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Reid and JJ walked up to the house belonging to the witness, Tobias Hankel. The sun had gone down, bringing the temperature down with it. Reid looked around, noting his surroundings. Junk was scattered across the front porch on the old, worn down house, and the darkness of night was giving the atmosphere a eerie edge.

JJ knocked on the door. Both of them were quiet as they strained to hear any indication that someone was in the house and coming to answer the door. After a beat, JJ knocked again and was rewarded with the sound of something crashing and a muffled curse coming from inside. JJ and Reid shared a look, silently communicating that they both knew someone was in the house.

"Tobias Hankel, my partner and I are from the FBI and would like to speak to you about a 911 call that you made a while back. Could you please let us in or come out to talk with us," JJ shouted out.

No one came to the door, but they both heard a ruckus inside and a back door burst open. Reid and JJ jumped into action, pulling out their guns and running around the house towards the back. Reid caught a glimpse of a dark silhouette of a person darting across the lawn at an impressive speed.

Reid raised his gun to the figure and shouted, "FBI! Don't move!"

Reid's words served only to make the figure run faster, and soon it plunged into the corn field. Reid and JJ followed suit into the corn field but quickly lost track of where the person went. They stopped in a clearing to catch their breath and listen to see if they could hear where the person was, assuming that he or she was still in the corn field. But alas, they did not hear the sound of rustling corn plants. What they did hear was the deep rumble of a car starting up and speeding away.

Dean cursed as he started up his baby and floored it to quickly put as much distance as he could between him and the two FBI agents. Things were not going well at all. Not only was Sam missing, taken by some psycho, but now the FBI showed up before he could finish looking around the house for a lead on where the man may have taken Sam.

Dean raised his hand and hit the steering wheel hard in his frustration. He was doubly angry at the fact that this case didn't even appear to be what the Winchesters originally thought it to be. Dean started to doubt that the real archangel Raphael was a part of this. It was probably just some whacked up person behind it all. And that crazy person went by the name of Tobias Hankel. Dean vowed that he would not rest until he had Sam back and Hankel paid for what he did.

Reid and JJ walked back through the corn field and to the house. It took only minutes for them to clear the house and barn and determine that they were the only ones there. Well, they were the only ones that were there and alive, but the last thing that JJ wanted to do was think about what she saw in the barn as she sat on the steps of the house's front porch. Reid walked up to her with a frown on his face and sat down next to her.

"What do you think we should do? We can't call Hotch from out here with the cell service so spotty. Do you think we should go back?" JJ asked.

"No, I think that we should stay. Something doesn't make sense here, and I have a hunch that Hotch may be coming here to us."

JJ turned to look at the genius beside her.

"You think so?"

As if on cue, the sound of distant sirens reached both of them, and during the next few minutes, police cars screeched to a stop in front of them. Agent Hotchner was one of the first people to get out of the car and approach the pair.

"Are you two alright," he asked, worry in his voice. "We figured out that Tobias Hankel is the unsub after all."

"We're fine," Reid answered. "Something isn't right here, though. Someone ran away from us when we knocked on the door, but I don't think that it was Hankel."

A half hour later, Hotch walked back into the dining room of Hankel's house. He just got off the phone with Garcia, who confirmed that she was on her way over from Quantico. He looked up to see Prentiss and Gideon listening to JJ explained everything that happened when she and Reid arrived here.

Hotch is just about to say something to the three of them when Reid and Morgan walked in.

"We think that we figured out what happened here," Morgan told them.

"Okay," Hotch said, prompting them to explain.

"So Tobias Hankel was here in the house when two men came knocking on the door," Reid began.

"Two men?" Gideon questioned.

"Yes," Reid continued. " Something happens between the three of them, and whatever it was causes Hankel to flee through the house and out the back door. The two men follow him," Reid said leading the group out the house and towards the barn.

"They don't know which way Hankel went so they split up. Guy number one goes around back and into the corn field where he meets Hankel," Reid said leading them to the corn field. They stop where there is a bunch of corn stalks broken and mashed down. "There is a struggle, and it ends with Hankel dragging guy number one away to presumably a car." Reid points to the drag marks that lead to the road.

"Guy number two didn't hear anything from the struggle because he was too busy in the barn," Morgan said, picking up the story and leads them into the barn. " Guy number two enters the barn where he encounters the three dogs the killed Mrs. Douglas. He quickly shoots all of the dogs without getting so much of a scratch on himself." He mimes out shooting each on the dogs to give them a visual to his story.

"Impressive," Prentiss mumbled.

"After that, he realizes that Hankel isn't in the barn and goes looking for guy number one. When guy number two finds out that guy number one has been taken, he goes back into the house to most likely search for clues as to where Hankel would have taken guy number two."

Reid picked back up now by saying," this is when JJ and I show up. We knock on the door and announce ourselves as FBI. They guy panics and runs. He loses us in the corn field and gets away in his car."

"Why did they come here and confront Hankel? And, why run from the FBI?" JJ asked.

"That's what I would like to know as well," Hotch agreed.

The smell of something burning slowly brought Sam back into consciousness. His head hurt, and he shook it in a fruitless effort to make it feel better. He blinked his eyes open and was greeted with the sight of a man standing in front of him. His memories and vision was hazy, so Sam wasn't certain who the blurry figure was before him. The man bent down to be eye level with Sam before speaking.

"They're gone," the man said.

Sam blinked again hard, trying to clear his mind and his vision. He spoke in a soft tone to the man. "Who are they?"

The man replied, "it's just me now."

Sam looked up at the man as his vision went back into focus. He recognized the man before him as being Tobias Hankel. Memories about the night flooded his mind and ended abruptly with the feeling of a punch coming out of seeming nowhere in a cornfield.

"Tobias Hankel," Sam said, gritting his teeth.

"No," the man said. "I'm Raphael."

"Raphael, huh?"

"Something wrong with that?"

Sam had a lot of things wrong with the man in front of him being Raphael, but if he wanted to get out of here, Sam figured that it would be wise not to voice them. Instead, he decided to change the topic.

"What's that smell?" Sam asked.

"I'm burning fish hearts and livers. It keeps away the devil."

Sam's eyes widened at his revelation. Burning meat to keep away the devil? The man before him was certainly not Raphael. No one who knew any real facts about demons and the devil who burn fish hearts and liver for protection. It didn't do anything, and even if it did, an angel, let alone an archangel, wouldn't need that sort of protection.

The man who was not Raphael pulled out a gun and took out a bullet. He showed the bullet to Sam.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked.

"A bullet," Sam replied, unable to keep some sass from bleeding into his words.

"It's God's will," he said, his voice completely devoid of any emotion.

Sam fought hard not to roll his eyes. The man was definitely not Raphael, and was definitely not right in the head.

The man put the bullet into the cylinder of the revolver, spun it, and snapped it back into place.

"Why are you doing this?" Sam asked.

"I'm just an instrument of God," the man replied.

Sam refused to look away or flinch as the man leveled the gun to his head. He knew that there was a small chance that he was going to get shot on the first pull of the trigger. Even if he did die, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was brought back to life. Heaven was not going to let Sam Winchester stay dead, so he calmly looked Tobias in the eyes and set his jaw to show no fear. Tobias squeezed the trigger, but no bullet came out.

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