The Sigournate Virus

- Chapter 10 -

Tawney felt as if she were in heaven. Every nerve in her body was on fire and her skin tingled wherever Lazarus touched her. He had started by just kissing her, breaking his hands free from hers and again cupping her head in them. His hands had then crept around to entangle themselves in her hair, long tapered fingers massaging lightly.

His lips had released hers as a moan had escaped her throat, and her head dropped back as she languished in the delicious pressure being applied to her scalp. Lazarus took this chance to dip his head down and taste the tempting flesh of her neck, trailing his tongue along the arch of it. Untangling his fingers from her glorious locks, he trailed them down to her shoulders, gave them a slight squeeze, before moving on to the fastening on her uniform.

His lips moved to her ear and he caught the lobe in his teeth, nibbling lightly. His hands deftly undid the fastenings, and hitching his thumbs into the edges, he eased it off her shoulders, revealing smooth ivory skin. Tawney's own hands were busy as well. She was running her hands up and down Lazarus' chest lightly, using her fingers to begin unfastening his own uniform. But he stopped her when he brought her top down over her arms, briefly trapping them to her sides. Bringing his head up from where it nestled in the crook of her neck, he gazed at her exposed flesh with peircing eyes. He just admired her beauty for a moment before finishing his task of removing her top.

Once it was completely gone, he urged her to lie back down on the bed before proceeding to administer the softest series of butterfly kisses to her chest, starting at her collarbone and working his way down the valley between her breasts. Tawney arched her back at the contact and brought her hands up to clutch at his shoulders. Tawney smiled as she thought to herself that all her time pouring over books on the Mok'Tar ways and customs, particularly mating customs and the like, was not to be a complete waste of time. She sighed heavily in appreciation as Lazarus' questing mouth finally came to rest over one of her breasts, she moved her hands from his shoulders, running them across his shoulder blades and up the nape of his neck. Then they proceeded further to run up the back of his head and slightly stroke the purple fins that where common to his species.

She felt his sharp intake of breath against her breast and her smile widened a bit. She did not plan on letting him think she did not know wshe she was getting into. She was well informed on what were the male Tev'Meckian's likes and dislikes in the bedroom. It had been a fantasy of hers that she had indulged in, not ever dreaming that she might one day put the knowledge to use. Especially on the one who had started her down that path to begin with.

The instant she had stroked his fins, he had closed his eyes and clench his teeth together as the wave of pleasure washed over him. How did she know to do that? Relishing in her tender strokes, he glanced up from his position at her breast. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be content in what she was doing. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Wasn't it normal for humans to stroke their lover's hair when they mated? She couldn't possibly know that the Mok'Tar's fins where a highly erogenous zone for their species. It was likely she didn't know, so he again lowered his head to continue what he had been joyously doing before she had surprised him.

While he administered to her upper body with his mouth, his hands had begun to trail down her taut stomach to come to rest on her hips. Hooking his fingers in the waistband, he urged her hips upward and began to work both her pants and underwear off slowly. As he worked them down, his mouth began to drift down as well. She moaned when his warm mouth left her breast, but her breath hitched when she felt it trail downward, stopping to dip his tongue briefly into her bellybutton.

But there he stopped, as he straightened up to completely remove what remained of her uniform. She now lay naked before him and he was openly admiring her. She blushed for a minute, before gathering her courage. Sitting up, she looked him straight in the eye while speaking in her best sultry voice.

"You like what you see?" At his nod, she smiled wickedly. "Well, you've seen all of me there is to see. Now it's my turn."

Lazarus was reluctant, he had wanted to take this slow and explain to her that he was subtly different from human men, and she would most likely need to be taught what to do to please him. He told her so, but was shocked when she laughed softly.

"Oh, don't worry about that. I've got it covered." She said.

Before he could wrap his mind around what she meant by that, he was lying on his back on the bed with her hovering over him. She kissed him lightly as she finished her earlier job of unfastening his uniform top. Pushing it aside, her fingertips blazed a trail over the warm flesh of his chest, which was quickly followed by her mouth. She kissed and nipped at his chest, as he had hers, causing him to softly moan, much like she had only moments before. She worked downward from there, running her tongue from his breastbone, down his muscular abdomen to trace the edge of his trousers. She brought her fingers to the fastenings to undo them, but Lazarus' hands stopped her.

"Tawney..." He began, pulling her up so that her body covered his. "Before we go any further, there are a few things that I must tell you about my... Well, about myself." Here he hesitated, not knowing where to begin.

Tawney took this chance to reassure the Tev'Meckian.

"Aww Laz, it's okay."She said as she again stroked his fins, causing him to close his eyes and moan audibly. "I know exactly what I'm doing."

Lazarus opened his eyes a bit to look at her accusingly. "What? How?"

She laughed softly and leaned down to his ear to whisper. "I read it somewhere."

"Read it somewhere? Just casually looking through the Tev'Meckian physiology files, were we?" He smirked.

Tawney smacked him playfully on the chest and giggled.

"Well, I have to confess that I've been reading up on Mok'Tar for quite some time."

Lazarus' arched a brow quizically. "Oh, really, and why would that be, Miss Madison?"

Tawney blushed, though not because of the position she was in at the moment. She blushed because she would now have to reveal that she had been interested in him far before the whole virus situation.

"Umm, well, you see..." She began, not really knowing how to explain. Finally she just decided to lay it all out for him. "I haven't been fascinated with Mok'Tar in general...just a specific Tev'Meckian."

Again, he arched his brow but did not comment. He simply allowed her to continue at her own pace. Tawney took a deep breath and crossed her arms on his chest and rested her chin on them.

"You see, I've been in love with you for awhile now. I just didn't realize it until recently." She began. Lazarus' mouth dropped a bit in shock at that revelation. "I thought you to be the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I think I fell in love with you the moment you saved my life back on Textorian 3."

"That's been awhile, love. Why hadn't you said anything sooner?" Lazarus asked, but knowing the answer before she uttered it.

"I didn't see any point. I mean, I didn't think it was possible for us to even be together, what with the soul mate bonding thing. And then there was the fact that you couldn't have possibly been attracted to me, what with me being human and all, and-"

Lazarus stopped her rambling by placing a finger over her lips, smiling, as she caught the finger in her mouth and slowly sucked on it. Time for him to admitted a little secret of his own.

"Tawney, I have been fighting the urge to Bond with you for a little over a month now. I thought that you would be apalled if I were to even suggest you being Bonded to me." He gave her a sheepish grin at this last part.

Tawney had released his finger at his words, then smiled. "Looks like we were both wrong." She said.

"Yes, indeed." Lazarus replied, before Tawney leaned up and kissed him once more on his mouth. Pulling back, Tawney sat up so that she was astride his hips. "Now, where was I?"

The seductive tone of her voice told Lazarus she knew exactly where she had been and where she wanted to go. Bracing her hands on his chest, Tawney slid her body back down his so that her face was level with his loins. Hooking her fingers in the sides of his trousers, she began to pull them down past his hips. He shifted slightly to assist her, and soon he was as naked as she was. Tawney threw his pants to the floor beside the bed, where their previous items of clothing had been cast earlier. Tawney turned to look down at him, and froze, a look of absolute awe creeping onto her face. Lazarus saw the look and felt a bit worried.

"What's the matter, love?" He asked in a concerned tone.

"I-It's much bigger than the diagram I saw." She sputtered, her face reddening in a deep blush.

Lazarus laughed a deep throaty laugh at her comment. When he had composed himself, he looked at her again and asked, "Love, are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes." She answered, almost a bit too quickly. Then immediately blushed again. "I-I mean, I'm ready. I just didn't figure in on different sizes is all. But big is good, I can deal with big."

Lazarus had an amused smile on his face as her cute little babble played out. He had never recalled her babbling before, but he thought it was endearing. Just like her. He saw her compose herself and wondered what she would do next. He was completely taken offguard when she leaned down so that her face was hovering above his maleness.

He was pretty much equiped the same as a human male but for two distinct differences. One, his member was the color of the fins on his scalp, and two, his shaft was adorned with an antenna like appendage, called a pryll, that extended from within when aroused. It was another of the Tev'Meckian's erogenous zones, and she knew when blew on gently, it would give him great pleasure. Tawney had done major research on Mok'Tar and human anatomy and had come to the conclusion that it could be possible for the two species to be sexually compatible. According to her calculations, the pryll would act as a sort of stimulator of the female G-spot. She anticipated one hell of an orgasm if she was correct. Possibly more than one.

Knowing that she had to approach oral foreplay differently with him, she lay herself down between his splayed legs and lightly began to stroke his erection with her fingertips. His hips arched up off of the bed almost instantly. She smiled, happy that she was giving him pleasure. Because she really wanted to please him. She continued stroking lightly until she had achieved her goal as the afore mentioned apendage made it's appearance. Placing her lips close, but not touching, she gently blew a slight burst of air across him. His response was instantaneous. He let out a strangled groan and proceeded to entangle his hands in her blonde hair.

He groaned through gritted teeth and tried to not writhe beneath the onslaught of pleasure that was threatening to overtake him. Damn, but she was good at this. Tawney continued to do this for a few more minutes before sliding her body back up his so that they were back face to face.

With a smirk she asked. "So, did I do good?"

With a growl, Lazarus grabbed and rolled with her until he had her pinned beneath him and settled himself between her thighs.

"Absolutely perfect." He murmured as he bent to nuzzle and nip at her ear. "You've done your homework...but are you ready for what comes next?" He asked teasingly, as he ground his hips into hers suggestively.

She sighed in ecstacy at the feel of him long and hard against her. She ground her hips back in response. "Oh yes, very ready." She said a bit breathless. She had been dreaming about this for so long, and now her dream seemed to be coming true. Lazarus rose up onto his knees and grabbed her up to straddle his thighs. Grasping her hips firm yet tenderly, he picked her up slightly, then brought her back down on his throbbing shaft. It was the most unbelievably erotic feeling she had ever experienced. He filled her up almost completely, and then the pryll extended and he did fill her. And oh, it was glorious. She felt as if she would orgasm without having to move.

Throwing her head back and arching fully against him, she cried out rather loudly, her cry mingling with his own.

Wrapping her legs tighly around his waist, Tawney moved her hips experimentally, just to see what would happen. At her first shift, the orgasm was upon her. "Oh, my God!" She cried out again. If that was all it took, she wondered if she would make it through the entire coupling without passing out from the pleasure.

"Easy love, this is going to be uncharted territory for us. We can't go rushing blindly into it."

Lazarus grasped Tawney's hips with his wonderful hands and guided her in short strokes, so that the orgasms didn't begin to overwhelm her. As he gently lowered her to the bed, another orgasm racked her body. He lowered her back onto the bed and held her until the tremors subsided. Then, resting his full weight on his forearms, he began slow short strokes that had Tawney tossing her head back and forth on the pillows, arching her hips, matching the slow rhythm. Wanting to hear him moan like before, Tawney disentangled her hands from the sheets and brought them up to once again stroke his fins. She felt his body shudder with each caress and would have smiled if another orgasm hadn't taken over her body at that moment. She bit into his shoulder to stifle the scream building in her throat. God, she was going to die of pleasure if he kept that up.

Lazarus felt Tawney's inner muscles clench around him and wondered at the feel of it. He knew that he would have to end this soon before she was rendered unconscious by the sensations. He felt he wouldn't last long if she kept touching him like she was doing. Picking up the pace just a fraction, Lazarus unwrapped Tawney's legs from around his waist and brought them up a bit, bending her knees up toward her chest. This proved to be a very agreeable position for both of them as he felt himself begin to climax, just as she entered into a fourth and final one of her own.

Exhausted, Lazarus collapsed fully on top of Tawney, and sighed as he felt her arms tighten around his shoulders, holding him to her. After they had both come down a bit from the bright-as-the-sun afterglow, Lazarus picked his head up from where it had been nestled on Tawney's breast and looked down into her bright blue eyes.

"How do you feel?" He asked, unconsiously flashing that seductive smile that always melted her on the spot.

Happily, she replied. "Wonderful. And you?"

Leaning down, he kissed the tip of her nose. "Like I've been gifted with the most glorious treasure in the whole universe. I love you, Tawney."

"I love you too, Laz. Forever."

The End