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Behind The Darkness and The Light

"I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses."
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

"Felicity, hurry up!" Caitlin yelled from the kitchen of Felicity's home.

There was a loud bump against the wall followed by a sharp, "Shoot snickers!" beyond it.

Felicity was balancing again on one foot, attempting to put on her other high heel while standing up. The second time she fell into the wall she just stayed there, using it to balance her body, which had never been very good at it on its own. Caitlin Snow stepped into her bedroom curiously, after hearing the thump once again.

Surveying the whirlwind that was Felicity Smoak getting dressed up in her bedroom, she smirked at her friend who was pushing off the wall after having finally put on the second black pump. "You know it's actually easier to just sit down while putting on your shoes, right?" Caitlin said, one eyebrow raised.

"It's part of my New Year's Resolution to not sit down so much, don't you remember? Besides, it'll help me with my balance and ankle strength or…something," Felicity waved her hand, knowing exactly what she was trying to say, but not being entirely successful in verbalizing it - a common problem that Caitlin was thankfully aware of.

Caitlin just sighed, "It's not even New Year's yet, the time for resolutions is tomorrow! Tonight it's time to party." She pumped her fist in the air, just like they did in college when they crashed frat parties and infiltrated the "inner sanctum"; Felicity returned her friends smile, following up with a cheesy "Party on, dude!"

The girls laughed together in their shared moment of remembrance; they had been friends and roommates throughout the last three years of college at MIT and had both moved to Starling since they had been offered jobs at Queen Consolidated right after graduation - they would start next week and it was the only reason Caitlin had convinced Felicity to go out tonight - a last hoorah of their jobless freedom.

Just then a honk sounded from the front lawn and Felicity jumped a little, "Oh! That's gotta be the cab, time to go - you have your ID, right?"

Caitlin rolled her eyes and followed her bubbly best friend outside, not bothering to respond since Felicity had already moved on to check the security system and the window sensors. Her friend definitely thought she was a bit crazy about security in her home, but Felicity had heard bad things about Starling lately and she felt one could never be too certain.

She ran down the driveway once everything was cleared and slid into the cab next to her friend, "Hi! We'd like to go to Verdant please."

The driver just grunted and nodded; she snapped her seatbelt into placed and fidgeted with her gold clutch. She was slightly nervous about going out tonight - New Year's Eve had always been a night where she stayed in with a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip and watched the ball drop. Felicity had enough horror stories about NYE from her mother and people in college, thank you very much. She didn't even know how they were going to get home - cabs were hard to find on these nights, and Verdant wasn't exactly in a good part of town.

She felt a hand over hers, stilling her fingers that had been unlocking and locking her clutch. "It'll be fine, we're here to have fun. Don't worry about what comes next," Caitlin said, slightly worried for her friend - she knew going out tonight might be pushing it, but this was their first New Years in Starling - newly minted graduates from MIT and they were looking to party.

Caitlin looked at her friend who was chewing on her lip nervously; well, one of them was looking to party at least.

The cab stopped in front of the industrial building and Felicity handed him her card while Caitlin got out and headed straight for the entrance.

"Be safe tonight, miss," the driver said as Felicity opened the door. She nodded her thanks and followed Caitlin to her place in line.

It was a little over two hours before midnight and already there was a long line in front of the club; it was a huge place, but fire code was the law and Tommy Merlyn apparently didn't want to push that particular one.

Felicity could hear the music pulsing from inside and gradually loosened up, laughing at some remark Caitlin had made to the guy next to them. It was likely going to be awhile before they even got in, she thought, so might as well enjoy those they're stuck by.

She heard a gasp from Caitlin as a black car pulled up in front of the club and Felicity felt her arm being grabbed, forcing her to turn around.

As she did so, her eyes locked onto the body of Oliver Queen, heir to the Queen family fortune and prodigal son returned from five years stranded on an island. Felicity had heard about the story, having arrived to Starling with Caitlin around the time the news hit - it had been everywhere, but she hadn't seen him up close before.

He was standing next to the car talking to his driver, absentmindedly buttoning his suit jacket; Felicity bit her lip watching him and found herself staring dreamily at his face. Light scruff, strong jawline, short dirty blonde hair, strong frame; he moved and she was pulled from her daze enough to notice that he was staring at her, too.

Oliver tilted his head as he walked towards her, still returning the stare she couldn't find herself to break even now.

He finally stood in front of her, the people around her had gone silent in anticipation, and he held out his hand, "Hi. I'm Oliver Queen."

Felicity's mouth opened a little and she stood there for a few seconds longer than normal; she saw Oliver's stoic face start to break as his lips twitched into an almost-smile and she knew how ridiculous she looked right now.

Shaking her head she grabbed his hand, the grip immediately tightening - his on instinct to test her, hers in mindless reaction - "Of course, you're Mr. Queen, I know who you are - I mean why wouldn't I? You're so famous, and you were dead for five y-" Oliver stilled her rambling as he brought her hand up to his lips, kissing it softly - again rendering Felicity shocked and silent, mouth opening in response.

"You and your friend are welcome to join me; the VIP level always has room for lovely ladies." His voice was so smooth that Felicity felt his words washing over her body and she shuddered.

She felt a poke on her back from Caitlin and snapped out of it, "Oh! Yes, definitely. Thank you that would be awesome - right Caitlin?"

Her friend just smiled and nodded, guiding Felicity in the direction Oliver had gestured to as he patiently stood there, straight face back on. Felicity wondered how long he could keep it like that, I mean he had barely smiled at her, which she felt was probably a really good feat of strength, but how could he keep such a serious face so long? What about during sex?

"Pardon?" Oliver's voice spoke from her side and she jumped, once again being taken by surprise; he was so quiet.

"Sorry, what?" Felicity gulped, hoping she hadn't actually said anything out loud - but knowing her, it had definitely happened.

Oliver stared at her for a few brief moments, his eyes locked on hers, before it seemed like a decision was made and he shook his head, "Nothing, please excuse me. The VIP level can be accessed over here." Felicity smiled and followed him, grateful that he had chosen not to bring up her embarrassing word vomit.

When they finally got upstairs, Felicity and Caitlin immediately went to the long couch that spiraled against the railing, and they looked down - absolutely mesmerized by the colors swirling and lights reflecting off of dresses and jewelry alike.

"Please feel free to use this all evening, you are welcome to come and go as you please," Oliver spoke from behind the girls. Felicity watched him walk up to her, Caitlin still watching the scene below, and gulped quietly.

"I don't believe I got your name," he said and Felicity blinked.

"Oh! It's Felicity," she said excitedly and as she saw his mouth open to respond she blurted out, "Smoak! Felicity Smoak. Not that you need to know my last name, but seeing as how I already know yours I didn't think it was right to have you not know mine."

Oliver stood there, his face loosening up in front of her and she just knew he was almost smiling at her - again.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Felicity Smoak. Enjoy your evening." He nodded at Caitlin in goodbye, and flashed Felicity a smile as she watched his entire demeanor shift as he walked down to the club floor. Felicity couldn't shake the feeling that the smile she had just received was not the one she had almost seen earlier.

It was 11:34 and Caitlin had long since run off to the dance floor with a handsome man who had swept her off her feet upstairs in the VIP lounge.

"Wish someone would sweep me off my feet," Felicity said out loud, not bothering to mumble or censor herself since no one else was around.

"Do you mean that literally or figuratively, Felicity Smoak?" A voice said from behind her, a bit of slur and revelry in his tone.

Her face scrunched up in her best 'oh crap' face as she turned around to see Oliver Queen once again standing in front of her, victim of her lack of mental filter. This time, though, it was apparent that he was under the thrall of the party - drunk, maybe, or just tipsy enough to remind her that he had apparently been a rather large billionaire party playboy before his disappearance.

"Uhm…figuratively?" She answered his question with a confused tone and was rewarded with another smile as he just held out his hand and raised his eyebrows, tilting his head towards the dance floor.

Felicity grinned at him, no longer completely awestruck in his presence, and took his hand; as they walked down the stairs with 15 minutes until midnight, she felt his hand against the small of her back. It was warm, but the pressure was what lit her body up with fire.

When they reached the bottom, he spun her around and dragged her to the dance floor with a look that made Felicity gulp. She didn't really understand why he was here with her at this moment, but with the alcohol that had been pumping through her veins - and she suspected his as well - she didn't care to find out.

Arms went around his neck with deliberateness and Felicity felt his hands respond, gripping her hips as they began to dance to a generic pop remix that neither one would remember the next morning. Try as she might, Felicity could not pull her eyes away from his, hypnotizing her as he pulled her closer - body flush against his.

She let out a little gasp at how hard his chest felt against hers and he smiled down at her with a wicked grin, clearly knowing exactly what that sound meant.

"The blush suits you," she felt him whisper in her ear as one of his hands moved from her hip to her butt, bringing her lower half to his and holding it there. Her mouth gaped open at the brazen nature of the gesture, feeling his erection against her through their clothes.

Taking his cue, drowning in bass and alcohol, she pushed her fingers through his hair, pulling his head down to meet her lips. She went in with insistence and he met hers with a groan, both hands gripping her ass and pushing hard against her as she opened her mouth for him.

Felicity pushed back the thoughts that told her to stop and clung to Oliver, nipping his bottom lip and pulling it with her teeth just to hear him groan. He recaptured her lips and she let out a soft whimper as he sucked on her tongue, digging her fingernails into his neck and shoulder.

The music lowered around them and a voice boomed through the club, "IT'S NEW YEARS EVE, BITCHES." Tommy Merlyn yelled through the mic, garnering a loud cheer from the club floor. "But in 2 minutes, it'll officially be a new year. Who better to talk about a new start than Oliver Queen himself? Last I saw him he was getting a bit handsy with a hot young blonde on the floor, OLIVER."

Oliver had pushed away from her when he first heard Tommy's voice, but his eyes didn't leave hers; they were both catching their breaths and Felicity was trying to find her bearings but failing horribly. The only thing she wanted to do was pull him back to her and wrap her legs around him and drown in his kiss. It wasn't surprising that Oliver Queen was a great kisser; it was just surprising that he was still kissing her. She saw his face twitch at the sound of Tommy saying his name and he spun around, immediately spreading his arms and grinning at his best friend - leaving Felicity with whiplash on the emotional swings. She wasn't sure, but something was definitely off about Oliver Queen.

She saw him grab the mic from his friend, "VERDANT! I hope you've been closing out the year in style - maybe some Sex with the bartender," cheers erupted as he continued, "or a screaming orgasm, but definitely be sure to end with the blow job." Felicity's eyes were wide as he called out the names of drinks and if possible even wider when he winked at a few women in the crowd.

"I've only been back a few months, but thanks for making Verdant the place to be in Starling! Now lets countdown and get back to getting fucked up!" Oliver's smile was wide as he cheerfully counted down from 10, yelling with the crowd; but Felicity knew it was a false smile. The one she coveted was the one he gave her - or almost gave her - earlier; she wanted to feel more of those lips on her skin and as they were yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oliver jumped off the stand and walked directly to her, his hands going on either side of her face, pulling her in for another kiss.

This one was different, as if he was releasing the stress of the façade into her body, relaxing against her; he pulled away, still holding her face in his, and smiled at her. "Sorry about that, duty called."

Felicity just nodded, eyeing him curiously as she pushed against him and spoke in his ear as the music started back up, "You seem to be good at faking your persona, Oliver Queen." And as soon as she said that she felt him tense and pull away, looking at her as she just smiled at him knowingly.

"Felicity! There you are," Caitlin yelled as she ran up beside Felicity, "I've been looking everywhere. This is Ronnie."

Felicity smiled and said hello, noticing that Oliver was still stunned from her statement a few moments ago but he collected himself and held out his hand to Ronnie, "Oliver Queen, nice to meet you."

Caitlin giggled and leaned against her new friend, "We noticed. You go Felicity!" at that, Felicity blushed again at her friend's brazenness.

"We're actually going to another party downtown, want to join?"

Felicity just shook her head, judging based on the body language that the two probably would get into a cab and go straight home, "No thanks, I'm probably leaving soon anyway, now that New Years is over."

Caitlin boooed at her friend, clearly on the drunk side of tipsy and dragged Ronnie off towards the entrance, waving goodbye to Felicity.

"You're leaving?" Oliver asked, confusion in his voice and Felicity just turned around and shrugged.

"I was only here because of Caitlin and since she's gone, I have no reason to stay one more moment." She headed for the stairs to the VIP lounge to grab her clutch and felt Oliver following her, silently and most likely brooding - she smirked at the thought.

Grabbing the clutch, she turned around and yelped when Oliver pulled her against him unexpectedly, "Let me come with you." He practically growled it at her, his eyes boring into hers as shock replaced desire.

"You know, I'm usually the one with inappropriately timed innuendos," Felicity babbled awkwardly as he gripped her tighter, waiting for an answer.

Instead, she just stood up, pecked him on the cheek, and wrapped a leg around his waist. "You'll have to carry me to the cab, though," she winked at him as he smirked and lifted her up, her other legs now wrapped tightly around his waist and his hands firmly squeezing her ass.

He kissed her briefly and then murmured against her lips, "No cab. My driver will take us there."

"Oh, right. Oliver Queen. How did I forget that you're worth like a bazillion dollars?" Felicity murmured in her confused tone.

"I just have one of those tongues," Oliver said and winked at her as he carried her down the stairs, still entirely wrapped around him.

As he walked to where his bodyguard and driver was, Felicity nuzzled against his neck and kissed it, softly sucking the skin as she rolled her hips against his - grinning against him as she felt his throat growl mid-sentence.

She felt the cold air against her skin and her lips moved to his ear, nipping playfully, "Felicity. If you want me to take you in the car, this is how you do it; I'd rather save that for next time, though."

She pulled away and pouted, then smiled as she realized what he had said, "You already know there will be a next time, huh? Cocky."

He opened the door and laid her on the seat, crawling in on top of her as the driver closed the door, "You have no idea, Felicity Smoak."

Oliver gave her a rare and true smile as he leaned down to kiss her softly.

"Where to, Mr. Queen?" The driver finally spoke up, clearly not amused by what he was having to watch.

Oliver raised his eyebrow at her and she stammered out the address to her apartment, "Your place is kind of intimidating." She offered as an apology for not going to the Queen mansion.

He offered her a baffled smile, "Okay," and he pulled back so she could sit up in the seat; he pulled the seatbelt out for her and clicked it into place. "New Years is kind of a dangerous night, I want you to be safe."

Felicity gaped at him, "Wow, who knew Oliver Queen was such a gentleman."

She saw his jaw twitch as his seatbelt was locked, "I'm not what they want me to be." Oliver didn't move his head to look at her, instead looking straight through the front window, his eyes roaming outside as if he was on the alert for danger.

Felicity, however, could only stare at him in confusion. Oliver Queen, she was certain, was going to be the biggest mystery of all.

And mysteries demanded to be solved.

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