Nightmare Syndrome

By: Chibi-suiko

Summary: Take the travels back to the day-or night- of the Pokemon Tower excavation. Add a touch of AAMRN and see what happens...

Type: Romance, AAMRN

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A/N: I'm going to put this in " Play Form" to see if I can acquire a different tactic when it comes to writing.



Ash: 16

Misty: 17

Brock: 20

( Had to do that. In my opinion, no thirteen year old can say they love someone to anybody besides they're family).


Narrator: We find our Heroes, Ash, Misty, and Brock traveling unusually late tonight. It being so late after dark, what could they be up to?---

Misty: Ash, what are we doing out so late?! Are you blind or just ignorant? It's after dark, you know...

Ash: ( Turns around to face her) Yeah, well... I need a ghost pokemon from Lavender Tower or I'll never defeat Sabrina. Come on, what else can I do?

Misty: But- Go there?!- It's extremely dangerous Ash! Why?

Ash: Why do you care? If you don't wanna go, fine! But there are plenty of night crawlers out here. So choose where you wanna go carefully...

Brock has stayed quiet through this little predicament, but maybe he should have paid more attention.

Misty: ( Furious yell) Ash Ketchem! How dare you! Are you telling me that I'm scared?! I am anything but scared! And anyway, how can you say that I'm scared when your knees are trembling?!

Ash: ( Refuses to look down) I don't know what your talking about! Misty, just be quiet, OK?! I'm NOT scared! I'll do what ever it takes to get one of those ghost pokemon! Nothing you say or do is going to stop me!

They both neglected to notice Pikachu's sparkling cheeks...

Misty hung her head ( Which almost made Ash faint). She wouldn't even waste her breath if he wasn't going to listen to her.

Pikachu: PIII KAA CHUU!!! ( SHUT UP!!!)

Pikachu's thunder attack left both a charred Ash and Misty on the ground.

Misty: Ash... I was just trying to look out for you... But fine, do whatever you want...

Ash: ( Murmurs her name) Misty... Brock, Mist, Let's just go.

About fifty feet ahead lay the Pokemon Tower. Knowing they were so close, they ran the rest of the way.

Ash: Ok, we're here. Brock, you come with me. Pikachu, you stay here with Misty. I'll use my other pokemon against them.

Pikachu: Pika!

Brock: ......

Misty: But, Ash... Can't I go with you?-- Um-- I mean-- Not anything special...- It's not like I'm desperate or scared or anything...

Ash: ..... Right.....

Brock: Uh... Ash, how about I stay out here. My Pokemon won't be much good anyway. There Rock types. The ghosts could just evade they're attacks...

Ash: Brock! ( Sneaks over to him, whispers in his ear) You can't leave me alone in there! Especially with her! You know what happens...

Brock: Ash, I'm sorry... There is no way that I'm going in there. You can handle this. You always get caught up in your training, how can you possibly get hooked on her when you're already hooked on something else?

Ash: ( sighs dejectedly) You're right... But... Ugh-- Whatever ( Moves back towards the Tower) C'mon Mist...

Misty, somewhat awkwardly, moves in after Ash and Pikachu follows them.

Brock: Ash! Hey, can't you leave Pikachu here with me?! You were going to do that with Misty!

Ash: Brock, you're a tough guy! Lighten up! Besides, what could happen? Those Pokemon will have they're hands full trying to deal with me!

Misty: ( Murmurs) Your ego is so large that I can see it...

Ash: Hey! Let's just go and get this over with...

He opens the door and starts to walk inside but--

Ash: Misty, why are you standing there?( Smirks) You too scared to come in?

Misty: No Ash. Actually, I'm waiting for your knee's to stop trembling.

She smirked at him as he conceded and looked at his knees.

Ash: Eh heh... Well what do you know...-- I mean, Misty, shows what you know! This is my everyday exercise. Keeps me in shape!!!

Misty came up to him and dashed into the building.

Misty:( Mutters disgustedly) ... Idiot...

Then she walked into the tower.

Ash: See what I mean Brock! I can't even think of a come back anymore! This is hopeless...

Brock: Actually, Ash, the whole comeback thing... Well, that's normal...

Ash: Heh.. Oh, yeah... Right...

Ash ran into the building after Misty.


Ash: ( Shouting) Misty! Where are you?! (Lower voice) Damnit! Where did she go?

Pikachu: Pi! Pi Ka Chuu! ( Hey! Over this way! )

Ash: Can you smell her, Pikachu? Good, then lead the way!

Ash ran after Pikachu, who was already about twenty feet ahead.

Ash: Pi-Ka..Chu! Wait- For... Me!

Pikachu: Pi Chu Ka Chu Pi! Pi Ka Chu-- ( Humans are such a slow species! You're lucky that we even tolerate--)

Unknown voice: AAAHHHHHH!!!

Ash: Pikachu! Quiet! Didn't that sound sorta like--

Pikachu: Chu Pi! ( Misty!)

Ash: Let's go Pikachu! Speed it up!

If Pikachu weren't so scared for their friend, he would have noticed that after Misty's scream, Ash had started running extremely faster.


Misty wandered the dark halls of Lavender Tower by herself. She wasn't going to let Ash catch her scared! That would just make him hate her more than he already did.

Misty: ( Thinking) That incompetent bastard! I never did anything to deserve this! He thinks that a few creepy, glowing, red-eyed, ghosts would freak me out? Well, he's sadly mistaken!

To the right, just behind her, she got the idea that she was being watched. She whirled around but no one was there. She turned back forward and continued down the hall when she noticed a faintly glowing light. Slowly, more began to show up. All were an eerie red tint.

Misty stopped in her tracks.

Misty: Hello? A-Ash, this isn't funny... I don't know what you think your doing but you better stop trying to pull my leg...

No body answered her and the glowing lights slowly faded away. She assumed that Ash had been using Charmanders tail and flame attacks to create a certain amount of light effects and continued on her way. She pulled out a Pokeball containing Staryu just in case...

Misty: Man, I'm so jumpy tonight... There is obviously nothing to worry about...

Suddenly, the lights reappeared glowing like endless coals, brighter than before. Had she not been so shocked from the increase of light she would have noticed that there were more than there were before.

Misty: What?! Aaahhhhh!!!


Ash and Pikachu ran through the hall of the tower. Now that the scream was over, they had to reply on Pikachu's instinct's of smell.

Ash: Hurry, Pikachu! We don't know anything about what could have happened to her! Keep going and don't stop!

Pikachu: Pi! ( Got it!)

They ran up two flights of stairs, down five corridors, and through seven doors. Ash was falling behind and by the time he reached Pikachu, he was leaning against a wall, waiting for him.

Ash: Pikachu, I told you not to stop!

Pikachu: Pi Chu! Pi! ( Misty! I found her!)

Ash: What? Where is she?

Pikachu pointed around the corner and Ash looked to see where she was. All he saw though were about twenty Ghastly and thirteen Haunter. Then, his gaze was directed towards a streak of Orange-Red. The good thing about Misty, her hair always gives her away.

But if that were Misty, then... Those Pokemon were using an attack on her!!!

Ash removed Pokedex from his waist pocket and tried to look up the attack that was in action.

Pokedex Dexters voice: Hypnosis and Nightmare: These attacks are very pointless when used separately but when together, there is almost no stopping the force in general. A Pokemon Center can heal a Pokemon wounded from these techniques.

Ash: What about a HUMAN?!

Pokedex Dexter: Humans on the other hand tend to have a weakness for such things and it is useless to fend off the attack. After a certain amount of time, the nightmares may dominate the persons mind and soul.

Ash: WHAT?! Pikachu, hurry and use a Thunder attack on those Pokemon! We gotta get Misty outta here!

Pikachu wasted no time in carrying out the command.

Pikachu: Piii Kaaaa Chuuuu!!! ( Die, you life nappers!!!)

The Pokemon scattered in different directions leaving the girl lying on the ground, trembling slightly.

Ash rushed forward to her side and turned her face toward his.

Her expression looked troubled, she was sweating, and Ash could hear her moan a small amount. But that was more than he needed to know that she had to get help soon.

Ash: Hold on, Misty! Pikachu, go ahead and get Brock! Tell him to get to Lavender Town for help...

Pikachu ran ahead, leaving Ash carrying Misty back to the entrance.

He kept looking at her, hoping she would wake up and start insulting him or smacking him for holding her the way he was. Nothing was.

The only movement that took place was Misty roving her arms to Ash's chest and clutching his shirt. Ash didn't seem to mind though, you would almost think that he was enjoying it...

Ash: Stay with me Misty! I could never stand to lose you...


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