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My first attempt at fan fiction. Still working out some quirks. (Don't run away. You won't regret it. XD)

Kyoko immediately knew that whatever was happening, it had definitely been cooked up by the president. She also knew that she didn't want to have anything to do with it. She had just entered LME and found that the entrance had been stuffed full of tables and chairs. Each table had two chairs on opposite sides and they were lined up in several rows. There were men and women at each table, each interacting with each other in varying degrees. Some were talking animatedly, while others were pointedly ignoring each other, and at the center of each table was a single rose in a vase. Whatever this was, it involved her worst enemy: Love

Kyoko turned to walk right out the door… and promptly ran into the president.

"Why Mogami-kun, where are you going?" he asked.

Anywhere but here she thought "I actually forgot something at home, and now I need to leave." she said, then attempted to run past him.

"Whatever it is, we can get it for you." said the president. He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. He forcible marched her towards a podium where a man in a butler outfit was showing people to their tables.

"I would like you to participate with our little activity." He seemed to be unfazed at her attempts to escape. The grip on her shoulders was too tight.

"And what is this activity?" she asked.

"Speed dating!"

Kyoko cocked her head.

"Speed dating?"

Noticing her confusion, the president started explaining.

"Speed dating is exactly what it sounds like. It's like going on a date, but much faster." he said. "Seems to be a common thing in America. Look, here is what you do. First you take a number-" He grabbed a pink tag from the podium, and fastened it on Kyoko's shirt. Her number was 23. "Next, you fill out some information. Just basic stuff like name, age, profession yada yada. Then hand it to the person in charge."

He handed the butler a piece of paper, and to her horror, she saw that it was already filled out with her information. She was now positive that he had set this up for his love me girls.

Lory was still explaining the rules.

"Once everything's set and you're registered, you are then seated at a table were a man will come and sit with you. You will have a 9 minuet date. Then after the 9 minutes are up-"

At that moment, a loud ding sounded. It came from a call bell the butler had hit. The people at the tables started to move.

"Good timing." said the president. He grabbed Kyoko again and lead her to a table. "This is your table, when you hear the bell, you have one minuet to say your good byes and move. All the men move to the table on the right while you stay put. The next date starts once the second bell rings"

Kyoko sat down, feeling more panicked by the second.

"You mean I have to go on lots of 9 minute dates?" she said, unable to keep the terror from her voice. She had never been on a date before in her life. Now she was expected to go on several?

"Don't worry." said the president, winking. "What you do is up to you. You can talk or ignore them, whatever you wish. But here's the thing." he leaned in closer, lowering his voice. "You are not allowed to leave until you get at least 5 numbers and 1 date. At least!"

The color drained from her face.

"P-President, I can't do this." she said.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


The next bell rang

"Then you will complete this activity." said Lory, pointing his finger at her. "This is a love me assignment, and if you don't do it, I will dock you all the points you got this past year."

Kyoko's mouth dropped. She couldn't believe him! Before she could protest, he had left.

Still struggling to regain her composure, a person sat in the chair in front of her.

"Hello." said the man, smiling. "My name's Shoji Shinozaki."

He had dark short hair and a small scar on his cheek, but he looked friendly enough, eyes warm and kind. She guessed her was probably in his mid-twenties.

"Mine's Ky-Kyoko." she said, managing to get half of her face to smile. It looked like she was having a stroke.

The man raised an eyebrow.

"I saw that you just got started." He said "I'm guessing that the president didn't give you much time to think about it before throwing you in here. He's always kinda hard to follow."

Kyoko's eyes went wide. A kindred soul!

"I'm still not completely sure what's happening, but I think I fell for a trap." she muttered.

The man laughed. He had a nice laugh, one that made you smile when you heard it.

"Yeah well, at least half of us are in the same boat." Shinozaki said. "Guess he's not satisfied with just bothering the love me section."

"I apologize for his behavior." she said, attempting to bow despite being seated at a table.

"It's not anything you have to apologize for." he said gesturing with his hand. "Besides, I'm glad to have the opportunity to meet you. I've always wanted to talk to you."

Kyoko was surprised. "You know me?" she said, completely missing the hint.

Shinozaki nodded. "Sure. You and Kanae-san are famous after all. I see you pass by my office all the time. And besides, I saw your commercial and Mio in the dark moon. You were quite astounding I must say."

"Thank you very much." she said, again attempting to bow.

"Sure thing."

Shinozaki smiled. Kyoko had completely relaxed. They continued to talk, and she found out he worked in one of the financial offices in LME. He had moved from Kyoto after graduating high school, then going to college nearby. He had gotten his job through a connection with his friend. They talked easily wandering from subject to subject. Thank goodness she hadn't been paired up with a weird person for her first round. Shinozaki-san was a nice guy, she decided.

The bell rang, making Kyoko jump.

"That was much faster than I thought that would be." she said, resting a hand on her heart.

Shinozaki laughed, agreeing with her.

"Well then." said Kyoko. "I stay here I think. It was nice to meet you Shinozaki-san."

"It was nice to meet you too." he said. Then hesitated.

"Could I get your number?"

The question threw her so off guard she couldn't answer.

Shinozaki, stood up obviously embarrassed. "Never mind." he said. "I'll see you later Kyoko-san."

"T-that's not it." she said, feeling her face go red. "I was just surprised. That's all."

Shinozaki relaxed. He sat back down, taking a piece of paper from the center of the table. Kyoko only just noticed them there. He wrote something down then handed it to her.

"My number and email address." he said, winking at her. "Send me a message some time. I'd love to get to know you better."

She took it, thanking him. Then he left.

Someone actually asked for my number She thought in wonder. He must have something wrong with him, despite seeming so normal. She didn't have time to get over the shock when another person came to the table. They sat down and she had to start the whole process over.

This is going to be a long day. She thought with a sigh.