You were patrolling beach. It was your first lone mission since you joined the X-Men 3 months ago. There was a sighting of a man believed to be Quicksilver.

You were being amazed by the view when you felt someones eyes on you. You slowly turn around to see Quicksilver. It was only for a second, but it was definitely him. With him being there you knew his sister had to be around somewhere. You knew her abilities were more extreme than Quicksilver's; with her crazy magic and reality alternations.

"I don't want to hurt you!" You yell.

"Why are you bothering us? We haven't done anything to harm your kind!" You knew the voice was Quicksilver's, but you didn't know where it was coming from.

"My kind? I'm a mutant like you!" Then you saw him. Right in front of you was Quicksilver himself. "Quicksilver?"

"Please, call me Pietro."

"Well, Pietro, I'm _name_."

"What's your mutant power?"

"Kind of a rude question, don't you think?"

"Well you obviously already know mine so I thought it only be fair."

"In that caseā€¦." Then you saw who could only be Pietro's twin sister, Wanda, charging towards you.

Then, without warning your heart started pounding in your chest. It could only have been a panic attack caused by one of Wanda's bewitching abilities. Because of these abilities you could not hear what Wanda and Pietro were talking about, but you could only guess it was about you.

Pietro's P.O.V.

"Wanda! What are you doing to her!? Stop!" I scream as I gesture towards (y/n).

"She's one of the X-Men here to kill us, or worse, torture us."

"She's different!"

"Your just blinded by her charm, brother. Don't you see?"

"Then how come she didn't try to hurt me?!"

Then I turn around to the sound of (y/n)'s mumble.

Your P.O.V.

You try to say something to get Pietro's attention, but it just comes out as a whole bunch of mumbling.

Pietro obviously understood it was something important since he bent down and got closer.

"Need. Her. Hand." You try again and this time he understood even though he had a confused look on his face.

Pietro swiftly took Wanda's hand and placed it on yours. Then, in a sudden moment you were 'cured'.

"I wasn't able to finish saying that my ability is power minericy. Whenever I touch someone I can use their ability, but not any other, and I was able to use Wanda here's ability to cure myself." You say, curing the confused looks on their faces.

Then you heard yelling from the other end of the beach coming towards the three of you. The X-Men, probably there to check on you.

"Go," you say to Pietro.

"No, I'm not leaving you," he replied and grabbed your hand.

You look at your hand in his and something feels, right. All feelings aside you had to help them get away. "Your sister was right, I am part of the X-Men. They won't hurt me, but they will capture you and torture you if you stay here."

Pietro just looks at you as Wanda pulls him away from the beach. Then he loosens himself from her grip and runs to you. He pulls you in for a long, passionate kiss.

When the kiss ends he lays his forehead against yours and whispers, "Find me?"


You watch as Pietro and Wanda run away from the beach and out of sight.

"(Y/n), was he here."

"Hmm. Oh, no just a false sighting. Nothing to worry about."

With that you and the rest of the X-Men walk away like nothing happened, but you knew better.