The dimly lit corridor was possessed by silence except for the hard clicking of Domino's high heeled boots against the cold cobblestone floor, it sounded like the floor would be pierced by her angry footsteps.

'What the hell is he thinking? 'Thought the blonde guard to herself, she was so angry at the Warden for assigning her with such a fierce mission; making sure a Supernova stays in prison.

Of all the male guards in the prison, Magellan chose her. She never had a problem with any mission he gave her, but this one is way beyond her limits. She wasn't as strong as the other guards, so she doubted her ability to really keep this monstrous criminal imprisoned.

She stopped suddenly and turned to face the male guards who walked behind her, "Make sure he takes off these clothes and puts on the jail uniform." Stated Domino strictly.

"And this mask too, takes it off of him." Continued the guard with her harsh speech.

The guards walked towards Killer to take his mask off, but they were mesmerized where they were when he raised his head towards them. They couldn't see his face, of course thanks to the mask, but the almost swore he was glaring angrily at them.

"You want the mask off" spoke Killer's deep voice calmly to the female guard "Come take it off yourself." Continued the prisoner.

He could tell there was a struggle inside of her; he knew she doubted her abilities and something about this made him angry. He didn't like weaklings maybe, so he had to challenge her a bit, an attempt to make things a little exciting around this cold prison.

For a brief moment, Domino felt a wave of fear run through her, his words showed much confidence. But she remembered Magellan's words and build up her courage, she gulped and moved towards the blond hulk.

She stood so close to him, the smell of her perfume haunting his senses as she tiptoed to have a better control over the mask. She placed her delicate hands on each side of the mask and tried to pull it off, to her surprise, Killer stood still.

She took off the mask and stepped back to get a better view of the pirate's face; she gasped briefly and bit her lip to muffle her gasp.

She had a prepared picture of how this brutal pirate is looking in her head, but what she saw was completely different. The ugly picture in her head was replaced by handsome features; He had deep, blue, eyes, which were partially covered by the long locks of blond hair, a perfectly shaped straight nose and a pair of inviting thin lips.

Domino stared at his face for few seconds before her eyes, involuntarily, moved down to his neck and then to his body. She never saw such a handsome man, most of the prisoners she dealt with were fat, ugly, burned, or heavily scarred , even the guards and the warden , weren't that good looking either.

She stopped the wandering of her eyes when she felt a burning heat rise to her cheeks, she had to stop herself. After all, he was a prisoner and she was a guard.

"Do you like what you see, miss?" asked Killer teasingly with a smirk, his deep voice making her situation worse.

"SHUT UP YOU SCUM." Yelled Domino loudly at him, before shifting her gaze towards the male guards; "What are you two waiting for, lock him up now." She ordered in a strict tone.

"Yes Ma'am!" spoke the guards in unison, and pulled Killer to his cell.

She stood calmly and watched the guards push him inside the dark cell , she could hear them mock him and insult him like they always did with prisoners , and felt a twitch in her heart 'Those idiots !' she thought 'They shouldn't miss with him , he is strong and really handsome … err… stop it ! He is a dangerous prisoner whom you should guard. PERIOD! 'Domino shook her head briefly to stop those captivating thoughts.

She took one last look at Killer; he sat quietly in his cell, but his eyes were locked on her. She turned around to leave before anything else happens; "See ya , Miss" she heard him call at her , she stopped briefly before continuing her way.

"I started to like this place." Muttered Killer to himself with a smirk as he laid down on his new bed to end his night.

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