Title: True Identities

Author: Gia

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Rating: PG-13

Pairing: None

Time: 5th Year

Summary: One dinner with his Sirius in the Leaky Cauldron changes Harry's life forever. A man, desperate from the loss of his own son, insists that Harry Potter is his son. What will Harry's friends do to get Harry back? And will Harry be able to handle the truth?

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Author Notes: First of all, I would like to say, that I got this idea, or rather, challenge from Phoenix Tears Type 6!!!

I've taken on two challenges of hers, and I'm set on starting them. Of course, my faithful and incredible reviewers, I will continue my others. It will just be awhile for Figlio Perduto since my laptop had to be taken to get it fixed, and my next chapter to Figlio Perduto happens to be on that one... *growls*

Before I continue I would like to show some changes I will in the real Harry Potter storyline.

Everything will have happened accordingly "Harry" has still stayed with the Dursley's, he did pull out the Gryffindor Sword, he still speaks parseltongue. Everything is as it should be. I'm sure you're all wondering about the Mirror of Erised thing. Well, Harry thinks those are his parents, because in actuality, he did see a picture of his parents when Petunia was burning their pictures in the fireplace. That is why he had seen them in the mirror, those are the only parents he has ever known. I will first, introduce the whole thing in the beginning, that cold October night. But then, I will jump right into Harry's 5th year.

I will call Edward Harry, up until Harry finds out who he really is. Don't worry, I won't make this drag.

OH! Before I forget. There will be changes along the way! ~_^

Without further ado, I present ze' fic!

This chapter is dedicated to: Phoenix Tears Type 6


October 31, 1981

"Harry! Edward!"

Two small heads looked up simultaneously. Harry and Edward looked quite similar. The same slightly mussed raven hair, the small petite figures. The only way you could tell them apart was their eyes. Harry had adorable hazel eyes, flecks of gold in them. Edward on the other hand, had deep forest green eyes. They were most peculiar, darkening to an impossible forest green when he was mad and lighting to a pale green when he was happy. Unfortunately, they never had any visitors, only when Harry was born, but the small baby had fallen asleep, and never opened his eyes in front of James's friends.

The boys' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Blake were very close friends. Edward's parents toured the world often, since their job required it. They loved their son dearly, but could not risk taking care of Edward on the way. So, they called on James and Lily, asking if they could watch over Edward. The nice couple readily agreed, and let Edward play with their son, Harry Potter.

Things, however, were not to stay so easy. Not shortly after Edward's parents left to the states for a project, when James and Lily were told of Voldemort.

And his reign of terror began.


"Harry! Edward!"

Gurgling happily at the sight of his mother, Harry lifted his arms, still controlling what he was doing. Edward grinned cheekily, but stayed on the floor beside Harry. Lily had cleaned and cooked using her wand since she wanted to spend more time with the boys. Edward was like a new addition to the family, younger than Harry was by a month or two.

The two boys got along happily together, never getting into trouble.. much. Harry, to his mother's mortification, had very much adopted James's uncanny ability to get into trouble. Of course, he was only one, how much trouble could this little boy get into? Answer? A lot of trouble.

Being an only child, Harry had no one to focus his energy on since his parents couldn't always be there. But having Edward there as a playmate, it put a small stop to the daily happenings. No more floating objects, or small crashes. No.. there were more floating furniture, and big crashes. It could not be explained, since Lily had only thought Harry had unusual abilities, but Edward did too.

Perhaps Harry had strong signs because of his parents. His mother Lily, had a distant ancestor who was a necromancer, Fortunately, she did not inherit any of his unusual powers, just a stronger magical ability. James had no such relatives. He just happened to be a gifted person, or so James says. The two were quite surprised when Edward had directed all the furniture to stay immobile above the boys' so they could crawl around more. Far from looking tired, Edward seemed to have complete control over the thing. Harry occasionally floated a lamp to join the amounting furniture, but it usually crashed down when Harry's thoughts drifted to other things. Such a short attention span.

Which brings us to what is currently happening. James old broom, The Silver Arrow, was currently flying around the room and crashing into everything. Edward 'ooohed' and 'awwed', apparently Harry was the cause of this while Edward was just enjoying the show. Shaking her head, she bent down putting both hands on her hips and lightly scolded Harry to put it down. Sighing dramatically, which only a little kid could pull off, everything gradually floated down to their spots. Edward disappointedly looking at the objects.

Eying the sullen boys, Lily suddenly bent down and tickled them both. Childish laughter rang through this, and James, who was in the kitchen reading, cracked a smile. Even with all that was going on, the killings, their family remained untainted. James put his faith in Peter for the last minute change. The laughter, the happiness, everything does come to and.

For at that time, there were distinct pops from outside, and the door crashed open.

As the story goes on, James and Lily died that night, while miraculously, Harry Potter survived. Edward, who had been staying, had unfortunately burned from one of the death eaters. The parent's of Edward grieved by the news never came back to England.

Harry Potter's name became known everywhere. The only problem was. He wasn't Harry Potter.


"Harry! Over here!"

Smiling madly, Ron waved at Harry from behind one of the windows. Harry had just made it to the station, with five minutes to spare. His uncle had had some car trouble on the way, and had spent half the time fixing it, blaming Harry. To make a long story short, car + fixed = Harry arrives.

Nodding to Ron, he lifted his trunk with difficulty and dragged it inside. He put his trunk in one of the compartments, dressed in his robes ahead of time, and headed towards Ron's. Upon reaching, he saw Ron and Hermione play chess. No not wizard's chess. Muggle chess.

"Queen to--"

"No Ron! You're doing it wrong. These pieces don't move. You have to move them your--"

"What? How come? That's bloody stupid. Why would you do it yourself?"

"Don't be so lazy, if you'd just move it we'd be able to contin--"

"I'll make it move!" Swiftly pulling out his wand, Ron only managed to make his queen burst in flames.

Grinning, Harry pulled out his wand muttering a small charm. The small flame was extinguished, and Hermione was blushing at not having thought of it first. Nodding for Harry to sit across from them, Ron finally moved the chess piece.

Resting his back against the chair, he remembered all the gifts he had gotten on July 31st. He was just finally glad to be heading home.


"Mark! Mark!"

He straightened his tie one last time, and Mark Blake headed down the steps. His wife, Grace, was sitting anxiously on the table. Her face distraught. Mark paused, checking the date mentally in his head, he realized what day it was. August 14. His son's 15th birthday. Correction, his dead son's 15th birthday. He put on a gentle face, and took a quiet seat beside his wife.

"H-he's fifteen now..."


"Are you dressed?"

Nodding mutely, the two stood up. They did this every year. They would visit large cemetery, where they bought a medium sized corner of the cemetery, lined with a small black fence. Their son's gravestone stood in the middle. A statue of an angelic boy stood on each side. Mark had charmed it to never fade or erode, since they had made the statue to look like Edward when he would've been a toddler.

Picking there way carefully, they walked towards Edward's gravestone. Grace bending down to lay Lilies upon it. Edward's favorite flowers. Silent tears ran down her face, as she stood up to embrace her husband. She couldn't have another child. It was too much.

Her son was gone. And he would never come back.


The Great Hall made polite clapping once the Headmaster had given his speech, and gave a moment of silence for Cedric. Once that was over, the students began to eat.

Harry was staring blearily at the food before him, he wanted to eat, really, but he was not up to it. He wished he wasn't reminded of Cedric so early but... sighing, he picked up his fork and played with his food. Ron and Hermione stared at their young friend from the corner of their eyes. They knew what was going on with Harry, and gave him space. Harry didn't need sympathy or to hear them say it wasn't his fault. He just needed them there. And they readily did their part.

Once dinner was over, they all trudged towards their common room. Saying the password ("Cedric Diggory") they all headed to their dorms. Harry knew his friends were worrying about him, but he would remain strong. Deep down, he knew he wasn't wholly at fault for the boy's death. But he was still grieving. He opted for being optimistic tomorrow, starting fresh. He would not think of Cedric, or anything dealing with Voldemort. He needed to just act normal for tomorrow, and nothing would go wrong.

How wrong he was.



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