Full House

By Enchanted Angel


"__" spoken words

'__' thoughts

~*~ POV change

*** time change

"We need help!" Inu Yasha cried as he tried to fend off the gargantuan demon along with the help of Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kagome. But they couldn't do it by themselves.

"Myouga, summon Kikyo!"

"But-" Myouga protested.

"SUMMON HER GOD DAMMIT! THIS DEMON IS TOO TOUGH FOR US!" Inu Yasha yelled, cutting him off.

"Yes Sir." He murmured starting to mutter an incantation that brought the dead into the living world.

The ground shook as a woman with long, black waist-length hair appeared from the rubble.

"You called?"

"Help us!" Kagome cried as she shot another arrow into the large beast. It bounced harmlessly off of it's though scales. It only succeeded angering the snake. But it was the same whenever Kikyo shot her arrows at the beast. They only bounced off the hard scaly surface.

Miroku dodged around the large beast and continued to distract it by whacking it with his large staff while Inu Yasha tried to cut its head off with the Tetsusaiga. But it was too tall, even when Inu Yasha jumped up, he could not reach the head. The large snake demon looked at them with yellow slit eyes. It bared its fangs and struck again. Inu Yasha yelped in surprise as it struck him, but he parried just in time with Tetsusaiga. He sent a silent plea of help to his brother, Sesshoumaru, just hoping he would receive it in time before they were all killed.


Sesshoumaru walked calmly around the thick forest as he sat down in front of a tree and stretched lazily. Just as he was about to shut his eyes for a nap, he heard a silent plea in his mind for help.

'Sounds like Inu…' he thought as he jerked awake and got up, turning on his super-sensitive ears and listening for anything that might lead to Inu Yasha's current location. He heard a clash of metal against something hard.

'Must be Tetsusaiga…' he thought flying with his inhuman powers to the direction of their location.

He was greeted with the sight of the whole group of Inu Yasha posse, fighting an enormous snake demon. He immediately jumped atop its head and sank his claws into the demons skull. But to his dismay, the hide was so tough that even his poison claws could not rupture it. He blinked in surprise. He heard a "WATCH OUT!" and was thrown violently off of the large snake. He growled and transformed to his real form, the large dog demon and charged the snake, growling and slashing at it with his claws.

"Sesshoumaru! You can't even rupture its skin!" Inu Yasha shouted as he saw Sesshoumaru charge at the large beast. He winced as he heard a snap of jaws and Sesshoumaru thrown aside like a rag doll. Sesshoumaru winced in pain as he hit the ground.

"We can't kill this thing!" Kagome said looking around her. She had noticed that they were backed up against the Bone Eater's Well; there were no other alternates for escape.

"Inu Yasha!" she shouted getting his attention. He turned momentarily and saw her pointing towards the Well.

"In to the well!!" he shouted. Everyone piled into the well. Sesshoumaru was still on the floor, his leg was probably broken, but healing fast, but not fast enough. Inu Yasha lunged forward and picked up the large dog and jumped into the Well, hearing it crack as the demon tried to jump in to. The Well was destroyed; they were trapped in Kagome's dimension forever.

Chapter 1: Memories

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, THUMP!

"Ow…" Kikyo groaned as something big landed atop of her. She looked up to see Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru on top of her.

"You two mind getting off?" Kagome said unhappily beneath the WHOLE pile of exhausted people.

The tangle of limbs started moving as people groaned in pain and untangled themselves from the large pile of people. Soon they were all standing and dusting themselves off.

"Bad news…" Inu Yasha said softly. They all turned their attention to him. He sighed. "The Well…is destroyed. We can't go back." Everyone stared. Unbelieving.

"W-What?" Miroku asked.

Inu Yasha nodded. "It was destroyed."

Everyone's face paled.

"No! That-that can't be possible!" Sango cried, tears shining in her eyes.

"What's done is done."

Everyone turned to the new voice-Sesshoumaru. They all gaped. Before they all could protest, he silenced them with a wave of his hand.

"We can't dwell on the fact that we can't get back. We have to find out a way to LIVE in this time period now that we _are_ here." He said icily. They all were silent.

"We should climb out of the well now." Kagome said stating the obvious, trying to break the silence.

The all sweatdropped and started to climb up the steep dirt side of the empty well. When they were all up they all looked around and took in their surroundings.

"Welcome to Senguko Jidai." Kagome said. "Come on, let's go in. Maybe you can all live with me." Kagome said to the large group motioning them to follow her. They all gave each other uneasy looks but followed her obediently.


"Hi mom!" Kagome shouted when they had all gotten inside. No one answered.

"Hm… guess no one's home. Anyone want some tea?" Kagome said trying to get the group to talk.

"Sure…" Inu Yasha said holding up a finger.

"Anyone else?"

They all nodded. That was all she needed, she hurried off to make them tea.

"So what _are_ we going to do?" Sango asked looking around uneasily.

"Figure out how we are going to survive here. We can't just live here, if Kagome's mother says we can, and do nothing." Miroku said logically.

Everyone turned to Sesshoumaru, their elder, seeking advice. But he was looking into space, obviously in deep thought. Everyone was afraid of him, because of his great power, so no one dared to speak. Only Inu Yasha did. He prodded his half-brother in the side with a claw.

"What's up?"

Sesshoumaru raised a silver eyebrow. "Nothing of your concern." He said blankly.

Inu Yasha scowled and sat back in his chair.

"Tea's ready!" Kagome said cheerfully as she set a tray of steaming hot tea on the table. They all thanked her and grabbed a cup and sipped it gratefully.

Kagome grabbed a chair and sat down next to Kikyo and Sesshoumaru.

"Well…you all don't have to stay here all day, go ahead, make yourselves at home!" she said getting up and walking to her room.

They all got up and explored around the house.


I slowly trudged up the stairs and walked down a narrow hallway into my room. I lay down on my bed and stared out the window. I was vaguely aware of Shippo entering behind me and jumping on the bed beside me.

"What's wrong Kagome?" he said sitting down next to me, tail drooping.

"Nothing, just tired." I lied. I was really thinking about some feelings that had begun to stir within me. "Shippo, I'm tired, please, could you leave me alone?" I pleaded, faking a yawn.

"Yeah, okay." He murmured getting up and going out of the room and closing the door behind him.

'Why is it that when Sesshoumaru appeared at the scene of the fight, my heart skipped a beat? Like a girl with a  crush? It's not possible that I am attracted to a _demon_!' I thought furiously.

'But you've liked Inu Yasha before…he's a half demon…' a small voice in the back of my head whispered.

"But I hate him! I hate him and Kikyo for what they did to me!" I whispered savagely.


"Kikyo? Kikyo! Is that really you?" Inu Yasha cried looking at the deceased Miko in front of him. I stood there, bound to a tree, invisible to Inu Yasha's eyes, as I stared, transfixed as he ran towards her and hugged her.

"Inu Yasha…" Kikyo whispered in his embrace.

I saw Inu Yasha's face, eyes shut tightly, like a little lost boy during a nightmare. Tears slowly trickled down his cheeks.

Time seemed to stop. 'Inu? Crying?' Thoughts ran through my mind crazily as I watched Kikyo lean forward and meet his lips with hers.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed. A silent scream. My heart broke at that very moment. Into a million pieces, never to be put together again. It hurt. It hurt a lot. While they kissed, Kikyo's eyes flew open, only to direct her eyes to meet mine. Tears streamed down my cheeks, betraying my feelings towards her actions, as I watched them kiss passionately.

"I love you Inu…I love you…"

~End Flashback~

I didn't notice tears flowing along the sides of my cheeks and soaking the comforter below me.

"Inu…" I whispered. I loved him. I probably loved him more than life itself, even though I didn't realize it. But now I was over him…or so I thought. My silent tears soon turned into full sobs. They weren't very loud to begin with, but I tried to keep them noiseless, so no one would hear my pain. No one cared anyways… I didn't even hear a door open when mine did.

I felt eyes watching me. I looked up only to meet gold eyes, void of any emotion.

"Yes Sesshoumaru? May I help you?" I asked, my voice choked.

"Nothing." He said bleakly sitting down on the edge on my bed.

"Then?" I asked.

"I just wanted to tell you that your mother is home along with your brother." He said getting up. Before he left, he threw a tissue at me.

"Clean up. No one wants to see you like that." he said softly, yet coldly, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

'He didn't even ask me why I was crying…' I thought to myself.

"What a cold-hearted bastard…" I whispered getting up.  

But I didn't know that he was still outside the door…and that he heard that.

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