It does me good to hear that you are on you are on your way home, we all anticipate your arrival. However, you'll find much has changed here in the village upon your return. Father has dismissed me from my services on the ANBU Black Ops and has instead placed me as Chief of Police. I imagine he'll offer you my previous position as ANBU captain when you arrive, now that your Jounin training is complete.

However, this is not the only decision Father has made concerning my life, as I am also to be used as a means to end the civil unrest between our clan and village. The uprisings have only gotten worse since you left, and Father has been unable to keep the peace. He finally agreed to protests and met with the people's Hokage, Tsunade Senju, in order to discuss terms of peace and unity.

While treaties were signed, it was decided that the only way to unify the village was for them not only to join together as allies, but as family. As Father's heir, I've been arranged to marry Tsunade's daughter as sign of this unity. So, little brother, I find myself engaged. The thought has not come to fruition in my mind, yet. But, I am more than willing to do anything that will unsure the survival of the Hidden Leaf Village.

I have not yet met the girl, though I do know a few things about her. She is a medical prodigy, like her mother, and is active in both the hospital and the field. I don't know how she herself feels about this arrangement, but then, what does it matter? It is done.

I do hope your journey home is safe and uneventful, little brother, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Your Brother,