Title: Something More

Summary: After Kaiba and Yuugi transfer to Ouran Academy, it means interesting things for Yami. Rivalry evolves into friendship and then…

Pairing: Kaiba x Yami, Yami x Kaiba

Rating: M for graphic lemons, sexual content, and mature language.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! and Ouran High School Host Club do not and never will belong to me.

A/N: Please note that first and foremost this is a Yu-Gi-Oh story. Yes, it will largely take place at Ouran, but the emphasis is entirely on Kaiba and Yami's relationship dynamic. If you're hoping for extensive interactions between the Ouran and YGO characters, this isn't the fic for you. However, if you're here for the Prideshipping, then you will definitely want to stick around because this is going to be a fun one. You don't need to have any familiarity with the Ouran series beyond it takes place at a school for rich students and there is a Host Club involved.

Chapter 01: Arriving

Yuugi fidgeted nervously in the backseat of the limo as he stared out the window. "What if I've made a big mistake in agreeing to come here?" he asked Yami once again.

Assuming his spectral form in order to sit next to Yuugi, Yami reassured him, "You haven't. Anzu is right—this will be an incredible opportunity for you, aibou."

"I'm just…what if I don't fit in? I'm not like them, so—"

Gently cutting off Yuugi's fears, Yami confidently said, "I'm sure it'll be fine. You'll probably make lots of new friends."

"Maybe," Yuugi agreed, although he didn't quite sound like he believed Yami.

Trying to find other ways to convince Yuugi, Yami said, "Besides, it's not like you're alone. I'm here and Kaiba will also be attending. And we won't be so far away from home that we can't visit, right?"

"I guess," Yuugi finally said, "although I doubt that Kaiba-kun will have much to do with me."

As much as Yami wanted to protest that statement, he knew that Yuugi was most likely right. Trying to find a bright side, Yami pointed out, "At least you'll have someone to duel against."

Yuugi had to shield his amusement because if Kaiba were going to duel against anyone, it wouldn't be him. Kaiba was only interested in challenging Yami and Yuugi belatedly realized that he had never actually had a proper, complete duel with him; the time he had taken over at the end of Duelist Kingdom on top of Pegasus' castle didn't really count. "Sure," Yuugi said with a giggle that confused Yami.

"What?" Yami asked, completely puzzled by Yuugi's mirth.

When Yuugi realized that Yami was actually clueless, it made him start to laugh even harder. "Mou hitori no boku, he's only interested in you," Yuugi explained, failing miserably at containing his amusement.

"That's not true!" Yami denied, although he was hard pressed to find any evidence to support his claim. "He's just…"

"Obsessed with you?" Yuugi finished the sentence, amazed when he felt Yami's embarrassment through their connection. "At least now you'll have the chance to have him all to yourself."

Yami sounded almost indignant as he demanded, "Aibou, what exactly are you implying?"

Yuugi wasn't quite as innocent as most people thought and he had seen enough stray images of Kaiba from Yami to know that his other half was equally obsessed with his rival. "Nothing," Yuugi replied, although he doubted Yami would buy that. "I'm just saying that maybe he'll start to see you as more than just a rival now that he has the chance to spend some more time around you."

"Aibou, we've been over this," Yami said sternly. "I'm not going to switch places with you here unless it's absolutely necessary." It was one thing to do so when they were around their friends who accepted their unique situation, but Yami didn't want Yuugi to be misjudged by the other students at their new school.

Yuugi understood why Yami was being so insistent about that, but he worried about what being cooped up for too long in the Millennium Puzzle would do to the ancient spirit. He may have resided in it for over three thousand years, but now he knew what it was like to be outside of it and Yuugi didn't want to imprison him again. "Yeah, but Kaiba-kun is different," Yuugi argued. "He already knows you exist, so what's the harm in switching for the occasional duel?"

"He knows I exist, but he'll never admit it," Yami told Yuugi, trying not to feel the twinge of pain that statement caused him to experience. It wasn't like he sought Kaiba's approval or anything, but he hated how steadfastly opposed the other teen was to his existence. However, now wasn't really the time to be concerned with such things. "It shouldn't be too much longer before we get there, right?"

Realizing that Yami was trying to change the topic away from Kaiba, Yuugi went along with the non sequitur. "I think so. Ah, I'm so nervous! I can't believe that there's going to be a banquet in our honor tonight!"

"That does seem a little strange," Yami agreed, "but it just shows you how eager everyone is to meet you."

Yuugi made a noncommittal noise at the statement, but he said nothing else as he returned to his thoughts. Ever since he found out about the grand prize he had won in his last Duel Monsters tournament, Yuugi had vacillated between dread and excitement. At first Yuugi had been adamantly opposed to accepting the scholarship to Ouran Academy that he had won as a prize, but Anzu had pleaded with him to reconsider.

Domino High School's reputation was far from prestigious and he couldn't always rely on prize money to get him through life. Even though he intended on taking over his grandfather's store when he retired, Yuugi had to admit that a chance at a good education could secure both him and his Jii-chan a better future. If he attended Ouran Academy, it would present him with opportunities that he might not have otherwise had. There was no way he'd ever be able to afford to go to the private school if it weren't for the fully paid scholarship that had been the prize at the last tournament and eventually Yuugi saw the truth in Anzu's words.

Thus Yuugi had accepted it with the blessing of all of his friends who promised to visit and keep in touch. Still, Yuugi worried about the distance and secretly feared that the group would continue to bond without him. The thought of losing his only friends scared him, but once again, Anzu proved to be the voice of reason when she pointed out that they would all probably end up at different colleges and be forced to separate eventually anyway.

Still, Yuugi knew that the majority of people who attended Ouran were really rich and that made him nervous. Even though he knew that Kaiba, Mokuba, and Otogi all were wealthy, they didn't act like most people with lots of money did. He was really worried about getting picked on for being poorer than everyone else, but he saw on the website that there were scholarships for intelligent, but underprivileged students.

"I wonder why Kaiba-kun agreed to go?" Yuugi asked Yami. "It's not like he needs the school or anything and he left Mokuba-kun enrolled at Domino City Middle School, so that doesn't make sense."

"I'm sure he has his reasons," Yami said with a shrug. Kaiba wasn't one to act unless he had a reason to do so, after all.

Nodding in agreement, Yuugi's mind once again switched focus. "I bet their uniforms are nicer than ours."

"Probably," Yami commented, pleased when he felt Yuugi's enthusiasm and curiosity over ridding his previous reservations.

The pair made idle conversation for the remainder of the trip and their driver finally announced their approach to the school. Yuugi's eyes went wide when he saw the main building as they drove through the gates and he exclaimed, "That's not a school! That's a castle!"

Laughing at his aibou's observations, Yami disappeared back into the Millennium Puzzle. Even Yami had to admit that the sight inspired awe because of the impressive grandeur of the campus and architecture.

"How am I ever going to remember how to get around?" Yuugi bemoaned to Yami as he realized just how expansive Ouran Academy's campus really was.

"You'll learn," Yami reassured him, although from the looks of things, it was going to require getting lost a couple of times before Yuugi figure out his way around campus.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Yuugi groaned, already starting to become overwhelmed by it all. "I feel like I'm back in Kaiba-kun's virtual world!"

Chuckling at Yuugi's last statement, Yami tried to let his feelings reach his aibou in an attempt to calm him. Having minimal success, Yami continued to listen as Yuugi rambled something about Princess Adena before they finally reached the dorm that would be home for the next year.

The driver opened the car door to escort Yuugi out of the car and informed him, "I will bring your things to your room, Mutou-sama."

"Mutou-sama?" Yuugi repeated in disbelief to Yami. To the driver he simply said, "Thank you. I appreciate it!"

Resisting his instinct to help unload the car, Yuugi turned his attention to the boy who was approaching him with a broad smile. "We have to be in Kaiba-kun's virtual world because people in real life aren't that…aren't that pretty," Yuugi commented, setting off on another snickering fit. "Hey! Don't laugh at me!"

"Sorry, aibou," Yami apologized, although he understood where Yuugi was coming from about the approaching teen. The blonde was incredibly attractive and there was something charismatic about him that just naturally drew a person to him.

Oblivious to all of the internal conflict within Yuugi, Tamaki held his arms akimbo as he happily announced, "Welcome to Ouran Academy!"

"Thank you," Yuugi said shyly, unsure of what to do next.

"I'm Suou Tamaki and I wanted to personally greet you, Mutou Yuugi," Tamaki said with a small bow.

Wondering if all the students were going to be like this, Yuugi told him, "You can call me Yuugi, Suou-san."

"Then please call me Tamaki-senpai," he replied with another brilliant smile. "Shall I show you to your room?"

Blushing slightly, Yuugi nodded as he agreed, "If it wouldn't be too much trouble, Tamaki-senpai."

"Not at all!" Tamaki assured him as he led the way. "I'm glad that I go to be the first to meet you!"

"Really?" Yuugi asked in disbelief.

Nodding emphatically, Tamaki explained, "Your duel was incredible! It was my first time seeing one! Haruhi assured me that it was a very popular form of entertainment amongst the commoners and now I see why. It's an amazingly fantastic event! I wonder if Kyouya would let us do a Duel Monsters duel for our club one day…?"

Ignoring the weird comment about commoners, Yuugi asked, "Club?"

Stopping mid-stride with an excited noise, Tamaki turned to face Yuugi with a serious expression as he sized up the smaller boy. "Hm, I think you would work well in our club," Tamaki commented as he rested his chin on his hand while he continued studying Yuugi. His serious mood was quickly replaced by an enthusiastic glee that made Yuugi wonder if the older teen was all there in some respects. "Yes, as the president and king of the Host Club, I personally extend an invitation to you to join us!"

Blinking several times in shock, Yuugi finally managed to repeat, "A…host club?"

Tamaki launched into a long-winded explanation of the Host Club as they entered the dorms. While it still sounded odd, it also seemed like an opportunity to meet lots of new people and make some friends while having fun and Yuugi was tempted by the offer. "What do you think, mou hitori no boku?"

Given the reputation of the school, Yami doubted that the conduct would be improper and it probably would be a good idea to meet new people. "It sounds harmless enough," Yami told him.

Well, if I don't like it, I can always leave, Yuugi reasoned with himself. "I think I would like that very much Tamaki-senpai," Yuugi accepted with a pleased smile.

Tamaki cheered before saying, "We can talk about it more tonight at the celebration. But first, this is your room!"

Accepting the key, Yuugi unlocked the door and was immediately floored by the size of the space. He was left speechless as Tamaki continued to show him around the enormous room. "This closet is bigger than my bedroom at home!" Yuugi exclaimed in awe, a bit intimidated by the enormity of it all.

"Do you live in an apartment?" Tamaki asked excitedly.

"No," Yuugi answered, confused by the fact that answer caused Tamaki to look crestfallen. "I live in a small house with my Jii-chan over our game shop."

Instantly lighting up again, Tamaki exclaimed, "That sounds wonderful!"

"When do I meet my roommate?" Yuugi asked as Tamaki's tour concluded.

"Roommate?" Tamaki questioned, tilting his head slightly as he regarded Yuugi.

Gesturing for emphasis, Yuugi said, "This can't just be for one person, right? I mean, my whole house isn't this big!"

"No, this is a single," Tamaki told him with a shrug.

"But that's just…wow," Yuugi trailed off, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of Tamaki. "Uh, thank you."

Waving it away, Tamaki realized what time it was. "The banquet starts at seven, but you'll probably want to get there a little early. Someone will be by to pick you and Kaiba Seto up, so please be ready by about 6.30, okay?"

"Kaiba-kun?" Yuugi asked in surprise.

"Yes, both of you will be guests of honor at the Host Club even tonight," Tamaki explained. "It will be Duel Monsters themed, so please look forward to it!"

"That sounds awesome, thank you!" Yuugi replied as he started to get excited by the idea. "Is there a dress code?"

"Your school uniform will be fine," Tamaki said with a winning smile. "I look forward to seeing you there!"

"Thanks," Yuugi said before they exchanged final greeting and Tamaki left to take care of the final preparations.

Yami once again projected his astral form as Yuugi continued to stare around the dorm room in awe. "See, they're glad you're here, aibou," Yami reassured him. "Everything will be fine."

"I hope so," Yuugi replied, still feeling nervous about it all. "Man, this place is huge!"

Yami watched in amusement as Yuugi explored his new dorm, which had a bedroom, office, walk in closet, and a little kitchen area off of the large living room. Even he was impressed by the luxury and grandeur of the apartment style dorm room. They chatted while Yuugi started to unpack and settle in before getting ready for the party later that night.

A/N: And so starts a new story! Well, I've technically been working on this one since 2008 when I first had the idea, so talk about long percolating thoughts. Like I always say, sometimes it may take me awhile to get around to an idea, but there's always something on the backburner. Or the way backburner in this case.

It's so exciting, my first crossover~. I have big plans for this story and it's currently plotted to about 75 chapters, so we're in it for the long haul. To all of you who are willing to take this journey with me, I truly thank you. This may be my favorite version of Kaiba and Yami I've ever written and after the third chapter...well, let's just say it's going to be a fun ride for us all.


"So that's your way of saying I need to get used to the idea of wearing a dress?" Yuugi questioned with wide eyes while trying to ignore Yami's amusement at the idea.

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