A/N: I find Kyoko to be too out of character in this, even for my taste. (It's hard to write people embarrassing themselves, reminds me too much of me.) So I'm going to try to provide explanation (A crappy one, though it may be) and to steadily ease her back into character, wish me luck.

Chapter 2: (Pocket) Watch Out!

Chiori was scribbling something down angrily in her notebook, about Kyoko no doubt. She tripped for trying to write and walk at the same time, which only fueled her irritation.

"What does some rusty old locket have to do with an 'adventure'?" Kanae questioned, somewhat sarcastically. Kyoko didn't answer, she just hummed quietly. "Kyoko!" Kanae called.

"Sorry," Kyoko said, snapped from her daze. "I was... thinking. What did you say?"

Kanae rolled her eyes. "What is that stupid locket for?"

Kyoko looked down at the item, as if she were confused by it's present. Kanae mentally commented on how spacy her friend could be. "It's not a locket," She said. "It's a pocket watch."

"Who the hell owns a pocket watch in the twenty-first century?" Chiori piped up all of the sudden. "More importantly, who the hell sells a pocket watch in the twenty-first century?"

Kyoko held the object in question close to her chest, "It was my uncle's" She explained.

"Okay" Chiori accepted that in answer to her question. "So why is it dangerous and/or adventurous?"

Kyoko looked at Chiori with a blank face, as though it was such an obvious answer that Chiori had asked for that she might even think she'd been joking. "My uncle's in the Mafia"

And Chiori accepted that in answer to any question she'd ever had about Kyoko's personality.


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