Hello, I'm CrazyCatGirl, I hope you enjoy this story, I don't own Alice in Wonderland 2010, etc. I do own the Original Characters I've made up though. Most of this has already been fully typed out, just to let you know. And I'm sorry Alice that is probably Out Of Character a bit, she's rather difficult to write. Anyway, BOLD= author's notes. Italics= dreams. Enjoy!

Alice was having a dream. Only, it wasn't quite the dream she'd always had, the one about her first trip to Underland. This one was different. It was still about Underland, but...

She was falling down the rabbit-hole again, only she was falling upwards. "Ye don't slay," came the Hatter's voice, accompanied by the sight of the disturbing Pshalver ingredients. 'So near so far so in-between...' A tiny door that opened as she approached with a key, as the Jabberwocky's voice rumbled out of the ground, and the walls of a tunnel, "Insignificant bearer!"

"You could stay." The clear vial of purple liquid. "Blood of the Jabberwocky." The three long claw-marks on her arm, long-since faded into scars. "Be back before you know it." 'How can you tell this way not that? You choose the door, you choose the path, perhaps you should be coming back!'

"You won't remember me." 'It's such a long long way to fall.' "Of course I will!" 'So many things got in your way, no time today, no time today!' McTwisp the rabbit, running through the bushes, with his gold watch flashing in the sun.

'So many doors, how did you choose? So much to gain so much to lose!' Red-orange eyes glaring out from a dark, frilled head, long teeth sticking out of a thin, blunt snout.

"Get back here!" it snarled, claws lashing out at her.

'Perhaps you should be coming back...!'

Alice woke with a gasp, sitting straight up in bed. She tightened her hands into fists around the crumpled sheets, waiting for her breathing to slow. She'd never had any other dream except for the memory of her first journey through Underland... until this night, and the one before.

This dream was such confusing a mixture of different memories, all woven together with fragments of a song. And so real...

And that last part of the dream- that had never happened. The Jabberwocky had never said that to her. Alice frowned, glancing around her room. The dream almost sounded like it was calling her back to Underland. Was McTwisp or one of the others nearby to take her there?

She flipped the sheet away and swung her legs onto the floor, getting up slowly and walking to the window. Nothing was there except for the ocean, as it had been for days now.

She was on her way home after her longest trading expedition yet. Their business in China was thriving, and her mentor- Hamish's kind-hearted father- had decided that they should return home for a month to rest and to celebrate.

Alice sighed, watching the ocean in the thin, early-morning light. Stars danced faintly in the ever-shifting mirrors of waves. She'd be home in just a couple more days. Maybe there she'd discover an answer to her peculiar dream.

Sighing, she went to the small closet in which her clothes were kept. She wouldn't be able to fall asleep again, so she may as well stay up.

Once dressed, the young lady exited her cabin, taking a deep breath of fresh, salty air. She hadn't grown tired of it yet, as one of the shipmates had said she would, but enjoyed it immensely.

It was a good thing she never got seasick, or that would have ruined such quiet moments as this.

She crossed her arms on the thick wooden railing and watched with a smile as a quartet of dolphins sped alongside the ship. The silvery creatures leaped over one another's backs, sending thin curtains of water splashing across their companions' rubbery tails and dorsal fins.

The crisscrossing and zig-zagging waves made Alice imagine the creatures spinning out long ribbons behind them, invisible braided banners drifting through the sea. Swimming like that was probably the closest thing one could get to flying, she mused.

"Well, maybe there's some potion or cake in Underland that could make me do that," she murmured jokingly to herself, smiling and shrugging. Well, maybe there was!

"And speaking of cake..." she continued with a grin, walking away from the aquatic show to search for the cook. Perhaps she could persuade him to make some little square-shaped cakes, just for fun.

That afternoon, after a breakfast and a lunch which were both utterly and disappointingly devoid of little cakes, a storm blew in from the north, ahead and to the port side of the ship. The fluffy, flattish grey clouds seemed to move in quicker as the ship sped up, pushed along by the breeze.

The skies darkened, but so slowly that it went almost unnoticed. One would first realize how weak the light had become, and then how deep the shadows were growing, how blurred the horizon was, and so on. Hours passed as the waves grew dark and choppy, and the ship climbed and fell slowly in the water like a giant rocking-horse.

The helpful wind that pushed their sails grew into a slight gale, which whipped hair and ropes into tangled messes and spat raindrops into squinting eyes. Crests of waves splashed occasionally over the sides of the boat, sending small objects spinning away across the deck.

Rain pelted down in sheets as Alice stood by one of the masts, determined to wait out the storm. Her hair was already drenched, as were her clothes. She was grateful she wasn't wearing a corset or stockings, or they would've been soaked too.

Thunder rumbled above, as though the thick clouds were the growling stomach of some enormous monster. Still, Alice refused to go running and hiding like a little child. Continuous effort on the part of the rain and cold wind however, were slowly weakening her resolve.

"A little storm never hurt anyone," she told herself firmly, though this was not strictly true. The slowly leaning and bucking deck danced and gleamed with spattering raindrops and ocean water, reflecting the intermittent flashes of lightning. Finally, after several flashes that made her eyes ache, Alice assented to returning to the comfort of her cabin.

She squish-stepped across the sodden deck and opened the door, which had taken a vacation from creaking because of the rain. Thunder still boomed forth, and rain pattered harshly against the porthole, and the floor still tilted and rocked, but at least it was dry in the little room.

After closing the door securely, Alice pulled off one shoe, dumped the water in it out the porthole, set the shoe down and did the same to her other one. Both pieces of foot-wear were now wilted and soggy, and she squeezed out as much water as she could.

This was made difficult by the relentlessly re-soggying rain, but there wasn't much else she could do about it. The young lady peeled off her outer dress and squeezed the water out of it as well, wringing it out into a bucket and dumping that out. She did the same to her bedraggled hair as well.

She slipped into a comfortable nightgown, which was a welcome change from the damp dress. She stretched a thin piece of rope across the room, tying one end to the doorknob and one to the hinge of the porthole, and draped her dress across it. Hopefully it would dry out a little by morning.

I included some of the lyrics from the end-credits song- which I don't own- in Alice's dream. Don't worry, it gets exciting soon. It won't all be boring human-y stuff, so hang in there!