Uhhhhh...haider! I've started writing again! Heehee~ This is just a short funny bit with Claire and Steve. Shenanigans! Muahahahahaha~

This isn't working.

I know.

So why are we still doing it?

I know.

No, Claire. Stony is not, and will never be a thing. I am not humouring Stark's curiosity on my psyche because I'm secretly in love with him because he resembles Howard. Why would that even be a question?! Don't answer that.

I said don't answer that!

I didn't! I mean, not intentionally! It's called sharing a brain!

Can you not share my eyes too? I think Clint's going to catch me staring at his…Oh look. Natasha's glaring now. No, it does not mean that they are together. BlackHawk or whatever that is does not make sense. And it's none of our business!

I said it's none of our business!

God, alright already. Fineeee…ow! Did you just—you just pinched yourself to punish me!

The ends justify the means.

That is some hardcore shit. You utter martyr.

I just said it's not working and we succeeded and we're back to it again. God. This is just like 'The Game'.

What's 'The Ga—oh.

Yeah, we lost.

Well, we can start up again! Let's start from 3, 2, 1!

I lost the game.

I know, you sore loser.

Only because you thought about it! Anyway, I don't understand this game. What's the poin—oh. Is this the main purpose of most things now? It's starting to make some sort of sense but. Wow. Ow.

Have fun with my entire life span's worth of history lessons. And yeah, I love Google. And Wikipedia. It's probably the only thing I need to survive school.

Weren't we just trying to stop what just happened? I mean, Tony even said that there may be possible side effects from the serum attempting to adapt to something that isn't natural. Like two minds. And if we get you to move on I may not be able to return to normal. Or I'll turn into a woman.

Please stop thinking about Rule 63.

Yes, I've started calling Tony by his given name in my mind. No, I am not falling in love with him.

I am not even surprised by the genderbent fanart anymore. Female Tony is pretty, but I'm not falling for someone that doesn't exist. I wouldn't even fall for her if she hypothetically did exist in another universe because I am not secretly attracted to Tony Stark. Just annoyed.

I hate how you got immune to all this so quickly.

Blame the serum.

Serum didn't affect personality. Don't even. This is all you. You.

Well gee, shucks.


YES! A reaction!

Why do you enjoy making me horrified so much? You're just like Bucky!



I'm sorry please don't be sad anymore and here have a hug and a cookie and whatever mental comfort I can give you from my part of your brainspace.

Thanks...I'd like some milk with those cookies.

...That's just sad please stop the fake smiling go ahead and cry it's fine you can do it I'll lend you my mental shoulder! You can lean on me… Mentally. Not real-ly. Okay, I'll promise that if we ever separate and I get a corporeal body I'll lend you my shoulder all you want and even those times you really need one but won't ask for it.

That's so nice of you…Gosh…


Tony vacillated between staring at Steve and staring at the cookie in Steve's hand, "You. You're eating my cookies."

The packet labelled 'Chips Ahoy!' was in his other hand, which he generously held out, "Want one?"

Tony was suspiciously silent for a moment as he glared at the package before he blurted out, "Is Claire on her period or something?" Then he made a cross with two fingers and hissed.

what? Uh. [Claire]

Steve stared. Uh?

Uh…huh! [C]

Oh! [S]

"Actually, Stark," Steve blinked innocently at his fellow Avenger, "…I think she is. I've been getting odd cravings for sugar."


"Chocolate, to be more specific."


"And ice-cream, what's that by the way? I've never tasted."

You just finished the Haagen-Dazs in his fridge last night…

Shhh…Jarvis promised not to tell

Tony Stark sputtered for a few moments before he clutched at his chest and cried out, "How could you! Steve! You traitor of your gender! You're feeding the female monster! Stop that! You'll get fat! You'll get sugar high! You'll worsen your cramps!"

How does he know so much about periods? And WHAT DID HE SAY ABOUT GETTING FAT?!

"…Tony? I…can't get fat. Or sugar high. And I don't have an actual period. Just the cravings…"

"Even worse!" Ironman did not falter as he swiftly changed his position, "You're falling into hedonism! Succumbing to temptation! Getting lazy! Soft! Weak!"

There was a moment of silence when both Steve and Claire moved his eyes in the exact same dubious look at the person preaching at them about hedonism.

And finished the pack of cookies themselves.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is eat good food. Yeah, ice-cream and cold foods usually make me cramp worse, but I still want them!

Stay tuned~

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