"The moon is red, just like it was that night," the teenage superstar stood elegantly on top of his castle. His blonde hair was tied messily in a ponytail, and as he bent down in a crouch the blonde waves cascaded over his shoulders. He held his thin fingers to his lips, as if trying to remember her touch-the first kiss that he had ever had, given to the fair China doll.

"Mas. Master Vega!" an elderly butler stumbled his way across the roof, obviously trying very hard to stay afoot. He looked with envy at the ease that it took for his young master to stand on the pinnacle of his fair castle.

"Yes, what is it?" the young man's voice was deep, rich, and heavy with a Castilian accent.

"There was a message from Master Bison. it seems that young Ken Masters is trying to save his friend Ryu, and the lovely Chun Li Xiang, daughter of Dorai Xiang," said the butler. Vega's eyes widened.

"Chun Li is in danger?" demanded Vega.

"It seems that Master Bison wished to use her as a part of his experiments." the butler trailed off, looking at his lovelorn employer. Tears welled up in Vega's eyes, but he dashed them off quickly, his ego would not allow it.

"If any harm befalls my beautiful lady, I will make sure that Ken Masters will die in his sleep," muttered Vega, looking longingly at his bare left hand.

"But. your wounds! You couldn't attack with your broken ribs!" exclaimed the butler.

"Quiet, and enjoy the beauty of the Blood Moon," said Vega.

Sadly, the handsome matador would forget all about Chun Li, until ten years later, when he was forced to fight her in a death match. Even as she destroyed his lovely face, his heart still ached as he bitterly attacked her.