Jason walked through General Hospital after a session with Kevin Collins. It had been four months since he, Sam, and Danny returned to Port Charles. The chip had been taken care of, as had the confirmation that he was Jason Morgan. After that, he started seeing Doctor Collins to recover his memories. And he did. He gradually got his memories back, regaining the last of them about a month ago. He still kept going to therapy though because it was quite overwhelming and he was unsure how to go on after being without them for so long, as well as everything involving Helena.

Jason was on his way to the elevator to leave when he ran into Robin. She'd returned just after he and Sam had. She'd quickly become a very close friend. They had both been through a lot with Helena and it bonded them. So now he was even closer to her than he had been before the shooting. "Hey, Robin."

"Hi. Were you here seeing Kevin?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, it was my last session," Jason said.

"Your last session? Are you giving up on getting your memories back?" Robin asked concerned.

Jason hadn't told anyone but Sam that he regained his memories. He needed time to sort through it all without the pressure of people trying to make him who he was. "Uh, no. I actually remember it all now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It was really overwhelming and I needed time."

"That's great, Jason. I'm so happy for you, and I completely understand why you didn't come forward right away. Do you have a few minutes to talk?" Robin asked.

Jason nodded and the two of them went to the waiting area and sat down. "The memories came gradually. I finally remembered it all about a month. I just wasn't sure how to handle it. I didn't know how to go now. So much has happened since I was shot. I lost my son's entire life. I was frozen for almost two years. Then I had to deal with mind control. I put a gun to my wife's head twice. It is just so much to deal with on top of the memories. That's why I kept up the sessions with Collins even after I remembered."

"I know. I didn't go through half of what you did and it was hard for me. We can't just go on like nothing happened," Robin said.

"No. The only thing I knew after I regained my memories was that however I went on, it would be with Sam and Danny," Jason said. He'd actually known that before he regained his memories. He'd begun falling back in love with Sam not long after they returned home and his love for Danny was already stronger than anything. They were his constant. They were the one thing he knew his future included.

"Do you know where your life goes now?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, I"ve got a better idea. Some people won't like it though," Jason said.

Robin had a good idea who Jason was referring to. "Well, it's not about them. You have to be selfish for once, Jason. Do what is in your best interests.

Jason nodded. That was exactly what he planned on doing.


Jason made his way to Sonny's front door and knocked. He'd been avoiding Sonny since that first day after he got back, even more so after he started remembering. He just couldn't deal with him while he was trying to get his life back.

The door was opened by Carly, who smiled from ear to ear. "Hey. Why did you knock? Come in."

Jason walked inside. "Is Sonny home. I wanna talk to both of you."

"Yeah, he's in the living room," Carly said before leading the way to the living room.

Sonny had been making a drink when he heard someone come in. He immediately turned. "Hey."

"Hi, Sonny," Jason said.

"You want something?" Sonny asked pointing to the bar.

"No, I won't be here long. I need to get home soon. I wanted to let you both know that I remember everything," Jason told them.

Carly squealed in delight and hugged her best friend. "This is great! I'm so happy for you. I was getting worried you'd never remember."

"This is great, man. Listen, now that you remember, I just wanna apologize again for calling you a liar. Also, I'm sure you need a little more time before you come back to work. Take a few more weeks," Sonny offered.

"I'm not coming back, Sonny," Jason told them.

"Like I said, you need more time. You're probably really overwhelmed. Just…"

"I don't need more time. I've had my memories for about a month now," Jason said.

"What? Why didn't you tell us?" Carly asked hurt.

"Because at that point, I was overwhelmed and I needed to deal with it myself without the pressure," Jason said.

"We wouldn't have pressured you," Carly objected.

"Yes, you would've. You are now," Jason said.

"No, we're not. I told you, take your time," Sonny said.

"Sonny, you're not listening. I'm not coming back, period. I'm done," Jason said.

Sonny put his drink down and took a step towards his best friend. "Jason, I understand you've been through hell."

"No, you don't. You don't understand anything. My son had been home for mere hours before I was taken away from him. My wife was forced to grieve me while I was frozen by the Cassadines. When I made it back, I was hit by a car, forced with a new face, and lost my memory. Then I hurt my own family. I put a gun to my wife's head more than once. This last time I nearly killed her. I took our son from her and went on the run with him. You have no idea of the hell my family's been through," Jason said.

"Jason, that was all due to Helena and Faison," Carly said.

"And why did they come after me, Carly? Because of what I can and have done. I can't deal with this anymore. I have to protect my family. I will not put my wife and son in the position to feel unsafe again," Jason said firmly.

"Jason, we took care of it. We will take care of anything else that might happen," Sonny said.

Jason sighed. "I used to think that no danger at all could make me leave this business. I've been in danger plenty of times, so has Sam. But it wasn't the same this time. We could've lost our son. I could've lost Sam. I was seconds away from taking her life myself. I can't let something like that happen again. I want my family to be happy and safe. I'm done."

Sonny watched his friend head for the door. He made it to the door before Sonny spoke. "If you're gonna do this, at least admit the real reason behind it."

Jason turned back to him. "Meaning what?"

"This isn't about Helena or any danger the future might bring. This is about AJ," Sonny said. Jason hadn't looked at him the same since he got back. He'd even brought AJ up a few times. Sonny thought that would change when he remembered how much he hated AJ, but it hadn't.

Jason walked back over to Sonny. "No, it's not about AJ, but since you brought it up, I guess we might as well deal with it. You killed my brother."

"You've never called him your brother. You hated him," Sonny said.

"You have no idea how I felt about AJ in the last few years. You only know how I felt when he 'died'," Jason said.

"You're saying that changed?" Carly asked surprised.

"I never told either of you this, but one of the biggest regrets I have is taking Michael away from AJ," Jason said.

"What?" Carly asked in disbelief.

"How can you say that was wrong? AJ didn't deserve Michael," Sonny said.

"Do you think I deserved Jake or Danny? AJ was Michael's father and he had a right to his son, just as I have a right to my son. I took that away from him and I regret it. The closest I was able to get to telling him that was saying it to the plaque in the Quartermaine crypt. Do you know what I would give to be able to say it to his face. But I can't because he's dead. But you know, even if I didn't care about AJ, I do Michael. You ripped Michael apart when you killed his father," Jason said angrily.

"I thought he killed Connie," Sonny said.

"I don't care," Jason said bluntly. "I don't even care if he actually did kill Connie. You broke Michael's heart. You know me and you know how I feel about that kid. No one gets to hurt him. Why did you think you were any different?"

"Jason, Michael will come around," Carly said.

"No, he won't. Michael's done and so am I. I want you to stay away from my family," Jason said before walking away.


Jason went home after leaving Sonny's. He walked inside to see his wife and son playing on the floor of the living room.

Danny stood up and started running to his father.

Jason immediately scooped the boy up into his arms. "Hey, buddy."

"Hi, Daddy," Danny said.

Jason smiled. He still loved it every time Danny called him that. He never would've believed that this would happen when he took Danny, that he would find he was his father and hear him call him that.

Jason let Danny down after a minute and went to Sam who was already walking towards him. The two immediately kissed for a few seconds. "How'd your last session go."

"Good. I think it was my favorite session," Jason said.

Sam chuckled. "Because it was the last one?"

"Uh huh," Jason said before kissing her again. "When's Alexis coming to pick up Danny?

"In about an hour. Why, did you want to seduce me, Mr. Morgan?" Sam asked flirtatiously.

"Oh, yeah," Jason said before he resumed kissing her.

"Mommy, Daddy, play," Danny demanded.

"We'll pick this up later," Sam said before going over to her son.

Jason joined them with a smile. He was beyond happy right. He had his family back and no one would take it from him again. He would make sure they would all be this happy and safe forever.