly what the Doctor's intentions were: he was trying to divert her attention off of the topic by snogging her senseless. She made a small hum of protest as she put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away lightly. It wasn't working like she had hoped but managed to get a few words out in between kisses.

"Doctor…you can't…just change…the subject…"

He grinned mischievously against her lips before silencing her protests by plunging his tongue deeper in her mouth. The moan that escaped from her was music to his ears and drove him over the edge even more. He pulled away when they were breathless and peppered her jaw with softer kisses before whispering in her ear.

"Really? It's a gift with this gob. Gets myself out of trouble, gets myself into trouble as well, not always…"

He snickered as he descended down her neck with open mouthed kisses, her nails buried in his hair and scratching his scalp. Unaware they both pulled their legs up and under them on the jump seat at one point, giving each other more room and easier access. She didn't want to end it so soon, but if they kept this up her mum would have to be waiting an extremely long time for them to visit her again. It was still surprising to Rose to see such a loving side of the Doctor, and he probably felt the same about her. What else could be expected from them after bottling everything up and finally releasing it.

Finding a bit more strength this time around Rose pushed on his chest again and this time he backed away. "As much as I would love to continue this, you made a promise, Doctor."

The Doctor closed his eyes and grumbled, exaggerating pain in his expression. "Roooose, we've done enough Christmas celebrating that's worth at least three Christmases, including New Year's. I don't think I have any strength in me to handle your mother right now. Especially now that we're…ehm…" he gestured between them with his eyebrows and hands.

"You know we'll have to tell her about us soon, right?"

"Yes, soon," he stressed slowly. "Not now. I'm not looking forward to having another slap from one Jackie Tyler at the moment."

"Doctor, Mum won't slap you." Hopefully. "She's always had suspicions about us being together anyways so it might come to a relief to her knowing that she was right."

The Doctor shook his head. "And then she'll start interrogating me. Not looking forward to that either," he grumbled.

Rose ran her hand down his arm comfortingly. "She knows how important you are to me and how I feel about you already. Once she sees that we've finally confessed it to each other she'll be happy for us. Don't you want her approval?" His eyebrows lifted to his hairline and he grimaced. "You know what I mean, don't look at me like that."

"Rose, she once assumed that because I'm an alien that I have tentacles," he squeaked in protest. "Tentacles, Rose! Where could I have tentacles?! And…why?! What do you think she'll say when we tell her about us? She'll think that whenever we kiss I'm using my— " He put the backs of his hands over his mouth and extended his fingers, wiggling them at her for emphasis. "—tentacle tongues."

Rose couldn't help but laugh out loud. That did sound like something her mother would say. "Don't worry, Doctor. That's all we've done so she shouldn't mind."

He grumbled something indistinct and let out a sigh. "Alright fine." He stood from the jump seat and leaned back on the console. "But don't be surprised if I regenerate on the spot if she does slap me."

Rose smiled as she stood after him and wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you. That wasn't so hard now, was it?"

The Doctor stroked her back and snorted. "Oh, you have no idea." Pulling back a fraction, he added. "I was going to take you to other New Year's celebrations—"

"Ain't you all festive," she giggled.

He sniffed. "Well, it's like I said. We can start a new tradition. You know, new beginnings and all that."

Rose stroked his arm and smiled sweetly. "Don't you mean new new beginnings?"

That happy noise came from his throat as he ducked down to capture her lips again and Rose met him halfway. Pulling away the Doctor groaned. "Rose, can we just skip right over to New Year's again? Your mother won't even know."

"Doctor, she's waited long enough don't you think?"

"She's waited long before, and she's doing a fantastic job at it. This is a time machine, you know. Now you on the other hand," he added, pointing an accusing finger at her. "You, Rose Tyler, don't even call your mum, so what difference does that make?"

She swatted his finger away. "Would you prefer that I call her every day, then?"

He tilted his head. "Well…"

"Then there's nothing wrong with a visit. Besides you brought it up before Noel," she reminded him

"Well I offered you an alternative in case you wanted to see her first," he replied, before adding softly. "I know how much you miss your mother at times, I get that. It's just that…" he shook his head, trying to make out his sentence. "Everything that I planned for the trip and hoped would happen actually did. All of the time we've spent together over the last few days were all I could want. I felt alive, fully alive and…young, like ninety years old again."

Rose chuckled at him and reached for his hand. "It's all I've wanted too. These have been some of the greatest days I've had in a long time and I wouldn't trade them for anything."

She leaned up and pressed her forehead to his. No, she would never trade it away. While the Doctor had admitted that he was still scared of the whole thing he never regretted taking such a huge step with her and neither did she.

Pulling back the Doctor placed a light kiss to her forehead. "But!" He suddenly exclaimed, startling Rose as he moved around her to stand in front of the screen to plug in coordinates. "Before we make a trip to London we're gonna make a quick stop at a bazaar."

"What for?"

"Just need to pick up some parts for the TARDIS. And I know a really nice one located on a specific asteroid."

"An asteroid bazaar?"

"Yep! Oh, it's amazing," he chirped.

"You enjoy just about anything," she laughed.

The Doctor clicked his tongue and winked as he pulled the lever.


She couldn't help but smile inwardly at the pleasant flashback. Nothing was wrong in the world as it passed around them, not even a concern. They were trapped in the worriless, carefree bubble of their own joyous lives without any fears or madness. Time ultimately stopped whenever they shared such newfound moments of tenderness and love. Originally the Doctor had promised Rose that he would take them back to the Powell Estate to visit her mum right after leaving Noel. While he later protested that they could go back at any time when they weren't busy with their new accepted relationship, he knew it was the least he could do for her since she missed her.

How much that was a huge understatement right now.

Instead one thing led to another and they both ended up resuming their activities with each other. The Doctor even took Rose to New York—the actual city on Earth and not New Earth—on New Year's Eve to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Not just any New Year's Eve, but rather the very first one to feature the ball in 1907. It was such a beautiful experience for both of them. He lectured her about the very first ball and what it was made of and other things about the tradition and history. Once everyone started the countdown to bring in the new year, the ball dropped at midnight and they shared a loving kiss before singing along to Auld Lang Syne. Before they left for London the Doctor took them to an asteroid bazaar where the Doctor acquired spare parts for the TARDIS and Rose picked up a souvenir for her mother that can predict the weather.

If only it could have predicted the storm that was fast approaching their wake.

They finally arrived to the Powell Estate and visited her mum and caught up with recent affairs. Rose found the courage and told her about the relationship she and the Doctor finally accepted with each other, and Jackie was…well, a lot of things. At first she was stunned and immediately started to question the Doctor, as he expected, wondering if he had touched her with any…alien bits (at least she hadn't mentioned anything about tentacle tongues). But the awkwardness passed and she, for the most part, was supportive. And then came in strange sightings of ghosts popping up all over the world and reality struck them.

It seemed that after saving her majesty Queen Victoria in 1879 from an alienated werewolf, she set up the Torchwood Institute to protect Britain from further alien threats—including the Doctor, putting him as public enemy number one despite the fact that he had saved the planet countless times. After discovering a rift in time and space the institute unbeknownst to themselves managed to poke at it in curiosity, ultimately forcing the walls between their universe and a parallel one to break down, and it was the same world where the TARDIS crash landed in and was being taken over by the Cybermen, and those were what the ghosts turned out to be. As if encountering those soulless drones again were bad enough an even greater enemy came through, and that was the bloody Daleks. Combining the two was an all out war for controlling humanity.

Luckily the Doctor came up with a plan to stop all of them as always with some help from the parallel Torchwood's team including Mickey, Jake, and the other version of Pete Tyler. The plan was to send every single enemy back into the Void, or better known as Hell, however everyone except her mum was in danger of being pulled into the dead space. Knowing this Pete sent her mum to the other universe where she would be safe. But when the Doctor had tried to send herself, she came back instantly. She made her choice a long time ago and wasn't going to leave him, not now, not ever. Especially after they both finally declared their love for each other and vowed to cherish all of the time they'd have together.

Of course nothing is ever simple with their lives and there had been a close call near the end.

The lever in front of Rose malfunctioned and started to close the walls too soon. She let go of her magnaclamp to pull it back into place, but it was challenging as the Void was pulling at her. Rose held on with all of her might but her fingers began to slip more and more until she couldn't maintain her grasp. The Void was pulling her in and all she could do was cry out. She remembered the fear on the Doctor's face as he screamed for her, still grasping his clamp when all he could do was watch in horror as he was unable to save her. And then she hit the wall with harsh force. She was so close to being separated from the Doctor forever. When the madness was over they held onto each other tightly for dear life, relieved that they had come so close losing each other.

But now Jackie was trapped on the other side of the Void in the parallel world, and far from her reach.

Rose closed her eyes and held back her tears. She had already cried enough in the last couple weeks and wasn't going to start up again. As she took a deep breath into her pillow a hand softly came to her arm, easing away some of her tension, followed by a soft and gentle voice.


"It's okay, Doctor, I'm awake."

"I already knew you were, the TARDIS informed me," he responded. "I just wanted to check on you to see how you were doing."

She sniffed, trying to keep her voice steady. "'M fine."

She felt the mattress dip as the Doctor sat down behind her and rubbed small circles over her back. "The other reason, the more important reason—well, your feelings are important as well, not that I don't care about that, but this is a more—"

Rose chuckled. The slightest mannerisms he made always managed to be uplifting. "Spit it out, Doctor."

"I've finally found a gap to the parallel universe."

Rose opened her eyes and jerked up in bed. He was beaming at her, automatically causing her to do the same. "Really?"

He nodded once and tugged his earlobe. "It's very, very small, far too small for the TARDIS to travel through. But we can still get communication through for a few minutes." He held her hand in his and brushed his thumb over her knuckles, speaking softly. "I can't bring your mother back, but I can at least let you give her a proper goodbye."

Rose felt the tears well up in her eyes once more. The Doctor was working so hard to find some kind of way possible to somehow get to the parallel world via travel or contact, and he found it. For her. Whatever it was as long as she'll see her mother one more time she'd take the opportunity. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. He squeezed her hand.

"Thank you."

"Are you ready for this, Rose?"

She nodded. "Yeah," her voice sounded broken but it was all she had at the moment. "I need to see her one last time." Smiling sadly he enveloped her in a quick but comforting hug before helping her stand up and took her into the console room.

Once there the Doctor explained to her how this would work. Because the gap was so small and beginning to close, the best way to communicate through it was via an astral projection. A large amount of power was needed for this to happen so he set coordinates for the TARDIS to drift in space, orbiting a supernova. He told her to stand in a certain spot and close her eyes and whisper her mother's name to get her attention and come with its perimeters. Of course this would be a projection, meaning no physical contact was to be initiated or else both worlds would fall apart. Rose did as told and was soon met with a transparent projection of Jackie Tyler standing in front of them, Mickey and the other Pete in the far background standing by a black jeep.


"Rose, sweetheart," Jackie moved closer to them. "Where are you?"

"Inside the TARDIS," Rose replied. "There's this tiny gap left just about to close. It takes a lot of power to do this. We're orbiting around a supernova." She glanced away to the Doctor who had a small smile on his face. She laughed softly once. "The Doctor is burning up a sun just so I can say goodbye."

"You look like a ghost," Jackie commented, her brows furrowed.

"Hold on," the Doctor's voice called out. He moved from behind Rose to stand next to her and pointed his sonic at something on the side, making Jackie look solid.

She stepped closer and raised a hand to touch Rose's cheek "Can I—"

"We're still just an image," the Doctor said regretfully. "No touch."

"Can't you come through properly?"

Rose lowered her head as she shook it slowly. The Doctor spoke for her. "The whole thing would fracture."

"The two universes would collapse," Rose added, lifting her head.

"So?" Jackie gave a soft laugh making Rose smile. She knew her mum was half joking but she was attempting to lighten the mood.

"I'm sorry, Jackie," the Doctor said regrettably. "I can't allow that, even for Rose." The other woman sighed. "Where are we?" he asked, looking around. "Where did the gap come out?"

"Bloody Norway!" Jackie said with a hint of irritation.

The Doctor nodded. "Norway, well…"

"Do you know how long it took for us to drive up to here?" she replied incredulously. "Blimey, could've packed for a holiday!"

"Don't look at me like that, I didn't do anything!" he squeaked.

"But you're doin' good, yeah?" Rose cut in.

"Yeah, we're okay. This place is a little weird, though. It's called Darlig Ulv Stranden."

Rose and the Doctor shared a glance at the name before simultaneously saying, "Dalek?"

"No, it's Dar-LIG," Jackie corrected the pronunciation. "Norwegian for 'bad.' Was told that it translates to 'Bad Wolf Bay.' What a name, eh?" Sharing another glance at each other, they couldn't resist smiling. Jackie might be confused by their amusement at the name but it was an inside joke for the both of them. "How long have we got?" she asked as they turned back to her.

Rose glanced at the Doctor again. "About two minutes," he said softly.

"Two minutes?!"

"I'm so sorry, Jackie," he said with a frown. "I'm truly very sorry."

Jackie shook her head, a sad smile on her lips. "I don't know what I want to say!"

Rose pointed at the jeep in the background. "Still got Mickey hanging around I see, yeah? He'll be around all the time of you need him. And…Dad?" He may not be her real father but he was still Pete Tyler.

"There's five of us now," Jackie said. "Mickey let his gran move into the mansion with us for better convenience. Who'd've imagined that, huh? Me in a mansion! There's them…and the baby…"

Rose gasped and the Doctor's brows hit his hairline. "Oh, my God, Mum!"

Jackie smiled and placed a hand on her stomach. "Three months gone. Pete couldn't believe it either, he was so happy. He'd always wanted one of his own." Her eyes were downcast.

"How…how long have you been here?"

"Over four months," her mother replied sadly.

"I'm so happy for you," Rose said, not caring about the tears starting to streak her cheeks.

The Doctor scratched his neck, not wanting to dampen the moment of happiness between the two, but time was running out. "You're dead, officially, back home." He swallowed. "So many people died that day, and you've gone missing. You're on the list of the dead."

"What about Rose?"

The Doctor nodded as Rose spoke softly. "Our flat isn't a home anymore, Mum. Nothing there for me or anyone else now. We cleared it out. It's better that way."

Jackie nodded and started to cry now, making Rose bite her lip to hold back a sob. "Am I ever gonna see you again?"

"You can't," the Doctor said softly.

"I love you, sweetheart, and please don't you ever forget that. This is the life you've chosen and wanted and I'm proud of you with every decision you make. You're a strong woman, Rose and forget what I told you about changing. This was your choice and I support you." Rose nodded, barely holding back her tears. Jackie turned to the Doctor. "And you keep her safe, Doctor. She chose your way of life, chose you, so you better make her worth it. Ever since you came into her life you've been nothing but trouble. But she cares about you. You're her world now, Doctor. You better keep her happy, or I promise you, I will find a way back to you and slap you silly!"

The Doctor's eyes widened at her threat. Oh, he never doubted her for one second. He kept her gaze and nodded. "I promise Jackie, I'll protect her with all my lives. I'll make sure of it."

"You better. She means more to me than anything, just as you both are to each other." She turned back to Rose. "I love you, sweetheart. Forget about what I said to you before. This is your life. You're a strong, grown woman, and I love you so much."

"I love you, Mum, I'm so sorry," Rose cried. "Tell Mickey, Pete, and the baby that I love them."

"I will." She placed both hands on her stomach and gently rubbed it. "This little one's gonna hear a whole lot about his big sister…and her skinny alien boyfriend."

Rose giggled. "Be happy, mum, I love you!"

With that, Jackie faded away from her spot. The sob Rose had been holding in finally forced out as the Doctor wrapped his arms around her soothingly rubbing her back as she buried her face in his chest, fisting his jacket once her tears began to flood his shirt. They stood in silence for a few short moments while the Doctor rocked her gently to stifle her shuddering breaths, the only sounds filling the room were Rose's muffled cries. Once she started to calm down, the Doctor rested his cheek on her head.

"I'm sorry, Rose," he said quietly as he stroked her hair. "I'm so sorry. I wish I could give you more—"

"Don't blame yourself, you did everything you could."

"Did I really?" He sounded uncertain and remorseful. "You'll never see her again all because of me."

She raised her head to look at him and brought a hand up to his cheek. "Hey, don't you dare do this," she said sternly but calmly. "I chose this, Doctor, ya got that? I made a promise to never leave you and I intend to keep it. I know I'll miss Mum a lot but I don't know what I'd do if I had gotten trapped in that world without you."

He brought his hand to cradle hers and leaned into her touch. "I don't want to think about that," he said softly. "You're here with me and that's all I could want."

Rose paused for a moment to steady her breath again. "Thank you, Doctor."

He brushed away some of the tears threatening to fall down her face with his thumb and dropped a kiss to her hair, brushing it back before pressing a gentle one to her lips. Pulling back a fraction he searched her eyes and offered her a soft lopsided smile. One second he was staring into her eyes and then he lifted his head up like something else had caught his attention, his eyes widening and smile dropping to confusion.


Rose turned in his arms to follow his gaze and gaped at what was in front of them. A woman dressed in a wedding gown stood on the other side of the console facing the TARDIS door. She turned around and saw them staring at her in disbelief and gasped.

"What?" Rose repeated the Doctor's words.

The woman eyed both of them up and down. "Who are you?"

The Doctor looked around the room and sputtered. "B-but…"

"Where am I?" The woman asked, rolling her eyes and sounding irritated.

Rose's mind couldn't form a thought. "What?"

The woman grew more annoyed and raised her voice. "What the hell is this place?!"

Rose turned to the Doctor who was just as much dumbstruck as her. "What?!"

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