This is inspired from the youtube video SMASH! Starbomb music video. You can watch it here... youtube link /watch?v=And-vdjC71E

I do not own Mario or any Nintendo character. Has a lot of characters in it from Super Smash Bros.

In a large and evil looking castle surrounded by dark clouds a man who wore a black cloak stood in the middle of a nearly empty room, staring into a glowing glass ball. "Magic ball, of all the heroes and villains, who is meant to become the lord of ultimate chaos?" He spoke with a menacing tone.

A grin made its way onto the man's shaded face as a figure appeared into the ball. "Perfect. This one holds a very powerful and pure heart. But how to go about corrupting an incorruptible soul?" He put his index finger to his chin and thought. "Brilliant." He began chuckling evilly. "In due time, my dear hero, you will be mine and destroy everything you ever cared about." The once silent room filled with the sound of evil laughter.

It was another beautiful and peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and his younger brother Luigi were sitting in their home watching TV when they heard a knock at the door.

"Aww man. That'd better not be Toad with another message about the princess being kidnapped again. We just got back from saving her three days ago!" Mario grumbled.

Luigi chuckled. "You know you would still go save her no matter what."

"Yeah, yeah. It would just be nice to have a break once in a while." Mario sighed as he stood up from his cushioned seat and made his way to the door.

"Luigi!" He called when he opened the door.

"Yeah?" Luigi called back.

"There's a note on the doorstep, but there's nobody out here." Mario informed. Luigi walked up next to his brother as Mario began to read the letter aloud.

"Dear friends. I humbly invite all heroes, villains and citizens to a peaceful, all day picnic starting at 10 am on three days from today. There will be food and games prepared. Use the following map to get to the destination. Bring friends and family. My best regards, A thankful friend." As he finished Luigi stood silent, in deep thought.

"What's up, brother? Something buggin' you?" Mario asked, noticing the other's silence.

Luigi answered, "No, it's just we've never hung out with everyone at once before. I can't wait to see everybody." Luigi smiled happily.

"Yeah. I guess you're right! I wonder how Link is doing." Mario agreed. "Well, I guess all we gotta do now is wait."

The two went back inside and continued on with their day.

"It's almost time." The shadowed figure grinned. "Let's see if you can keep your senses when everyone else around you have lost theirs."

This is a short chapter. Don't worry the rest will be a bit longer.