Clarke couldn't believe what was happening to her. She and Finn were hunting in the forest when they were ambushed by grounders and knocked unconscious. Coming to, she found herself in a makeshift cell bruised and missing her floppy haired companion. Groaning, Clarke got on all fours and forced herself to stand doing her best to ignoring the pounding in her head. Taking a few steps forward she reaches bars and looks around. "Hey is anyone there?" After a few minutes of no response a door that had gone unnoticed until now is wrenched open and in comes some of the people who had made her and her friends lives a living hell.

Two men come and stand in front of her cage and begin to talk in their grounder language. "I'm sorry I don't understand what you're saying''. Either understanding what she said or just noticing her confusion one of the men opened her cell and grabbed her arm. Yanking Clarke to her feet the bear of a man proceeded to force her out of the room and basically dragged her down a hallway with the man's companion following close behind.

Finally the trio reaches the end of the hallway and emerges in an open chamber, more grounders standing guard. Clarke is dragged to the middle of the room to where what can only be described as a throne sits empty. The grounder behind her kicks the back of her knees and forces her to kneel. ''Stay'' is the one command she is given. Staying put Clarke looks around trying to gain a sense of her surroundings. The room is quite spacious and pillars line both sides of the room. At each pillar is stationed a grounder warrior. The warriors themselves are wearing the usual face masks making them look vicious, and armed with swords and knives. There will be no escape from this room. The thought of escape makes her think of Finn. Where is he? What have they done with Him? Just as the helplessness starts to take over a door slams open behind her and her guards stand even straighter is that was even possible.

After a few seconds Clarke hears someone walk up behind her. Keeping her eyes on the ground Clarke feels the stranger's eyes judging her. What feels like an eternity the stranger finally comes to stand in front of Clarke. Feeling a sudden urge of bravery Clarke raises her head to stare her captor in the eye and let them hav- ''wow, she's beautiful'' Clarke thought. The girl – no woman standing in front of Clarke was the first female grounder she had seen. Starting at her feet, Clarke noticed black leather boots, giving way to black leather pants hugging the woman in all of the right places ''Where did that come from?'' Continuing her observation the woman's outfit was completed with a long black leather jacket and a sword laying over her back.

Finally reaching the woman's head, she noticed that the stranger had blonde hair braided at the top and let loose at the bottom similar to her own hair style. But what stood out the most was the woman's dark eyes that pierced through her sending a jolt to her core. Lastly Clarke noticed that the woman was smirking at her. Feeling irritation run through her Clarke unleashed the temper she was known for on the ark. ''Who are you and why have you brought me here?'' The woman only chuckled and lightly caressed the top of her head. Responding in a raspy voice that Clarke wouldn't admit that made her swoon "My name is Anya and you are here to be our new healer".