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Train Ride of a Lifetime, Pink Hearts Included

Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Grey were heading to their newly chosen mission that was in a town five hours away. The train ride would be long, especially for Lucy who would have to see her best friend suffer through his usual intense motion sickness. But until then, everyone was in good spirits boarding the train on the chilly but sunny winter morning. Erza and Grey sat on one side of the cabin, and Lucy and Natsu on the other bench. The minute the train whistled and wheels grinding to start its momentum, Natsu's upper body was already hanging out the window, making gagging sounds like there was no tomorrow.

*sigh* Lucy pulled Natsu in, laid his head on her lap, and started massaging his scalp. Soon enough, Natsu's gagging reflex stopped, he closed his eyes, and seemingly fell asleep. The cabin was a little chilly, so Lucy laid a blanket over her legs and lightly over her lap and Natsu's head and as much of his body as it could cover.

Lucy felt a tickle on her thigh. Natsu's lips brushed against her bare skin since her skirt had ridden up while he was getting comfortable. She disregarded it, brushed a lock of pink hair back from his eyes, and went back to reading the book she was engrossed in.

Little did Lucy know that Natsu had begged Wendy's help via her motion sickness spell, and he was feeling just fine.

Natsu knew a lot about the books Lucy liked to read on the train rides to and from their missions. Even while he felt sick as a dog laying in her lap in the past, he still felt her pulse quickening under his face during an exciting fight scene, or the smell of salt when tears pooled at her eyes during a sad story. Every once in a blue moon, like today, Lucy would crack open a book on the train that she had mysteriously put another book's book jacket on. The smell that radiated from Lucy when she read those books were what got him hot & bothered enough to do something about it today.

He breathed in the heavenly scent that only his nose could detect. Erza and Grey were busy arguing across the way about who would win in a sparring session, Gajeel or Laxus. Natsu tuned out the noisy discussion and concentrated on Lucy's fair & silky skin. His eyes roamed up a little and had a glorious view of Lucy's pink...



Pink-hearted underwear.

Lacy and stringy and slightly translucent and all the wonderful descriptors that a 17-year old hormonal boy dreamed all girly underwear should be.

What was that? Had Lucy felt what she thought she had felt? Or was her overimagination working in overdrive? Her book had been getting to a juicy part where the heroine was just about to be teased into the next lifetime by the sexy renegade cowboy. She had felt her cheeks starting to flush at the thought of a daredevil doing the same to her.

Lucy felt it again.

Lips on her thighs forming light butterfly kisses. It definitely was not an innocent, accidental brush of skin. Then, light sucking at different spots on her legs, inching slowly higher, and a tongue giving teasing little licks in circles, going up her thighs.

Lucy could not believe what was happening. Already hot from her book, this was just incredibly too much to take. Her eyes fluttered shut to appreciate what was going on under her blanket.

But her eyes shot open when she remembered where she was, who was under the blanket, and who were sitting across from them, obliviously still in heated (of another kind) argument. Natsu's fingers walked playfully up her thigh, under her bunched skirt, and experimentally pushed Lucy's panties to the side. They gently touched the soft blonde curls, then slowly applied pressure to the area.

By now, Lucy couldn't help but be glistening wet. And Natsu couldn't help but touch the source of that wetness. He inserted a finger, making Lucy gasp slightly. With an in and out motion, he kept a slow pace. Since he did not hear nor feel any objection, he decided to insert a second finger. Lucy's nether region was so slippery, it easily accommodated. Going at a slightly faster pace, Lucy went totally flush, eyes closed, and just praying that Erza and Grey would leave the cabin.

As if on cue... "Hey Grey, since Natsu and Lucy are both asleep, let's go to the dining cabin and I can get some strawberry cake." "Sure, sounds good," as they got up and left.

Lifting up the blanket to reveal Natsu's naughty face and fingers, Lucy yelled, "Are you crazy?!" But Lucy couldn't stay mad. Natsu threw off the blanket with his free hand, swiveled to between her legs with fingers still embedded in her in order to kneel in front of her, and started pumping at a breathtaking pace. She moaned freely, now that their friends weren't just sitting across the way. In and out, in and out, Natsu was ruthless in his speed.

Lucy suddenly stood up, and with surprised Natsu's two fingers still in her, she side stepped to slide the cabin lock closed. She collapsed back down, slouching to allow Natsu a better angle at what he was doing best. But he had other things in mind.

Natsu quickly slid his fingers out, slid her underwear off, threw them in a corner, and gave her lower lips a big lick from where his fingers had been, all the up to her plump clit. Lucy shivered, "Nnnnatsu..."

He spread her knees wider, giving him better access to first kiss the left lip then kiss the right lip. Then nibbled the left lip, then nibbled the right lip. Lucy looked down at him in action, in disbelief yet wonderment that he could be this amazingly hot. Looking up at her seductively, he stretched his tongue as long as he could, and entered her slowly, then faster and faster.

It wasn't deep enough, he thought, so he started fingering her again, while alternating between licking and sucking the clit. The sensations were too much to bear.

Grey and Erza came back from the dining cabin with their snacks in their hands. Strange, the door was not easily opening. Grey knocked on the door. They waited a bit, but no response.

Lucy was, oh, so close to coming. "Faster," she panted. Natsu complied.

Maybe the door was just jammed. Grey shook the handle a little harder.

Natsu used his free hand to squeeze and massage Lucy's butt cheeks, helping bring her closer to his face for sucking in the perfect rhythm. Her fingers entwined in his pink locks to also pull him in deeper. Her back arched off the bench, and head tilted up. She couldn't help humping his face and literally fucking his fingers.

Erza put her ear against the cabin door, heard some muffled screaming. Feeling a little anxious, she pounded on the door. "Lucy, Natsu, are you two in there?"

Natsu ignored the commotion and pumped harder and faster, making Lucy reach her high. She came undone and melted in Natsu's hot mouth. Exhaling a shiver, she rode her climax. Natsu's fingers went slower and he gave her gentle, loving kisses on her inside thigh and stomach.

The pounding on the door doubled. All of a sudden, the door lock slid open, and the two inside the cabin rushed out with Lucy pulling a Natsu by his scarf.

"Where you two running off to? Everything ok?" Erza confusedly asked.

"Our turn to go grab some something to eat. I'm in the mood for some long chili hot dogs..." Lucy yelled behind her, Natsu trailing to keep up with her, a huge teethy smirk on his face.

"Mmm... chilly dogs... I shoulda gotten that," mumbled Grey.


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