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"How exactly do I do this?"

Standing in a hallway in Aang's home on Air Temple Island Korra looked right in front of her at a closed sliding door. Tonight had been a day she'd never forget losing the championship Pro Bending match to the White Falls Wolfbats, getting side swiped by Amon's men, losing her Avatar abilities along with her fire earth and water bending to an extremely powerful Airbender and then finding out that Asami's own father Hiroshi Sato had been the one supplying the Equalists with their technology and money.

But Hiroshi's latest invention a giant metal automation made out of a metal that couldn't be bent scared her lightly more than losing her Avatar status. Unfortunately for the mad scientist Naruto Uzumaki the yellow haired juggernaut didn't need to use his bending to go on the offensive.

No he just coated himself in his own armor that was resistant to the mecha tanks magnetic rays and used his own super human strength to rip the tin cans apart with his bare hands.

So to make an awe inspiring bad ass battle incredibly short Naruto and his girlfriend Kuvira won against five mecha tanks, they tortured/interrogated Hiroshi right in front of a weeping Asami for his blueprints for the machines and then suggested everyone turn in for the night back to their respected homes.

This was how Korra ended up here debating on knocking on the door in front of her. Wearing her own night clothes of a sleeveless white shirt and light blue pajama bottoms Korra firmly grasped her hand and knocked it lightly on the wooded farm of the sliding door.

After a few seconds of waiting the Water Tribe Airbender heard the patter of some one's bare feet approaching the door on the other side as it slowly slid open.

"Oh hello Korra, it's been a while hasn't it?" Kya Avatar Aang and Katara's only daughter had been the one to answer the door. The older Water Bender had her white ivory hair free of any ties or pins as it dangled down from her shoulders. She was wearing a dark blue robe that was tied lose letting Korra see that Kya was completely nude under the robe.

Trying not to get distracted at looking at either Kya's recently busty chest or the slight bump in her stomach Korra nervously looked down at Kya's feet as she said. "Yeah it's been a long time since you saw me last at the South Pole."

"Yeah I've been meaning to check back on Mom now and again." Kya replied as she shifted her stance around not at all trying to cover herself up better from Korra's embarrassment. "But I just haven't really had been in the mode to travel in a southern direction for a while." The older Water Bender paused as her hand warped protectively around her tummy. "But I guess with the little one on the way I should tell Mom that she's going to be a grandmother again."

"That's actually why I'm here." Korra said still concentrating on Kya's feet. "Is the baby's dad here? I need to ask Naruto what his next plans are and how he's going to get my Avatar powers back."

Korra lifted her head up to see Kya panning her head to the right as she dipped back and looked into the bedroom. "Well I know he wouldn't mind if you asked him right now it's just…" Kya looked back at Korra and sighed a little bit.

"I'm sorry Korra it's just despite being a free spirit and being a go with the flow kind of gal I think I still see you as a little a little girl."

Leaning forward Kya placed her hands on Korra shoulder as she looked her straight in the eye. "But as I look at you now I can see that you've grown into a lovely young woman. So I suppose it wouldn't be right to shield you from things that you'll experience for yourself someday soon."

"Shield me from what?" Korra asked.

Kya showed her by gently pulling Korra into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Once inside the room Korra saw that it wasn't any different than her own room in the woman's dormitory only being slightly bigger as it was a private bedroom belonging to a child of Aang.

Korra saw Kya nod her head over to the right side of the room where Korra saw Naruto sitting on Kya's bed with his back pressed up against the wall. Korra also saw the Metal Bender Kuvira also on the bed lying on top of it as her head bobbed up and down on Naruto's lap…wait a minute.

"You know what I can come back later!" Korra cried out as she covered the side of her face and tried to run out the room.

"You might as we ask me now!" Naruto shouted back as he lifted his head up in the air and let out a small but sill sensual moan. "As soon as I shoot my next load in Kue's mouth I'm going to bed."

Korra closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she marched herself over to the left side of the bed and stood at a respectable distance in order to ask her questions showing that she wasn't going to be intimidated by Naruto's perversions.

As Korra walked up to Naruto the young Airbender hear the sounds of slurping and gagging as she saw that Kuvira had taken Naruto's surprising long and meaty penis out of her mouth and began to stoke it.

Even though she was slightly disgusted at seeing the veiny, shiny, spit coated cock throbbing as it received a massage from Kuvira's soft and slender looking fingers Korra couldn't get herself to look away from the organ as the black haired maiden began running her tongue all over the tip of the head licking off any pre cum coming out from the red colored genital.

"You wanted to ask me something, Korra?" Naruto asked nonchalantly as if what was happening to his lower body was so common it was like he was just getting a manicure or something as trivial.

Breaking her mesmerizing glance of Naruto's meat she focused on his piercing blue eyes as he stared back at her. "Y..Yeah I need to know what the next step is. How was getting your hands on the mecha tank blueprints going to help get me my full bending back."

Naruto didn't say anything he just turned his head back and closed his eyes as he held up one finger as if he was saying give me a second.

Letting out a slightly loud grunt Korra heard the sounds of someone gagging as she looked down at Naruto lap to see that Kuvira's cheeks began to puff out and her eyes water.

The metalbender pulled Naruto's pole out of mouth just as she spat and throw out a pint of white goo all over Naruto's lap as it spread all the way onto the sheets.

"Ok sorry about that what where you saying?" Naruto asked as he forced his attention back at Korra.

Korra used her hand to block off her sight as she screamed. "What is the matter with you people why do you have to be such big perverts?!" she demanded.

"Perverts?" Naruto gently pulled his legs back and got up out of the bed letting the baby gravy spilled on his lap slowly drool down on the wooded floor of Kya's childhood room as Naruto slowly walked up to Korra.

With an occupancy on the bed Kya slowly let her silk bathrobe fall off her shoulders ash she joined Kuvira on the mattress the two woman of different generations embraced each other as Kuvira climbed on top of Kya and started to suckle at the pregnant woman's tit, letting the spooge that was still swirling around her mouth being used to polish the Water Bender's erect nipple.

"How are we perverts?" Naruto asked as he got closer to Korra naked as the day he had woken up in the strange new world but with his erected still dripping wet bone pointing straight at the young lady. "It's not like you're a little kid, it's not like your married nor have a significant other. If you did I wouldn't be bold enough to do something like this." In a blink of an eye Naruto was right in front of Korra spurring her to stumble backwards only to find herself backed up against a wall.

"Don't…" Korra gasped out as Naruto tiled his head and started to plant soft kisses alongside of her neck.

"Don't what, Korra?" Naruto asked as he exploration of Korra's jugular lead him to her pulse and he started to wrap his teeth gently around to flesh and his hands were placed firmly on her hips.

"Don't…" Korra whispered again as she felt Naruto's seed covered groin slowly seep its way into her pajama bottoms and slightly damp her undergarments only for her to notice that the some of the dampness was coming from the other side from her own nether regions.

"Don't what, Korra?" Naruto asked yet again as he broke his hold on Korra's neck to make his way towards her collar bone as his hands slowly pulled down the hem of her pajama's and make their way into her underwear.

Korra let out another uncharacteristic gasp as she placed her hands on the back of Naruto's head and pulled the Earthbender off of her forcefully as she clutched his hair. She looked back at him as a trail of drool leaked off his lips and connected to her own skin. She looked him straight in eyes as she felt one of his hands groping and massaging her fanny as the other pried and opened her snatch as his fingers started to root around inside of her.

Having someone else's digits playing her alongside her flaps for the first time Korra bit down on her lips as she looked past Naruto and over to where Kya and Kuvira were on the bed.

Kya kept her eyes on Naruto and Korra as the water bender used one hand to softly rub Kuvria's head affectional while the other hand had bent the dickspit on the bed into an icicle that she had aimed right at Naruto most likely to be used on her baby daddy the second if Korra cried out for Naruto to stop and he didn't.

While Kuvira who was still keeping busy by playing with Kya's tits kept her eyes on Korra. Flashing the new Airbender the green eyes of jealousy as she watched her boyfriend playing with someone who wasn't herself of Kya.

Korra didn't know why but it was in that moment of Kuvria's insecurity to push the former Avatar over the edge as she looked back at Naruto all the stress of losing her title to Avatar all the angst of not having her feelings returned by Mako when she confessed to him and generally all the things that weren't in her control vanished as she said. "Don't…stop!"

Having bitten her lips so hard that she drew a little bit of blood Korra jumped up in the air and wrapped her legs around Naruto's naked torso as she swallowed his mouth with her own and started to furiously take the powerful earth bender's breath away.

The forced of her lower grapple made Naruto stumble backwards as he landed on the bed bouncing a bit as he watched Korra break away from his lips and furiously rip her top apart as she embraced the new sexual revolution that was pouring and aching out from ever orifice of her body. With the last bits of cloth shredded off her chest Naruto saw Korra's perky and ample bosoms as they swayed up and down from their confinement.

Naruto couldn't take his eyes off Korra's chocolate colored and hopefully tasting areolas as he tried to reach up and twist them only for Korra to grab both his arms and pin them on the bed.

She let one of her hands go and used it to fully pull down her undershorts letting her pussy breath free of any clothing using and using the same hand she didn't stop to hesitate as she forcefully grabbed Naruto's slick manhood and gave it an extra squeeze to get a firm grip and used it to stab herself right into her own womanhood.

With one downward thrust Korra let out a cry as like any sword Naruto's meat pierced Korra's barrier causing her virgin coin purse to bleed out slightly and mix with the fluids that were still on Naruto's waist. Korra gritted her teeth as she placed her hands on Naruto's chest and dug her nails into his skin causing his own blood to leak out of his body.

Naruto showed no sign of pain as he smiled back at Korra who angrily sneered back at him as she started to gyrate herself on top of Naruto. "Be honest you're still mad at me for kicking you in the pussy from before. Are you still a little bit sore about that you know physically and…"

Korra cut Naruto off by wrapping her hands around his throat and angrily squeezing his neck. "Stop talking!" she commanded as one of her hands left Naruto neck only to form into a fist and punch him right across the cheek.

Naruto took the hit and looked back at Korra as his cheek meat bruised and started to swell slowly. He slushed around his mouth and spat out a wad of spit and blood right into Korra's face as he slapped her across the face as well.

Korra stopped slamming herself on Naruto's groin as her head turned from the force of the slap. Her face too started to puff slightly as she whipped some of Naruto's blood off her face and used her finger to slip the life juice into her mouth.

Naruto and Korra looked back at each other again as they paused for a moment only for the both of them to hungrily attacked another's lips again picking up their pace as Naruto used his hands to firmly clutch Korra's buns and used them to plunch his joystick further into and out of Korra while the Airbender used her hands to cover Naruto's neck once again.

Kuvira and Kya who had gotten off the bed the second Naruto and Korra began to attack each other watched on in wonder at the feral courtship the Airbender and Earthbender where submitting the other one too.

Kuvira who Naruto had always showed tenderness and romance watched on in horror as she saw her boyfriend continue to bleed only to ignore the wounds. "What in Rao's name are they doing to each other?" she asked the older woman knowing full well that they weren't making love.

Kya shook her head her relationship with Naruto was different then the Metal Benders. While they were passionate with each other it was more on the causal and adventurous side of the spectrum. Were most of the time they were just fucking around while passing the time to talk about philosophy, world events or even poetry.

But Kya stood dazed at the animalistic display before her not reckoning Naruto at all in this state. "I don't really know the proper term but it looks like their letting out some sort of deep seated frustration out one another." The Water Bender stated.

Like Korra had been before Kuvira covered her eyes and prudishly looked away at the true perversion in front of her as she hurryingly slipped a dark green nighty over herself and then put on a green bathrobe over that.

"Where are you going?" Kya asked as she watched Kuvira begin to pour herself a glass of mouth wash while she freshened up the rest of herself.

"I'm going to go see the Avatar's friend the Earthbender boy on her Pro Bending team." Kuvira replied as she slowly started to head out the door. "I think playing and taking his virginity might get the image of that monstrosity on your bed out of my mind."

Kya looked back at Naruto and Korra to see them both sitting in a different position as they sat on their knees with Korra in front of Naruto her back pressed against his chest as she guided his third leg to enter her fun box from behind. Naruto had his teeth sunk into Korra's shoulder as blood started to trickle down her chest as the Airbender started to move her hips back and forth while letting out a crackling laugh of madness and ecstasy as she used one hand to push the back of Naruto's head down more and the other hand to play with her clitoris.

Taking her own bathrobe off the ground Kya placed it back and tightened the belt more securely this time as she walked out of her room as well. "I think I'm going to step out of well." She announced only to have her voice buried down by the sounds of arcane lust and actual howls. "I'll be back with new sheets, and a first aid kit, and disinfectant a lot and lot of disinfectant.

AN: I stopped myself from going all gorn I don't really know why I wrote this chapter it just keeps getting weirder I left out the part where Naruto destroyed one of the mecha tanks by fucking it to pieces with a literal rock hard on. Next time it's a barrel of laughs as Naruto and Korra literally bring the house down.