All for Love By: Shinri

Disclaimer: I do not own or state to own Harry Potter.


Draco sat in front of the headmaster desk wondering for the 100th time why he was doing this. All he had to do was think of one thing.. Or actually one person to find his answer. "Well Mr. Malfoy, I have been told that you wanted to talk to me" Draco cleared his throat and looked into Dumbledore's eyes.

"Headmaster as you most likely now, my father is a death eater." At dumbledore's nod he continued. "I have been told that I am to have my iniation during the Christmas break." He gulped, wondering how to put the next part. "I am wanting to know if I could spy for you, I have known that Snape currently spies for you but you know as I do that the dark lord is already suspicious of him. With my father in Voldermort's inner circle it will put me in a great position to pass important information to you." It felt good to finally get it out. He had been fretting for days now on how to broach the subject. He mainly worried that Dumbledore would say no. Draco looked up to Dumbledore's usually twinkling eyes, but was shocked to see sad eyes looking back at him. Assuming the worse he got up to leave, but before he took two steps Dumbodore called out to him.

"Mr. Malfoy, have you considered all the risk and hardships you will face with this decision. You will be shunned by both the death eaters and the wizarding world who will not trust an ex-death eater if you are caught. I must ask you, why have you come to this decision."

That was the one question that Draco feared the worst. He knew it was going to be asked, but it was something he did not want to get into. Sighing knowing he would not leave him alone until he said he looked down at the floor and told him. "I have known for a while now that I would never willing join the death eaters. I never had what you would call the best childhood. I was taught from a young age that there was nothing in the world called love or happiness only power and fear. But when I started to get to know this person I felt a light, giddy feeling in me that I had never know before. I had searched countless book looking for the curse that was was placed on me.

I finally confided in one of my housemates asking them if they new what was done to me. He told me that it did no sound like a curse but it sounded more like I was in love. I had fallen in love with the one person I could never have. Instead of pursuing the impossible, I have decided to devote my life to this person happiness and to keeping them safe. For that reason I have offered my services to you. If I can keep this person away from even one dangerous situation or keep them happy I will be able to die happy."

"How long have you felt this way about Mr. Potter" If lighting had struck Draco right now he would not have been more surprised then he was now. He replayed the last few min of conversation carefully in his head, trying to figure where he let something slip. He had made it a point not mention a name or even the sex of the person he had fallen for. His thoughts were interrupted by a chuckle and his head shot up to the noise.

"Mr. Malfoy, I may be old but I am not blind. I have seen the looks you have sent him when you thought no one was looking. As you must know as headmaster of this school it is my duty to always watch all students. But I must ask you if you have completely decided to do this. There can be no turning back once you have joined their circle. If you are discovered it will mean instant death and you will die alone. Is all that risk worth it?"

Draco's answer was immediate. "Yes" At this remark Dumbledore nodded. "Very well Draco, I will accept your offer. I will instruct Professor Snape to go over the details with you later tonight. Was there anything else?"

"Yes, In exchange for my service there is one thing I must ask for a few things in return." At Dumbledore's nod he continued. "Harry must never find out about this. About this conversation, my love for him, or my spying for the light. If he finds out I will no longer pass any information."

"Ok, Draco. It is after all your decision. Harry will not know about this from me, I can assure you. But I do hope that one day you will tell him everything. Love is an emotion that must be given not buried. I bid you good day Draco.. And Good Luck."