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Chapter 2

The game ended, they all won. Akiyama's debt is void. The condition of Kanzaki Nao to Yokoya still stands as Yokoya changed the rules and now given a month.

Continuing this story on the cliff of the island…..

"Can you live with my lies?" Akiyama asked. 'Why am I asking this?'

"I guess so"

From that answer, Akiyama's heart ached. 'Do I really like this girl?'


"What is it?"

"Remember this. How far away I am, how long we will not see each other, please don't lose faith in me."

Those words echo in Nao and how she knew it would never leave her.

"What are you saying, Akiyama-san? I'm your partner, aren't I? I trust you"

With that, the day of the last game finally ended.

Two weeks has already passed, Nao and Akiyama never seen each other since then.

On this particular day, someone suddenly knocked on Nao's door in her apartment.


She opened the door and was surprised as she saw Yokoya on her doorstep.


Nao's face both filled with shock and doubt. As her eyes met the cold, sharp gaze of the grinning person in front of her.

"W-what are you doing here?"

"Oh? Is that how you greet people now, Kanzaki Nao? You changed already after winning the Liar Game?" Yokoya said widening his sadistic smile.

"Yokoya-san, you know-"

"Wouldn't you let me come in first? Surely, you don't want talking like this while your neighbors hear our chatter?"

Nao became flustered at the idea and thought immediately of her manners. She fully opened the door, wide enough for Yokoya to come in easily. Yokoya came in nonchalantly while Nao stared at Yokoya as she started to close the door behind them. After she closed and locked the door, she immediately turned to Yokoya seeing his back to her. He's looking around her apartment.

Suddenly a thought came to her.

'What is he doing here? The Liar Game's finished. He doesn't want revenge, does he? Or is it…the Liar Game is yet to be finished entirely?'

Her thoughts stopped as Yokoya turned to her surprisingly and caught her gaze as she froze.

Yokoya suddenly laughed making Nao drop a sweat.

"Haha…Nao, Nao, Nao. After you won the Liar Game, you're still naïve as ever, letting in your previous foe without a doubt entirely. Don't tell me you depend on that man so much that you became weaker than before?"

Yokoya started to walk towards her and puller her wrist, pulling her forward until his mouth is near her ear. Nao closed her eyes. She remembered the man she always depended on and felt the urge to shout his name that second.

Yokoya caught on Nao's trembling, making him smirk at the action.

Nao can't take it anymore. She's afraid, she wants to go away from him but thinking again, she thought it's no use. Akiyama's face suddenly appeared again in her thoughts and regained her courage.

'I shouldn't be depending on Akiyama right now. I'm stronger than before, I can do this'

Before she could react, Yokoya giggled on her ear.

"Nao you're always been so easily fooled" He lifted his head from her side and laughed further in front of her.

Nao blushed in embarrassment at Yokoya's words. He was surprised as he was pushed suddenly by Nao.

"Are you toying with me!?" She said turning red in irritation.

Finally, Yokoya stopped laughing and now looked at Nao with the most sincere smile she had ever seen from Yokoya.

"Pardon for irritating you, Nao. This is not really the reason why I'm here"

Nao calmed down and looked at Yokoya seriously.

"Why then?"

"Ms. Kanzaki Nao, go out with me"

"W-what?" Nao was shocked beyond her being. 'Yokoya wanted to go out with her? why?'

"But Yokoya-san, aren't we already going out? We're always out because of the Liar Game"

Yokoya just giggled.

"I mean" Yokoya took her left hand and kissed it. "Go on a date with me" He smiled at her with pride.

From those simple words, Nao's thinking was unable to respond. She was speechless. It's the first time time someone asked her like this. She started to be embarrassed at the same time she blushed in front of him. Yokoya, the cold, sad person who always led Akiyama and her in their debt is now, sincere, careful and somehow warm like….

"So will you?"

Kanzaki snapped and thought Yokoya was still in front of her, looking her directly in the eye.

"Eh?...umm" Nao can't say a thing. 'Is Yokoya really like this?'


"Yeah. Sure, why not?"

'What did I say!?' Nao was surprised from her own answer.

"Good" Yokoya smiled at her showing more teeth. "I'll see you then"

"Eh? What do you-"

"They'll explain it to you" he smiled, opening the door, revealing two women, the people from Liar Game.

One of the women spoke.

"Kanzaki Nao-sama, we are here to relay a message for you from the sponsors of the Liar Game"

"Sponsors? What do they want?" Nao suddenly felt terrified.

"Kanzaki Nao-sama" the woman on the right came forward and gave her a letter. " You are cordially invited as the special guest of the Liar Game's grand ball"

"Grand Ball?"

The lady on the left now spoke.

"Instructions about the Grand Ball are inside the letter. Please come accordingly"

After that, the women left the hallway and let themselves out of her apartment.

"What's this, Yokoya-san?"

Yokoya stared at her with his usual smile.

"All the winners of the Liar Game is given their last spoil before they go their separate destinies. This just happened now because of the exceptional final game that you portrayed, Nao"

"Ah…Yokoya-san, aren't you not part of the final game?"

Yokoya smiled, showing her the black letter like what Nao have.

"I was treated as a VIP" His smile gleamed more. "See you" He turned away and left.

Nao finally shuts her opened door from all the surprise visits of the LGT and her ex-foe Yokoya a while ago.

Now, her room again is as silent as her first morning. She leaned her back on her door. She reflects everything that happened earlier including Yokoya's sudden proposal of a date that made her blush on her cheeks.

She looked again at the letter she's holding.

'Grand ball, huh? If they're gonna invite the winners, then I'll see them again'

She smiled at the thought of meeting everyone again from foe to friends until he thought of her caring, genius ally.