I watched I horror as I saw my Kagome fall to the ground, the beads forgotten as they lay strewn across the floor.

"KAGOME!!!!!!!!!" I screamed in agony.

I felt a hot wetness in my eyes. Tears. I, Sesshoumaru was crying.

Kagome's throat was bleeding profusely and she was lying on the ground, dead, lifeless eyes glazed over.

Kunara laughed. "Stupid girl."

Everyone was silent from shock.

I saw white. Fury, boiling anger swelled and pumped through my veins. An adrenaline rush took over me and I transformed.

Eyes turned blood red, nose lengthened to a snout, white fur sprouted over my body, legs grew longer, claws elongated.

I was in blood lust.

Kunara gasped at my enormous size and reached for the bag of beads.

With one mighty paw, I smashed it into pieces smaller than Shikon no Tama shards.

I narrowed my eyes and I roared so loudly that the cave shook.

'You will pay..' I thought as I lunged at him.

Kunara dodged the first assault from my claws, but he didn't dodge my tail. With one mighty whack, I sent him flying into the cave wall. There was a hole in the wall the size of him.

He groaned and slid down. I walked over to him with a deep rumble in the back of my throat.

I put a paw on his chest.

"No! Please don't! Have mercy!" he cried, wriggling under the crushing weight.

"No.." I growled, then I slammed my paw down, digging the razor-sharp claws into his flesh.

I delighted in his screams of pain and horror, they only brought more blood lust to me.

I stopped the pressure when there was no more left of him to push down.

The instant Kunara was dead, the seal opened, but we all ignored it.

The rest of the gang was staring, stunned, they had not moved since my transformation. They were speechless.

I felt the rage shrink until it disappeared completely. My body transformed back into its human form. Except my claws were covered in his blood.

I immediately ran to Kagome's side. Sango was beside her the moment I was.

"Kagome." she sobbed.

I was pained to feel that the mental connection between us no longer existed.

For once in my life, my mind was blank.

I sadly picked up her body and jumped out of the hole in the ground.

Once out of the ground, I placed her by a tree.

"Nothing will be the same anymore.." I thought. "There was a hole in my heart, where Kagome once filled it up. But now..everything in my life seems empty.."

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Inu Yasha asked me, breaking me out of my trance.

I thought for a moment.

"Tenseiga! I almost forgot about it!"

I drew the sword that would heal instead of hurt.

"Sesshoumaru, what are you doing?" Sango asked, alarmed.

I ignored her and looked at Kagome's body.

Hell's minions were there indeed. I swiped at them and they were gone.

Kagome's eyes fluttered open.

"Sesshou?" she asked.

I grinned. Maybe life wouldn't be so bad anymore..


AN: That was an extremely terrible chapter..but I finished it. There will be a one-shot inbetween this and then a sequel. Don't worry! Until then! Ja!