Legolas's body was agile and swift, he had no trouble making his way back to Silevien's house in a timely manner and the two girls running behind him were having a difficult time catching up. Celairiel had no idea what had happened. One moment she was sitting off to the side, attempting to enjoy a short break from her father and the next she was chasing after a livid Legolas and her frantic twin sister.

The woods were thick and sneaky. It was easier to get lost in Mirkwood than perhaps any other locale in Middle Earth, and while the Elves certainly knew better than to become tricked by the shadows, it was more than a little challenging to trail someone in this environment. Celairiel soon lost sight of her sister completely and cursed under her breath. She was going to have to take an alternate route home.

Legolas made it to the house first, not bothering to knock on the door as he entered. His wet clothes were stuck uncomfortably to his body and his long damp hair was sticking to his face, but he didn't care. There was more love in his heart for Silevien than she would probably ever know, and he couldn't bear the thought of someone harming her while he was away. He should have known, he should have been around to protect her, that was all he could think. She was his light, his maiden. Her father would not get away with this. His bright blue eyes scanned the living room meticulously, looking for any and all sign of Esgalon. When he found him not, he peered carefully into the kitchen. Nothing was there apart from the evidence of his early morning struggle with Celairiel, there was grease all over the floor. Finally, he took his chances walking into one of the bedrooms, finding Esgalon with his back to the door muttering to himself.

"They don't love you…they want the king…n-no! My girls, my girls love me. They do not! Their fault! Their fault!" He seemed to be having a screaming fit with himself, his body trembling and rocking in a back and forth motion. Legolas stood very still, a blank, confused look in his eyes. He didn't know what to do. Suddenly, however, Silevien entered the room and laid a hand on his shoulder, startling the prince enough to alert Esgalon to their presence.

"You!" Esgalon charged Legolas, who quickly had the drunken Elf against a wall, using his arm to pin him down by his throat.

"I do not wish to harm you, I truly do not. But answer me this, what is a father who harms his own flesh and blood? What did those sweet little girls ever do to you? Have you no honor?" Esgalon pushed Legolas off of him harshly and spat in his direction.

"Don't you speak to me about honor! Ci orch 'waur!" He slurred, stumbling forward and attempting to shove Legolas, though the younger and sturdier Elf did not budge. Legolas was beginning to see what Silevien had meant earlier, there was a sort of madness about Esgalon that had not always been there.

"Ci bend-ind?" Legolas's eyes grew soft as he asked the question, though Esgalon did not take the comment very lightly. A question of ones sanity would surely be seen as an offence, lest the genuine sincerity dripping from Legolas be present, which it was, though there was no way of knowing for sure if Esgalon could see that. Esgalon reared back, but before the blow could fall upon her loves face Silevien had jumped between. The punch hit her hard enough to turn her head violently, but she put on a brave face for Legolas, whose hands immediately flew to cup her chin.

"Why, gwennig?" He tenderly pressed a kiss to the abrasion and pulled her against him protectively, a sort of ice filling his eyes as he glanced over at her father. However, Esgalon seemed to have entered a more lucid state as the incident had occurred and he now had both hands clasped over his mouth in horror at his actions.

"W-what have I done?"

Meanwhile, Celairiel was still fighting to get home on her redirected and unfortunately longer route. She was close now, but had slowed down considering she was certain her sister and the prince had already been home a while and could live without her a few moments longer. Her arm was absolutely killing her, and she didn't fancy climbing through the trees while she was injured. She couldn't wait for the day she could leave Mirkwood behind her, the forest was frightening and unfriendly. Celairiel yearned for something outside of the woodland realm…something exciting and different, yet quaint and safe. She didn't like the uncertainty and fear that came with living in her home. The young maiden was deep in these thoughts when she felt her body accidentally slam into another being.

"Forgive me, I was not paying attention." She apologized quickly, standing to get a better look at who she had bumped into. She bowed, realizing at once that is had been Legolas's sister, the princess.

"Pardon me, Nólatári. I did not mean any offense." The red headed princess smiled brightly, helping to dust Celairiel off and letting out a gentle giggle.

"Why do you ask forgiveness? You are practically family by marriage, are you not?" Celairiel wasn't sure how to respond to that. Nólatári had still been very young when she and Silevien had left the palace and she didn't know her nearly as well as she did Legolas. There was a hint of mischief in the silvery eyes the princess had inherited from her mother, and it put the other girl on guard slightly.

"Legolas has not wed my sister. He has not even asked her hand." She didn't mean to sound cryptic, but it didn't appear to matter, Nólatári was unfazed.

"Oh, but you must know that he means to. Very soon." Celairiel was not surprised by this news, but at the very same time she was startled by the blunt admission and was once more at a loss for words. Thankfully for her she was unable to give a response anyway as an Elf on horseback came to a stop at their side. He had the most unusual hair for an Elf, a ginger hue yet it only hung to his shoulders. Nólatári had only seen that of Man sport such a hair style, but she had to admit that it suited him nicely as she caught herself staring. The mysterious Elf had the most piercing blue eyes, which she found to be looking her over as he hopped off of his steed. He took the princess's hand in his own and kissed it gently.

"Forgive me. Your beauty stuns me, beloved maid. How ever may I serve you, in return for some directions?" His voice was velvety and raspy and he knelt before the maiden with utmost respect. He admired the gentle shine of the shimmering silver orbs nestled into her curls and she smiled down at him in the fondest of ways.

"You are kind of heart. Where may you be going? You owe me nothing." Despite her words he did not move from his position before her feet.

"I seek the Prince of the Woodland Realm, I have been sent to him with news from Lord Elrond of the Last Homely House. It is of utmost importance. Do you know where he might dwell?" Her laugh was like bells and it rang sweetly throughout the forest.

"You are in luck. I am his sister, Nólatári Thranduiliel. And you are?" He stood at once and bowed.

"They call me Telrùnya Elrondion, milady." Both ladies eyes widened in surprise.

"I did not know Elrond had a son. Now that you speak I see you share a face with Lady Arwen, though that fiery hair tells quite another story." He laughed.

"It belonged to our mother." It was Celairiel who spoke this time.

"Well then, son of Elrond, I shall show you to the prince. He is in the company of my sister." Nólatári smirked and mouthed an 'I told you so' to her before taking the hand of Telrùnya and leading him toward Celairiel's house.

Legolas and Silevien were locked in the twins' room after Esgalon's mental break down. He had thrown himself on the floor in some sort of a fit and Legolas was frightened that he was a danger to Silevien, so they left him there to calm down. They were lying on Silevien's bed, her face gently nuzzled into his chest as he ran his fingers up and down her back in a soothing motion.

"Come away with me." He whispered almost inaudibly, causing her grip on his clothing to tighten.

"I fear I cannot, my love. I would never leave my sister here, and she would not agree to leave Ada in this state." Legolas sat up, his Caribbean blue eyes alight with an intensity she'd never seen there before.

"I do not think you are grasping what I am asking of you. Perhaps if you were to hear it in our own tongue." He took her hand softly within his own and placed it against the beating of his heart.

"Ni mestathog?" It rolled off of his lips short and sweet and she turned away from his eyes to hide her tears. He gently turned her head with his hand and leaned in to chastely capture her lips for only the second time.

"I have a ring, back home…it belonged to my grandmother, you would love it." When she didn't respond it was he who turned away.

"Am I not right for your hand? You may tell me, I will not be angry." Silevien gripped his hand hard and shook her head.

"No one will have me if you will not. It is not that. Celairiel…" Legolas cut her off, shushing her with a gently nibble to her bottom lip, running his fingers through her long hair lovingly.

"Do not worry, my love. I can take care of her too, I promise. I would not leave her behind, I know how much you love her. Say you will marry me…do not make me beg." He teased, grinning at her and ebbing away her tears with the back of his hand. She couldn't help the happy smile that broke across her face, blushing lightly and looking away from his intimate gaze.

"Of course I will." The absolute bliss that lit up Legolas's face was something Silevien hadn't anticipated and it made her so happy, wrapping her arms around him in a tight embrace right as they heard Celairiel call that she was home. Legolas pulled away and unlocked the door, taking Silevien's hand and walking out to greet his soon to be sister-in-law.

"Sister! I guess you would be the reason Celairiel is so late in her return. Who is your friend?" He asked, eyeing the strange Elf suspiciously. Telrùnya bowed to the prince respectfully and offered his hand.

"It is a pleasure to be making your acquaintance, Thranduilion. I am Telrùnya, son of Elrond. I bring news from Rivendell, the situation is dire." Legolas narrowed his eyes, unsure what could possibly merit a visit from a High Elf from west of the mountains.

"I would certainly hope so if you came all the way across the Misty Mountains just to deliver me news." Telrùnya nodded solemnly.

"A band of thirteen Dwarves and a lone Hobbit marched into our halls a fort night ago. Gandalf the Grey was with them, I am sure you are aware of his presence. They are on a quest to reclaim their home, my father has asked that you not meddle. There is a terrible power stirring in the south and we fear the necromancer greatly. You know of whom I speak. Gandalf will help my people investigate the disturbance, but that leaves the Dwarves vulnerable. They will need your help to slay the beast that lies upon their land." Legolas seemed to think for a moment.

"Why have you asked this of me and not my father?"

"Because we have heard much of your kindness in the west, young prince. Your father holds too much ill will in his heart toward the Dwarvish people and we are afraid he may hinder their cause. We know it is a lot to ask, and Smaug is not our enemy, nor is he yours. However, the necromancer is enemy to us all. We promised Gandalf we would see to it that his Company reaches Erebor safely if he would help us in return." Legolas turned to look at Silevien and brushed her hair from her eyes tenderly.

"I will agree to accompany these friends of Gandalf the Grey, only if my love will go by my side." Silevien smiled, though she was unsure and she looked to her sister for advice.

"Nithig?" This was just the sort of thing Celairiel had been so desperately yearning for and she grinned from ear to ear.

"We're in."