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Regaining Control

Jake was in his hotel room at the Metrocourt. He'd been staying there for a few days now, since Carly had kindly agreed to let him stay. Carly was a good friend. He couldn't say he knew her very well, but something told him he could trust her.

Jake had just finished showering and getting dressed. He walked out of the bathroom and found that there was a woman sitting in the kitchen area of the room. It was the same woman he'd seen at Elizabeth's, Helena Cassadine.

Seconds after seeing her, Jake also remembered seeing her at the peer. That entire night came back to him almost in an instant. He'd met with her and she told him he was Jason Morgan and that Sam and Danny were his family. He also remembered that he held Sam hostage that night on Helena's orders. Sam was right. She thought he did it and she was right.

"Mr. Morgan, I hope I didn't startle you. I didn't think you'd mind if I let myself in," Helena said.

"What do you want?" Jake asked. Okay, so he knew he wasn't Jake, but he didn't feel like Jason either. He remembered nothing about being Jason Morgan. He continued to think of himself as Jake.

"I just thought I'd pay you a visit. I must thank you for making that easier by changing your accommodations. This is much better than Elizabeth's couch anyway, I'm sure you agree," Helena said.

"What have you done to me? How is that I forget seeing you on the peer when I'm around others or by myself, but I can remember now?" Jake asked.

"I told you, you are under my complete control. When I tell you to do something, you will have no choice but to do it. I told you to forget, so you did, as you will forget this conversation once I leave," Helena said with a smile.

Jake shook his head. "You won't control me forever. I will get out of this," Jake said.

Helena laughed and stood up. "I highly doubt that, Mr. Morgan, but I'd be remiss if I dismissed the idea altogether. I have a contingency plan," she said before handing him an envelope.

Jake opened the envelope and took out some photos. He went through them and saw that they were all of Danny, his son.

"He is a beautiful child, despite being related to my worthless stepdaughter," Helena said.

"You're threatening my son," Jake said. It was not a question in the least. He knew that was what was happening. This was a warning that should he break through the programing and start rocking the boat, she'd go after Danny.

"Only if necessary, though I expect it to be unnecessary. I don't expect you'll even remember this while away from me, however, if you do break through the control and think of going against me, you'll remember that I can and will not hesitate to take it out on little Danny," Helena said.

Jake glared at her. "You stay the hell away from Danny. Don't bring him into this!"

"I'm happy not to should you remember your place. I will leave you now. I will be in touch. As I said, you will remember nothing of this conversation once I do," Helena said before taking the photos and envelope from him and walking to the door.

Literally seconds after she left, Jake found himself staring into space without any idea of why. After a minute he just decided that he spaced out for a minute and that that was normal for people sometimes. Something in the back of his head was gnawing at him though, telling him that something very important and very bad had just happened.


Later that day, Jake was sitting at Kelly's eating lunch. He still felt weird about earlier. He felt like there was something he should know and remember. Of course, he knew there was a lot he should remember, but this felt different. It felt like he should remember something about today. It was a lot like how when Sam accused him of taking her hostage. He didn't remember doing it, except for that one little flash after she confronted him, but inside, he felt like something wasn't right. But that was just Sam getting in his head. He didn't really do anything, and nothing happened today either, right?

This feeling wasn't exactly the same as with Sam. He felt this fear that he couldn't explain even to himself. It felt as though something bad could happen if he didn't stop it. He didn't know what it was or how to stop it though, which posed quite the conundrum. Well, if he wasn't being paranoid.

A familiar voice pulled Jake out of his thoughts. "Danny, no!"

Before Jake could react, he felt a hand on his arm. He looked down to see Danny standing there smiling. "Hey, Danny."

"Hi," the little boy said happily.

Jake continued to look at him. The gnawing feeling got worse the moment he saw the boy and it continued to get worse with even worse. He started to get really afraid. He felt like Danny was in serious trouble and had to do something to protect him.

Sam made her way over at that moment. "Uh, Danny, let's go sit down."

"Sit here," Danny said.

Sam knelt in front of her son. "Sweetie, Jake is sitting here and I think we should let him eat alone. Besides, Aunt Molly wants to eat with us. See, she's waiting," she said as she pointed to the table his sister was at.

Danny seemed to be contemplating who he wanted more, his aunt or his new friend. Finally, he let go of Jake and went to go with his mother.

"Sam, wait. Can we talk for a minute?" Jake asked. He had to do something. He had to warn Sam about Danny. He still had no idea what he was warning her about, but he did know that something bad might happen. He felt it throughout his entire body and he had to do something about it. He couldn't let something happen to Danny.

"Danny, go see, Aunt Molly. Mommy will be right there," Sam said.

Danny nodded and immediately ran towards his aunt.

"What do you want. I don't see anything for us to talk about unless you're gonna confess to holding me hostage and helping Faison escape," Sam said coolly.

"I didn't do that, Sam. I don't know how one thing I said could make you think I did, but I didn't," Jake said. That flash he had a while back made him doubt that statement, but he tried to ignore it. That wasn't what was important right now. Protecting Danny was important.

"What do you want, Jake?" Sam asked impatiently.

"To warn you," Jake said.

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Warn me? You mean threaten me? Are you threatening me, Jake? You think that's gonna stop me from proving that you were the one that held me hostage?"

"No, I'm not threatening you, Sam. I'm worried and I want you to be careful," Jake said.

"Careful with what?" she asked.

"I...I'm not sure. I just get this really bad feeling that something bad could happen. You need to be careful for Danny's sake," Jake said.

"What?" Sam asked in a low, dangerous voice.

"Look, he's in danger. You have to be careful and keep your guard up," Jake said seriously.

"You son of a bitch! You're gonna threaten a two-year-old?!" Sam asked in a rage.

"I am not threatening him," Jake immediately argued.

"Not outright, but you and I both know what you're doing! You think you can get me to back off by threatening my son!" Sam said angrily.


"No, I"m done! You stay the hell away from my son. If you come near my son again, I will kill you!" Sam spat before walking away.

Jake sighed and sat back down. He looked over at Sam and Danny. He watched Danny laugh at something Sam's sister said. He was scared to death for that little boy. He knew that something was very, very wrong. That child was in danger and he had to help him. He couldn't stand the thought of something happening to that little boy. Sam obviously wasn't going to listen to though, not that he blamed her. He couldn't really tell her anything and she didn't trust him at all. So that all meant that Jake was going to have to do something himself. He needed to protect Danny and he would. He would do whatever he had to to protect Danny.