The Centipede

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Tokyo, the night was young and the stars were blanketed by the lights from below. The entire metropolis was up in arms, many going about their business, whatever that business may be. Partying, returning home from work, spending small amounts of time with friends, or just getting a late cup of coffee, anyone who said that Tokyo wasn't alive would be lying to themselves. Resounding through the streets were cars driving to their destinations and music playing from local pubs and clubs. Everyone had their own goal in mind and that goal was simple. Especially for one particular person wondering the streets, with hunger in his belly and a certain lust for the more violent things.

In the 11th ward, right at the stroke of ten, a helicopter with the logo of the renowned 'CCG' was flying over the multiple buildings and skyscrapers that dotted the vast city that was as endless as the ocean. The helicopter was racing towards a certain building after a troubling call of help reached their radio. With it's great speed cutting through the wind, it surged forth, many in the streets below that could hear the drumming of it's wings looked up into the sky searching for the helicopter and its route. Some were familiar with this tune and small pockets of fear were etched into their hearts, knowing what to do, they quickly went the opposite direction of the helicopter aware of exactly the danger it was pursuing and having the experience not to look over their shoulders that one dark night. So they increased the speed of their steps and went on their way back to the safety of their homes.

The helicopter only increased its speed trying to get to its objective, a rather well-known nightclub that was privy to all who enjoyed the entertainment they could offer. One of the pilots was listening intently to the radio, awaiting orders from their headquarters.

"CCG to all ghoul investigator's, repeat, CCG to all ghoul investigator's. Rendezvous at the Onpa Kurabu (Soundwave club) trespasser reported to be attacking the Onpa Kurabu, require immediate assistance from all investigator's." said a voice of the radio providing instructions.

"CCG Head-quarters, requesting the identity of the target, over." said one of the pilots as his hand reached over to grab the radio while his partner and co-pilot listened intently.

"Unkown, though speculated to be the Mukade (Centipede)," with those words, as if their blood had frozen in their veins, the pilots almost lost their composure as they were flying over the city. As the instructor said those words they had every right to sweat. Their only hope, to come out of the night alive.

Elsewhere at the CCG head-quarters, a famed special-class investigator was currently tending to his paperwork, sorting through reports from his subordinates and approving of certain assignments. The man was tall with white coloured hair, he wore a pair of glasses over his grey eyes with a face that held an apathetic expression, rarely showing emotion if any at all. Like all his co-workers, he was well-dressed with a suit and tie and when on duty he would wear a white overcoat. He was about to sign off on his last report before a rookie inspector came running through his door, which only served to slightly annoy him at his blatant disrespect for his privacy.

"Is there something you need?" spoke the bespectacled man as he finished off the report as he remained focused on his work and didn't bother to look up at the inspector who so greatly admired him.

"Arima-sama! There's been an emergency call at the Onpa Kuradu! A ghoul is apparently wreaking havoc in the in the club at this moment!" said the inspector with noticeable fear in his body, voice and eyes.

"I fail to see how our seasoned inspector's can't put down a lowly ghoul striving to become a big-shot amongst his disgusting ilk." spoke Arima as he started tapping his pen against the wood of his desk as he completely brushed off the rookie's fears.

"But Arima-sama! They're saying this ghoul may be the Mukade!" now 'that' sparked something within the veteran as he stopped his tapping and allowed his mind to wander as his hand unconsciously travelled to a spot on his right cheek, under the eye. Arima's eyes and expression soon darkened as he remembered his 'fond' encounter with the Mukade. Without saying word, Arima slung his overcoat around his body and picked up two briefcases by his desk and threw one to the rookie who nearly dropped it as he stumbled around with the case. "Let's go."

"B-but Arima-sama! I've never been on a case before," said the rookie as he stood there legs bent, sweat leaking off his forehead as he held the briefcase in a funny way where it looked like it was about to fall from his grasp.

"Congratulations, you just got your first case. As I said, let's go," said Arima as he walked out the door with the rookie following behind him.

Elsewhere two other investigator's were walking upon a road before one received a call on his phone coming straight from Headquarters. One was a lanky, middle-aged man with long white hair, sunken cheeks like a corpse and a face splitting grin marring his features. He stoop-shouldered along the road and wore the usual coat and suit of the CCG's ghoul inspector's, and carrying a single briefcase in his hand that he would drum his fingers against.

His partner, the one currently on the phone, was a tall man with black hair, he had a large build but other than that no distinguishing features about him except for a necklace with a cross on it.

"Hmm, who was it? Amon-kun. Have they finally gotten around to that new quinque I ordered?" spoke the man with a hint of glee in his voice at the thought of a new quinque in his possession, while his partner shook his head which made the old man deflate a little at the answer.

"Orders from above Mado-san. Apparently Mukade has been caught terrorising a club not far from here. All investigator's are to head towards the Onpa Kurabu to arrest him or kill him." spoke his partner as they both stopped walking along the path.

"Mukade huh? Well, he finally came out from under that rock that Arima put him in, slinking away, licking his wounds. I wonder what the both of them are thinking, no that's too easy to guess." spoke Kureo Mado to himself thinking about the last time he heard from Mukade and his endeavours, oh his kagune was one Mado had been coveting for quite some time, perhaps this was his chance to finally get his hands on it.

"Who is Mukade Mado-san?" spoke Kureo's partner Koutarou Amon.

"Mukade?! Mukade is a bottom feeder. Scum of scum. One that you either fear or respect, well in my case envy because of his kagune but still. Mukade is infamous as a trouble-maker of the CCG, he started killing our men around about four years ago, since then he's been everywhere. Killing our men and eating humans as if they were treats on a buffet. Though he's smart I'll admit, never stays in the same place thrice. Always hunting new prey." said Mado as the two began walking to the club where Mukade was supposedly attacking.

"But still, that sounds like any smart ghoul, what makes Mukade special?" questioned Amon further as he followed after his partner.

"It is because Mukade is special. That makes him special. Rarely do any ghouls escape from Arima, but only he's been known to make him bleed." said Mado nonchalantly to his partner whose eyes widened and gasped in surprise. Mukade was able to make Arima Kishou, CCG no Shinigami (CCG's reaper) bleed? Arima is the most powerful investigator in the CCG. Probably in it's entire history, where he made SSS-rank ghouls cower in fear, his name alone was fear itself. As even the one-eyed owl would be of little match to him, for Mukade to make him bleed? That was something just unheard of.

"Yes, the tiniest cut just under his right eye. But of course Mukade didn't skulk away without some damage to himself. We all thought he was dead, seems we were wrong. Wonder what he's been doing in his free time." said Mado as he rubbed his chin in thought while Amon was almost exasperated from his partner's almost care-free attitude. "Either way, Mukade won't be escaping this time."

"Unless he's taunting us." said Amon which gave Mado a thought, just a tiny thought, he didn't really regard ghouls to be smart, cunning yes, but smart? The tiniest thought, was Mukade taunting them?

Elsewhere in the twentieth ward. At a small, quaint coffee shop by the name of Anteiku run by a humble and kind old man, catering to all who came for the warmth of a cup of coffee. There weren't many customers in the shop given the fact that night was encroaching, many of the employee's were preparing to close down as they cleaned cups and packed the chairs. The TV was on, some of the worker's were watching a funny game show until it was rudely interrupted by breaking news regarding the current attack on the Onpa Kurabu.

One of the employee's, Koma Enji complained a little as it was getting to the good part. The manager of the establishment turned his head to stare at the TV probably knowing what was transpiring. Said the manager was old, experienced above all and had wisdom that only someone with a life such as his could gain. The manager kept a close eye on all the wards and on the ghouls that were worth noting, such as Mukade. His right hand man, Yomo, had been assisting him, when news spread that Mukade had apparently been killed by Arima Kishou, one could hear all the ghouls in Tokyo let out a collective sigh of relief. From what the Manager Yoshimura knew of him, or just the rumours, he was a cruel, brutal ghoul with no sense of compassion or kindness perhaps one would regard him as a demon rather than an animal. But Yoshimura knew that such a that a thing such as hatred wasn't born but bred, he knew that certain events must have transpired in Mukade's life to make him into what he was. But still, the fact is, Mukade was a clear a present danger to everything and everyone around him.

However, one of his employees's expressed more curiosity than the rest. She had distinct blue hair with long bangs with one large one covering the entirety of her right eye with short hair, she had dark blue-purple eyes that were currently trained on the television, she wore the usual uniform of the employee's of Anteiku, but she knew of Mukade, from what she gathered he sounded a lot like her brother, Ayato. She knew that he could have stayed in the shadows for much longer, she knew exactly what was happening. He was taunting his enemies.

In said club. blood, guts and bones decorated the floor as if it was a painting on display in an art show. A young man, probably around the age of twenty was running through the carnage trying not to vomit, pass out or trip over the masses of flesh as he kept his eyes barely shu so to hide his sight from the view. But, his eyes were open enough to get a good view of his surroundings. He kept looking around, twisting and turning his head, searching for his pursuer but to no avail but still he searched, everywhere around him, his predator, hiding in the darkness, hiding from the creature within it's walls. He didn't dare say a word, didn't dare draw breath. Avoiding the light. He didn't know what to do, he didn't know where the exit was or where to escape, only the flashing lights and the still beating music were his only company.

He finally stopped running, his legs bent ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. He was on the verge of collapsing from fear. His mind couldn't handle everything around him, how did he end up in such a situation? he was just going out clubbing with his friends, never expecting to be caught in a ghoul's web of intrigue and carnage. He must be the unluckiest man in the world, that was the only logical thought that made sense from this whole situation. He then turned around and almost ran into a glass panel used for decoration, he couldn't see anything clearly behind the glass except for the momentary flashes of neon colours.

However his daze was shattered when a body of a young woman was thrown against the glass. Her arms splayed across the glass, splotches of blood all over her body and it looked like she had a broken jaw but her eyes were dead as a fish and she slid across the glass onto the ground. The young man fought so hard not to scream and tremble in terror. He kept his composure which was something more difficult than imagined. He then heard scurrying around him, looking everywhere once again to find his dark attacker.

He then felt something grab hold of his leg and drag him off to a darker corner of the club, where the sheer strength of the grip was enough to break his ankle. Losing his composure he screamed at the top of his lungs hoping for someone to hear him, to save him from the monster before him. For only a few seconds time slowed down for him as he came face to face with his attacker, before a blood red scaled tentacle wrapped around his body and pierced his torso, effectively killing him, turning his scream into a silent whisper before his body was dropped on the ground and consumed by his killer.

'so good, so sweet, just enough fat.' thought Mukade as he feasted on the bodies around him, hoping for his real prey to fly away from his nest. At first look, one would think that this wasn't a ghoul but an odd human, to be frank he wasn't the most intimidating of ghouls, lacking any scary features and other such things. He appeared scrawny but underneath all that clothing was a well built young man who had been fighting his whole life. He had pure white hair with black tips and few streaks in his hair. He was wearing a ragged long-sleeved black shirt which were torn up to his elbows along with ragged shorts that look as if they were about to fall off. Finally he wore a mask on his face customary of all high-profile ghouls such as himself. His mask has a resemblance to a leather gimp mask with an eye-patch and a lipless grin that shows artificial teeth, much like a restrained asylum monster with red gums with bolts jutting out of the neck giving him a resemblance to a famous Hollywood monster and with a zipper in-between the teeth. But his form was caked in blood and his white hair had trickles of black in it.

He kept on eating even when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching from behind, but Mukade knew that the footsteps didn't belong to 'that' person, since he had faced and seen the man on few but memorable occasions.

"So they weren't kidding when they said you like big meals, you practically have a buffet around you." spoke a voice which made Mukade stop his current manifestation and to drop a slab of meat out of his hand as he was interrupted by the newcomer. He then stood to full height while his sole visible eye was was burning red and black with an almost dead expression.

"It's rude to interrupt someone when their occupied with something more important than you." said Mukade with a lace of danger in his voice, not regarding the large man behind him to be a threat. "And I hate being interrupted. So run along, you're not my true prey and I'm still rather famished. Unless you would like to be an appetiser?"

"You don't know who I am? Do you?" spoke the large burly man obviously asking a rhetorical question as he stepped into some light where his features could be seen more clearly. He was a large burly man with blonde hair and sharp lizard-like eyes, he wore a white suit with a blood red shirt and colourful tie and he wore a hockey mask emulating a horror icon. "Well, guess I have to teach you, once I take a toe, maybe a finger or two, how about the arms, maybe the legs." said the hockey mask wearing ghoul as he placed what appeared to be a medical apparatus into his hands.

"I know wbo you are... you're nothing but a bug, buzzing around, annoying others with your presence. Too bad I don't have a boot." said Mukade as he listened to his confronter prattle on about how he was going to dismember him and spill his blood and all other kind of violent nonsense. Mukade's words were enough to make the larger ghoul chuckle a little at his words.

"You know I was ordered to take you alive, they didn't say anything about having some 'fun' before hand or that you have to arrive with some parts missing. You don't mind do you?" said the ghoul asking a rhetorical question once again as he stared intently at the back of Mukade's head, his body shaking with glee as Mukade turned his head to gaze at him slightly. A single black and red eye boring into the large man's own.

"Such a small toy for a big man... it's quite cute," said Mukade as the hockey mask wearing ghoul, flew towards him where both were inches away from the other, ready to strike within a moments notice. The large ghoul didn't say anything other than unleashing his Kagune, where they appeared as tentacles full of 'thorns' so to pin Mukade to the ground where he could have as much 'fun' as possible. But when his Kagune stabbed the ground, Mukade was skilled enough to dodge every strike, where he unleashed his own rinkaku kagune to stir up even more dust in the area, creating a cloud that effectively shrouded him from sight. The larger ghoul began coughing hoarsely as the dust filled his lungs before it dissipated leaving an empty space where Muakde just was, who had used the distraction to escape. Knowing that his plan had failed, he couldn't take on Arima and Jason together at the same time, it was wiser to retreat for now and go back into hiding.

Escaping through a vent system and heading up to the roof Mukade gritted his teeth underneath his mask. Aogiri tree, he knew of the organisation, but he didn't care for it personally. as if they could accept someone like him, one who has no place in either either worlds. He didn't care for some ghoul vs human bullshit. He didn't care for those who wanted to bring about some great change through domination. All that mattered was his singular and only goal, he would achieve it, no matter the cost, even if he was to die. If he could kill that man, none of it mattered.

When he finally made it to the roof, he could see helicopters and police cars with investigator's scurrying about below. They had yet to take notice of him and that worked to his advantage as he scaled down the building and dropped to the ground where the CCG were spreading around the perimeter, finally making it into an alley Mukade slipped into the darkness leaving the humans behind and heading back to his place of refuge. As he wondered the streets he removed his mask and stuffed it into his shirt and wiped off any blood on his lips.

He failed, he failed at his attempt to kill Arima, the one who took everything from him, all because of the interference of Aogiri tree. Ten years he had been forced to fend for himself on the streets, he learnt to take care of himself, to insinuate himself into the society of humans, to blend in. though the hair was a bit unusual it certainly wasn't strange. He travelled around frequently, he earned a meager amount of money from part time jobs that could sustain his shitty apartment. When he was hungry he did what every ghoul would do, hunt. It wasn't that hard, find a human, kill them, eat them, be on your way before anyone notices and before the scavengers came in. Though he simply just wanted the little things in life.

He didn't have any friends nor did he want any, most ghouls were too afraid of his power and reputation to dare cross him, he claimed feeding grounds in just about every ward. There were times when he had to return to reclaim the ground for himself, because of power seeking ghouls who considered themselves big-shots in theirown world, they were the ones who died quickly and the corpses fed to the desparate.

As he traversed the streets, Mukade knew that CCG would probably sweep the whole ward looking for him, he was probably on the top of their shit-list, the ghouls that needed to be put down. He had to leave, go to some place where he could disappear again, Arima wouldn't rest until Mukade disappeared again, the man literally had a personal vendetta against him.

After half an hour from escaping the scene of his crime, Mukade came across a clothing store with an assortment of apparel, looking down on his own clothes, torn, ragged and about to fall off. He decided it was best to change appearances. Making his way into an alley upon the side of the store, he made his way to the power-box where he saw several switches and cables, he switched them all off, specifically the alarm and cameras. Arima and his followers would search any stores that had been robbed as it was wise to change clothing if discovered, so not to leave behind any proof Mukade turned off all the power and broke any locks in his way.

Thankfully the store was unoccupied and desolate, he would be in and out before any body knew it. So he picked up a long-sleeved black shirt with a high collar, a black, waist length coat with a high collar that went up to his chin, and had pockets on it's sides, a pair of white jeans which were the only ones in his size, a pair of simple sneakers and a pair of half leather gloves. He then wiped down any spot that had his fingerprints and quickly left the store. Where he ran towards his apartment.

Another half hour later Mukade had finally made it to his apartment where he reached into his new pants and pulled out his keys and entered his apartment. It was small, only large enough to fit a single person and assorted items. He sighed, every time he came home from a hunt or a 'kill Arima mission' he would walk home towards an empty apartment, he hated it, the loneliness, not relying on anyone. He was a freak that belonged in some travelling circus, it was to be expected, but still he could only wish that there was someone that could probably understand him.

He then turned his head towards a picture on a shelf. A picture that held significant sentimentality to him. It was him, as a young child, with his mother, he picked up the picture and gazed at it fondly, allowing a small smile to grace his features.. The picture was taken during happier times, when things weren't so bleak for him. That picture was the only one he had of her, if it weren't for the picture he would probably had forgotten her face. But he remembered everything else about her fondly. She was kind and gentle, she never once scolded him or insulted him when he did something naughty, she just wouldn't talk to him and he figured that was the best way to get her point across. She was a woman who had big dreams and she lived life to the fullest, doing anything she could in a single day. She never saw the world in black and white, more along the grey areas, there was this one case where someone almost died in a car crash and his mother risked her life to save them, when questioned about it she merely said 'if I had the power to save someone and chose to walk away, I would never live with myself.' another thing about her, she would always smile, even when things were tough for them. She also believed that one could find happiness just by love and becoming the person gets hurt rather than the person hurting others, bearing the pain. She never refused a request for help and was equally kind to anyone around her even to those who intended to do her harm. If only he were more like his mother, if only everyone else was more like his mother. She was his whole world, and kind to everyone, despite being... a ghoul.

Yes, his mother was a ghoul, yet she didn't have a loathing for humanity as some other ghouls were known to have. She was a woman who loved life, human and ghoul alike. She never killed anyone, she couldn't, she survived off eating corpses of both humans and ghouls, though she was exceptional at hiding, a trait that passed onto Mukade. sShe never stayed in the same place for too long and they frequently moved so to avoid suspicion, but she could never even hurt a spider. She was one of the pacifistic ghouls that wished to live in peace. She held equal regards to both humans and ghouls, she would help either for no cost whatsoever. Though she did have a distaste for those who sought death and pain. But her kind were few and were decreasing over time. She also taught Mukade how to live amongst humans and to blend in with them, this was originally meant to instil in him a world where humans and ghouls could live peacefully, unfortunately Mukade only used these skills to his advantage when on the hunt. She was also a good cook who made human food despite the fact that she couldn't eat it. She also went the extra mile and made Mukade's clothes as a young boy.

His hair then overshadowed his eyes as he remembered the tragic day. His grip on the picture tightened just a little, no he didn't want to remember, he refused to remember such a painful memory. He just couldn't. placing the frame down and moving on towards the bathroom. He then washed his face from any stray drops of blood and even licking some of his fingers. Blinking at the blood on his fingers he looked up into the mirror to gaze at his reflection, and gazing back at him was a grey and white eye, and a red and black eye. Yes, he was something that many thought was only a myth, an unnatural product of nature. He was a hybrid, half-ghoul, Half-human or more commonly known as a one-eyed ghoul. His mother was a ghoul, his father a human. But this fact was known only to himself and by a few others.

Walking out of the bathroom he headed towards his room and threw two large duffel bags onto his bed as he went to pack up his things.

His thoughts then travelled again to what he was, his mother never told him how his father died. He didn' knowt how someone like him came to be, or how it was possible, though Mukade had a guess. In some aspects, his mother was right, if a monster like him could exist, he was proof that it certainly was possible for ghouls and humans to live peacefully. If only for a while, fear was a powerful emotion and one of the most primal. Fear made people do things none would think possible. The fear of ghouls, the fear of things like himself. Fear.

His thoughts then travelled to his father, he knew his father was in his life before he died, he was apparently an avid reader as Mukade kept most of his books and some were even littered on the ground, at times he would find himself reading the books alone, studying the words, it almost felt like his father was with him, calming him as he read the pages, reading the words. However he died after Mukade was four years old, he doesn't even remember him all that well, nor his face. Of course he never felt lonely because of his mother but there was still a void somewhere in him. His father was human and he fell in love with a ghoul, which possibly meant he had a similar mindset to his mother. Other than that his father was a mystery and Mukade didn't care enough to discover more, right now he had more pressing issues.

Packing his two bags with all his books, clothes and other essentials, Mukade took out a battered laptop and opened it up to find a new housing. He searched a cheap, apartment in any district, Arima would be searching for him through the 11th ward so Mukade just had to move from location and location again.

Finally he found something. A cheap apartment with an agreeable enough price located in the 20th ward. A peaceful and docile ward in the ghoul world. Mukade knew he would also have to be careful here as the ward was under the protection of the organisation known as Anteiku, home to several S-rank, SS-rank and even SSS-rank ghouls, but one thing that gave him an advantage was the fact that he was meticulous, careful not to overstep his boundaries. Besides, Anteiku would probably know to be careful around him also, he knew not the rank CCG had given him, but for him to cut Arima must have been worth something. So he paid for the apartment online and packed the rest of his things ready to leave for the 20th ward.

He wondered what kind of ghouls would be there, since it was a rather docile district he figured all the ghoul's there to be weaklings, not even worth a thought. He would have to claim a feeding ground there soon, if he was to survive and not give into hunger or starvation which was absolute hell for a ghoul, a creature that devoured and nothing else. He also knew of the old man that watched over the 20th ward, Yoshimura. A ghoul famed for his strength and power, Yoshimura was a name to respect and fear any who crossed him wuold be asking for a swift death, even the CCG were afraid of facing Yoshimura. Though one had to wonder at the motivation's of the old man, what was he doing, creating a safe haven for ghouls and the like. Was he catering to the weak who couldn't defend themselves? It didn't matter. The only way to find out is to head to the ward and see what happens.

So Mukade or known by his real name as Kaneki Ken, left his place in the 11th ward and headed for the peaceful district of the 20th ward under the protection of Anteiku.