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Take Me to Church

"I'm the kind to sit up in his room

Heartsick and eyes filled up with blue

I don't know what you done to me

But I know this much is true

I wanna do bad things with you…" – Bad Things by Jace Everett

Chapter 5: Bad Things

The demon lay on the cold stone, completely drained of power and slowly dying. Lucifer had built this prison to empty anything in it, angel or demon, of their strength completely. Angels would simply lose their grace and become human while demons would eventually die completely.

Cut off from the battle and weakened to the point of sleeping, Meg didn't know when it had ended or how. She didn't hear the cells around hers being opened. She was completely unaware when her own opened and someone walked in. It wasn't until he moved strands of hair from her face that she discovered she wasn't alone and opened her eyes.

"Are you alright? Can you hear me?" asked the familiar, raspy voice. She watched his concerned, gentle blue eyes before giving him a tired smile.

"My unicorn…" she mumbled, trying to get up and unable to do so.

Brows furrowed and worried, Castiel simply reached under her and lifted her up. The angel carried her out of the prison and to the only other place he had to go to where she could recover; the bunker.


Crowley's eyes slowly eased open, daylight dimly shining through the crack in the drapes. A small, affectionate smile settled on his face as he gazed at a resting Dean. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to the knight's collarbone before rubbing his beard against his skin gently.

Feeling the gentle touches to his skin, Dean's eyes opened, coming back to full consciousness and smiling at Crowley. He slipped his fingers through the king's hair then rolled onto his side to face him.

"If Hell could see you now…" mumbled Dean, voice groggy, slightly smirking.

"If Bobby could see you now." Retorted Crowley, his own voice a bit raspier than usual. He hooked an arm around the knight's waist.

"He'd shoot you. Then he'd shoot me." Chuckled Dean before leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to the king's lips. Crowley smiled into the kiss, happily returning it and pulling Dean closer in the process.

"Your lips literally taste like candy. Sometimes I question if you're real." Stated Crowley when they parted, his head back against the pillow.

"Yeah, well, you taste like scotch. I was wondering, are we gonna have awkward date nights, now?" asked Dean, stretching with a grunt before looking back at his lover.

"We already have, Dean."

"No, we haven't. When? Where was I?"

"Going after Brady together was our first date. Searching for Death was kinda our second date. Then we had a separation period with a lot of fighting. Then we started to reconnect a little bit before you went to Purgatory. You came back from Purgatory very upset and out of it and then you were angry at me for borrowing Kevin and I was angry at you for starting a war against me. Normal lover's quarrels. Hey, stop laughing, this is not a joke." Blurted Crowley, grinning as Dean laughed started laughing so hard that his eyes were watering.

"Wait, wait…stop it…" stammered out Dean.

"I'm not done. We truly did begin to reconnect during our time at the bunker together, even though I was like the abused family pet. Then I proved, or thought I proved, my love for you by risking my ass to help cast out Gadreel. Then we had our next official date when we went looking for Cain together. Then I had a mid-life crisis and you proved your love for me by trying to force me sober." Finished Crowley with a firm nod.

"That's it? Nothing after that?" chuckled Dean, wiping his face.

"No, after that we were officially together, it's not my fault if you didn't know it yet."

"Oh my god…You're like my stalker." Blurted Dean, laughing again.

"Don't make me spank you." Retorted Crowley, pinching Dean's nipple and earning himself a yelp in between the knight's chuckling.

"So, you had a thing for me all this time?" asked Dean, catching his breath and rubbing his injured nipple.

"A little longer, even, but yes. And you?"

"Well…Yeah. Look, I'll admit, when we first met you was when I had my first serious questions about my own sexuality since I was a teenager. That's why I was so willing to trust you, I had a crush." Confessed Dean, making a face at using that word but still giving a soft smile. Crowley grinned at him then chuckled softly.

"Awww. I feel so special, now." He teased lightly, watching Dean roll his eyes.

"Oh, shut up."

"Were you jealous when you found out I kissed Bobby?"

"Stop. That haunts my nightmares." Teased Dean, waving a hand with a grumble. Crowley just laughed at him.

"Your foster father had really soft lips. I mean-" started Crowley, cut off when Dean clamped his hand over the king's mouth.

"Stop, you're scarring me." Stated Dean before moving his hand, absently moving his fingers along Crowley's beard.

"Oh, good. I've found the great Dean Winchester's weakness." Chuckled Crowley, smiling widely at his lover, trailing his own hand down the knight's chest slowly.

"I don't have any weaknesses."

"You know, I feel like the angels are pissed that they saved you from Hell only to have you become the new Devil's boytoy."

"What did you just call me?" asked Dean, raising a brow and giving part of the king's beard a tug.

"Ahhh, you heard me." Growled out Crowley, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"I am not a boytoy, asshat."

"Compared to me, you are."

"Are you calling yourself manlier than me?"

"I do have more body hair, a rougher voice, I'm also over 300 years old and you're only in your thirties."

"Sometimes I think you want me to punch you." Retorted Dean, scowling and laying back again.

"Maybe I'm a filthy masochist." Stated Crowley, smirking as he watched Dean stare at his own chest.

"And I have body hair, dick! It's just not as dark as yours."

"You have about three hairs on your chest, Dean."

"Shut up."

"Oh, don't be so sensitive."

"I think I prefer women." Stated Dean, giving the king a dirty look.

"Oh, darling, women can't pleasure your body and mind the way that I can." Purred Crowley, leaning in and pressing an open mouthed kiss to the knight's chest. Dean swallowed hard and slipped a hand into the king's hair.

"Don't be such a tease." Grunted Dean, watching his lover look up at him.

"I can't help it, it's just too much fun riling you up." Crowley answered with a smug smirk before moving to lay next to his lover again.

"You think I can't rile you up?" asked Dean in a challenging tone.

"Don't start something you can't finish, Dean." Replied Crowley, rolling his eyes slightly.

Dean just smirked right back at the king before leaning in and biting his scruffy jawline with a growl. Crowley growled back lightly and leaned his head over to bare his neck to the knight.

"It's going to take more than love bites to rile me up, pet." Stated Crowley, biting his lower lip as his fingertips trailed along his lover's side slowly. The knight simply went about marking Crowley's neck with his teeth and his lips before pushing him onto his back.

"You ever gonna shut up?" asked Dean before biting the king's collarbone hard enough to leave marks that would linger for at least a day, earning himself a ragged groan. Crowley took a deep breath and slipped his hand into the knight's hair.

"Now, you know the answer to that question, darling." Replied Crowley, though a little breathlessly thanks to the attention to his chest by Dean's mouth.

"I bet I can get you rambling incoherently."

"Oh? What are the stakes?"

"Loser makes breakfast and gives the winner a massage." Answered Dean, chin resting on the king's chest and looking up at him with a smirk.

"You've got yourself a bet." Retorted Crowley, smirking back at him.

Dean just chuckled, as though he'd already won, and began kissing down the king's chest. The smirk slowly slipped from Crowley's face as he realized what the knight was planning to do to him. He actually grunted to stifle a gasp when Dean nipped at his hip, the covers moved out of the way.

Green eyes aiming up to watch the king's expression, Dean's hand gently grabbed hold of Crowley's already hardened length. He couldn't help but grin when he saw the elder demon's smirk was already gone, replaced by a look of pure, sinful lust. Crowley swallowed thickly and slightly shifted his legs.

"Havin trouble up there?" asked Dean with an ornery grin before brushing his lips across the king's tip lightly. His grin widened when he heard Crowley's sharp intake of breath at the soft touch.

"You could stop teasing me at any time now, Squirrel…" Crowley answered, breathless and stubbornly trying to hide how much of an effect the knight was having on him.

Dean gave him a cocky wink, despite never having done this before then turned his attention back to the king's fully hardened length. He took a deep breath then poked his tongue out, trailing it slowly around Crowley's tip before licking flat across it, taking in the precum. His eyes almost aimed up to look at the king but when he heard the drawn out moan, he didn't have to look up. The reaction spurred him on and he slowly took the king's tip fully into his mouth.

Crowley watched then had to let his head drop back as a loud groan rattled out of his throat, struggling to regain control. He was certainly not one to release too early but seeing Dean down there like that, something he'd fantasized for a long time, was almost undoing him already. His hand reached down and slipped through Dean's short hair before gripping it tightly as he lifted his head to watch his lover.

A grunt left Dean when he felt the hand on his head and he started to suck, hand slowly stroking the rest of the length. He wasn't sure if it was because of how he felt about Crowley or not but, contrary to what he'd thought in the past, it didn't taste bad. Even if it had, the noises he was coaxing from the king were well worth a nasty taste in his mouth. He moved his head down to take more in, his throat trying to close up and gag so he pulled back a bit, breathing heavily through his nose.

Crowley pet the back of Dean's head and managed to make himself pull the knight's mouth off of him, locking gazes.

"The trick is to relax. Even if you have to close your eyes." He instructed in a breathless tone, thumb stroking the knight's cheek.

Dean nodded at him and took his length back into his mouth, closing his eyes and slowly taking him deeper. He didn't get much farther than he had the first time but Crowley let him be, knowing he was new to this and that just watching Dean was enough to undo him. He didn't need anything special.

Before long, Crowley's moans became louder and more frequent, his hips even bumping up no matter how hard he tried to keep them still. He lifted his head for the tenth time to watch his lover, giving a gentle tug on his hair as he warned him.

"Oh, fuck, Dean… love…" he whined out as he felt his release just around the corner.

Dean glanced at him, his way of showing the king he knew what he meant, but didn't pull away. Instead, he moved his hand off Crowley's length and gently gripped his balls, moaning softly for vibrations.

A loud, ragged cry of pure pleasure left the king as his hips bucked up and he came hard. Soft whimpers and moans rattling from his throat while he watched Dean not even flinch. The knight sucked the whole way through and swallowed down his king's release before pulling his mouth off and catching his breath.

Dean stared at the dazed and spent look on Crowley's face and chuckled as he moved up his body. He leaned in and pressed his lips to the king's neck gently before nuzzling once, a triumphant grin on his face.

"I win. You have to give me a massage and make breakfast. No swift demon tricks, either. Old fashioned way." He mumbled against Crowley's skin, earning himself a tired chuckle. The king turned his head and pressed his lips firmly to Dean's for a brief kiss, hand cupping his cheek.

"I would make you breakfast every day for the rest of your life if you wanted me to." Crowley answered softly, thumb stroking Dean's scruffy cheek.

"That wouldn't work because I'm the chef. I like to cook. Which means, demon or not, you're gonna eat when I wanna cook."

"What would you like me to cook you, love?"

"I don't know. But the only thing you're allowed to wear is an apron."

"And what about your sensitive brother?" asked Crowley, laughing for a moment as Dean pulled away and moved off of the bed.

"Sam can deal with it." Dean answered with a smirk.

"Fair. But the apron has to say Kiss The Cook on it."

"That's acceptable."

"I love you." Crowley said softly, moving out of bed on slightly shaky legs, he kissed Dean's shoulder, who just smiled.

"I love you, too."


"Oh my god, please stop…" groaned Sam, dropping his book and glaring at Gabriel who was obnoxiously singing along to old love songs on the radio.

"No, I'm Gabriel. There's a difference, see." Answered Gabe, smirking like the ornery bastard he was.

"You're also small enough for me to throw you out the window with ease."

"Crowley was right. You do flirt a lot, Bigfoot."

"Can you just stop singing, please? I'm really interested in this book and it's hard to read when you're singing." Stated Sam after rolling his eyes and heaving a sigh.

"Then you have to read to me."

"No, I'm not gonna read to you."

"Then I shall continue singing. My album drops this summer." Retorted Gabe, standing up and wandering over to snatch the book from Sam's hands.

"Seriously?!" blurted Sam, tossing his hands up. Gabriel closed the book and tossed it back in the hunter's lap.

"The mother did it. There. Now you don't have to read." He stated. Sam sighed and tossed the book away before blinking at the trickster.

"You're driving me nuts."

"I'm not even touching your nuts, Sam. What are you talking about?"

"That's not… I meant… Never mind." Stammered Sam, giving Gabriel a bitchface when he saw the smirk. The hunter stood up and walked back to the bookshelf.

"It's cute when you get all flustered."

"Why are you here, again?"

"Because I am destined to be the angel on your shoulder. God's orders."

"You could probably fit on just one of my shoulders."

"I like this idea. Let's try it." Blurted Gabe, grinning as he skipped over. Sam laughed, he couldn't help it.

"You know, I wanted to get a dog but you're kinda like having a puppy so I don't think I need one."

"That's it! Loosen up a bit! Have a laugh! This is a vacation, after all. Carry me to the kitchen and I'll make you a leaf with ranch or whatever it is Moose eat."

"I am not carrying you to the kitchen."

"It will literally be no effort on your part and you know it." Argued Gabriel, folding his arms.

Sam gave him an amused look then shrugged and picked him up like a tiny bride, walking out of the room and down the empty hall. He wasn't sure why he was so relaxed with the angel but he wasn't going to question it. Gabriel was right, after all. This was a vacation. Might as well just be happy and cheerful.


Half an hour after making it into the kitchen, Crowley had finished cooking. He and Dean were standing by the counter, eating. The back of the apron had been pulled untied because the knight couldn't seem to help himself with being an ornery shit. Crowley raised his brows at his lover.

"Dean, it's food. You can enjoy it. You don't have to shovel it in like a pig." He stated, taking a bite of bacon.

"This is how I eat, okay? I like to stuff my mouth." Dean answered, muffled from the food he was trying to chew. Crowley snorted a laugh and hung his head, shoulders shaking from laughing.

"You don't choose your words all that wisely, do you?" asked Crowley between chuckles, earning a partial glare and a laugh from Dean.

"Shut up." He mumbled, cheeks a bit red as he finished cleaning his plate.

At that precise moment was when Sam, having set Gabriel down, and the angel walked into the kitchen. Gabe wasn't remotely phased by it but Sam stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Dean in just boxers and Crowley in clearly just an apron. A look of shock then horror ran across his face before he shielded his eyes like he was looking into the sun.

"Oh my god, really!? This is the kitchen! Can't you keep your kinky stuff to the bedroom!?" exclaimed Sam, grimacing. The two demons simply laughed.

"Technically this is my kitchen, Moose. If I want to have sex in it or cook naked, I will." Stated Crowley, smirking then taking a final bite of eggs.

"Dude, we bathed together growing up. Relax." Answered Dean, chuckling before downing his glass of milk.

"Yeah, when I was a toddler and you were like 5 and 6, Dean. That was a long time ago."

"I think it's kinda cute how the new Cain and the King of Hell are completely ruining their reputations by being all naughtily lovey dovey." Stated Gabriel, smirking at them both and getting glared at in response.

"Dude, angel or not, I will stab you in your neck." Blurted Dean, not really meaning it, a smile on his face. Gabriel rolled his eyes and walked over to Sam, gently pushing the large man out of the kitchen.

"Come on, Jolly Green. I'll take you to some salad restaurant or something." Laughed Gabriel, Sam groaning the whole way out of the room.

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