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Title: "Leave the lights on"

In the last chapter: After Helga had punched Rhonda, the principal suspended her and told her he would call her mother to tell her what had happened. The blonde teenagers agreed it was time to tell their parents the truth of their relationship. While Miriam admitted to feel as too much of a bad mother to judge them for their love, Miles' opinion was very different. He and Helga shouted at each other, their temperaments at their highest, when Miles slapped Helga. Arnold left with her, telling Miles he would always choose Helga over him.

Helga refused to let Arnold give up on a proper relationship with his dad so she gave him a tearful goodbye. They promised to stay apart to give the other a chance with their parents, but Arnold kept hoping to find Helga again.

Author's 1st note: It is, today, 5 months ago that I started this story… and now it's finished O_O This is such a weird feeling, but it always is when I finish a story. It's kinda like letting go of a puppy you always knew you had to give away xD (Not really, the puppy thing is much more painful Dx) You know what I mean!

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Epilogue: "Go the distance"

"Are you happy with your choice, Arnold?" Miles asked with a smile as he turned the car to the side and drove under a huge gate. "I was afraid you'd regret it once you saw the place or something."

Arnold looked around. "It… looks just fine to me." He answered and looked at his dad. "Why would I change my mind?"

"Oh, I just… I was just worried. I mean, we never looked at the place first so…" Miles said and then sighed in surrender. "I was just trying to start a conversation."

Arnold looked at him for a bit, but then looked out of the window. He looked at people his age and their parents walking around with boxes in their arms. He saw students lying in the grass, either talking with other students or dutifully reading a book. He smiled at the image, deciding he looked forward to the next few years here.

Arnold turned his head away to look at the rearview mirror and his eyes noticed something. He saw something blonde and pink meddled together and he gasped as he whipped his head around. He leaned against the glass until his face was pressed up against it, but the golden and rosy colors were gone. He sat back with a groan. Not again.

"Arnold," Miles said suddenly as he parked the car. His son looked at him. "I know that you still haven't forgiven me for what happened with…" he started, but skipped the names when he saw how tense Arnold became at the reminder. "But I have tried making it up to you ever since. I need to know… can you ever forgive me?"

Arnold looked around the car. "It's not about forgiveness, dad… It's not even about H… It's not about any of that. I just… I miss her and I can't help but blame you. I know it's not fair and I'm really sorry. I'm trying… I really am." He confessed and prayed that his dad wouldn't push the subject any further.

Miles sighed. "I know." He said and put his hand on his son's neck. "You know that if I could change the past, I would. I would have told her to stay with you so I didn't have to see you go through all that… I am so sorry."

Arnold smiled at his dad's words, but stepped out of the car without another word.

"Do you want me to help you carry your things to your room?" Miles asked as he stepped out of the car.

"No," Arnold replied as he walked to the back of the car. "Gerald said he would meet me here and we would help each other move in."

Miles nodded as he unlocked the trunk. He helped Arnold got his boxes out of his car and asked one more time if he was sure he didn't want any help. After confirming that he really just wanted to do this with Gerald, they said goodbye with an uncomfortable hug and Miles drove away. Arnold sighed in relief once the car was out of his sight and he sat down near a tree to wait for Gerald.

"Hey, man!" Gerald's voice bellowed and Arnold flinched when Gerald made his car honk loudly. "Been waiting long?"

"Yeah," Arnold replied and stood up. "about five seconds."

"Ouch." Gerald said sarcastically and parked where Miles had parked just before. He stepped out of his car and hugged the shorter boy, lifting him off the ground with his beefy arms. "Where's your dad?"

"He just drove off."

"He didn't offer helping us?"

"I turned him down."

Gerald shook his head as he opened his trunk. "You know, if Helga was here to see the way you and Miles are acting, she'd be so freaking pissed with you." He pointed out.

Arnold smiled fondly for a moment, realizing how much he would give just to hear her shout at him again. "Yeah, well. She's not here so…" he said and took one of Gerald's boxes out of the car.

Gerald let go of his own box and sighed. "You know, if you want to see her, I could just ask Phoebe where she is, right?"

Arnold shook his head. "We made a promise."

"And look how well that turned out!" Gerald bellowed. "Helga leaves you so you can have a chance to be with your dad and what happens? You two talk to each other like once every new moon - - "

"Stop it, Gerald!" Arnold hissed and gave him a warning glare.

Gerald slapped the back of his hand against the blonde boy's shoulder. "It kills me to see you like this… Even after this long, you still think you see her at every corner."

"Stop mocking me."

"I'm not mocking you, I'm trying to tell you that you should find her. Hell, maybe she wants to find you too."

"If that was true, she would have asked Phoebe to give her my number." Arnold replied and slammed the trunk once the last box was out. "Do you want me to help you carry our stuff to our rooms or not?"

Gerald put the box down on the floor with a groan. "That was it… How much shit did you bring?" he asked jokingly before pretending to faint on Arnold's bed.

Arnold chuckled. "Only the necessary stuff." He claimed as he opened one of the boxes and rummaged through it. His smile faded though when he found an envelope in the box that he recognized immediately. He had almost forgotten about it.

"What you got there?" Gerald asked and sat up, but his smile faded as well when Arnold pulled the pictures out of the envelope. "Oh, man… why did you bring pictures of her?"

"I didn't… Miles must have put them in there. He probably didn't know what was in the envelope." Arnold replied as he flipped the pictures one by one, his heart clenching a little more with every picture he saw. Once he reached one where Helga was kissing his cheek, he put the pictures back in the envelope and closed the box.

"Hey… enough unpacking." Gerald said and stood up. "Let's go out and explore this place, man. We're gonna live her for the next two years, we should get to know this place! There's a lot of other students here who came before us so we should get out there before all the cool friends are taken."

Arnold smiled at Gerald's attempt to cheer him up, but it just didn't work. "No thanks. I think I'll unpack for a little bit more if that's ok?"

Gerald gave a crooked smile. "Sure thing." He said and offered his fist. Arnold bumped it before they twisted their fingers together. They let their thumbs wave around in the air before they let go. He kept the artificial smile on his face until Gerald was out of the room and then he sighed. He looked around the empty room that he would hopefully soon consider his room.

Arnold pulled another box closer to him and started digging through it. He pulled out all of his clothes and put them into the closet one by one. He put them inside neatly, organized by there they belonged on his body, and closed the closet once he was finished. He was about to look through the next box when he could hear running out in the hallway and he looked at his door as if he could see through it.

Arnold jolted when Gerald ripped the door open, a wild look in his eyes. "You have to come with me!" he said, grabbed Arnold's wrist and pulled him with him.

"Whoa! Gerald, hold on! What's going on?!" Arnold asked in confusion, trying to keep up with his taller friend's quick pace. "My legs are too short for this!" he tried to joke, but Gerald didn't even chuckle. Whatever he wanted Arnold to see was something very serious.

Arnold was trying to figure out what got his friend so worked up when he heard something in the distance that got louder the more they ran. As they ran outside, he could hear a voice that had haunted his dreams ever since it had left him. He could hear a guitar that played an unfamiliar melody, but yet the sound was familiar.

Gerald didn't have to hold Arnold's wrist anymore and soon, he was the one who had trouble keeping up. Arnold was running on pure adrenaline, hope rushing through him. It can't be. It just can't. He told himself, but he hoped he was wrong. That voice… It can't be her. My mind is tricking me again.

Even as Arnold thought that, he kept running until the voice was right in front of him. He halted suddenly and looked at the sight in front of him with disbelieving eyes. On a blanket, splayed on the grass, were a couple of students sitting and listening to someone play the guitar. It was a girl with long blonde hair that had one pink stripe in it. She had her back turned to Arnold, but he didn't need to see her face to know who that voice belonged to.

"Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking, but I stay strong and I hold on 'cause I know…" the voice sang slowly and beautifully.

"That's her… right?" Gerald asked in a whisper in Arnold's ear, but the blonde boy was only listening to the blonde girl.

The guitar riff turned more upbeat and happy as the blonde continued to sing. "I will see you again. This is not where it ends. I will carry you with me 'till I see you again…" she finished and the students around her started clapping.

"That was so good!" one of the girls said in awe. "Who inspired you to write that?"

"Who said anyone inspired me?" the blonde asked and shrugged innocently.

"Girl, please." A boy said with a smug look on his face. "No one writes a song like that just because so out with it. Who's the guy?"

The blonde shook her head, dismissing her new friends' curiosity and started playing absentmindedly on the guitar again. She noticed one of girls frowning at something though. "What is it?"

"There's two boys staring at us." She whispered to one of the girls.

"I think they're staring at you." Another girl said and nudged her elbow playfully against the blonde's arm.

"Not interested." The blonde girl declared sternly and continued playing.

"Now they're coming over here."

"Oh, for crying out loud." The blonde said and turned around. "Look, I am not - - Arnold?!" she screamed in shock and felt her guitar fall out of her arms. She stared at him with wide, piercingly blue eyes and Arnold stared back. Now he knew it was her. She looked different, but it was her. It was Helga.

"You know him?" the boy asked Helga. She nodded mechanically before she stood up on the blanket, her guitar forgotten on the ground.

Gerald pushed at Arnold and the blonde boy started walking until he was standing in front of Helga. They looked at each other in silence, eyeing the other as if trying to find clues that they were wrong. That they weren't in fact standing in front of each other after such a long time.

"Hi…" Arnold finally whispered, unsure what else to say.

"Hi…" Helga whispered back, her mouth still agape.

"What the hell is going on?" a girl whispered to a boy and that boy slapped Helga's leg. She looked down at him in surprise, but then stepped to the side and gestured to Arnold.

"Uh, guys. This is Arnold, he's… he's my… W-What are you doing here?!" Helga finally asked, the shock slowly fading and replaced with confusion.

"I…" Arnold started and pointed absentmindedly at the building behind him. "I just got here…"

"You go to school here?" Helga asked as she stared at the building. "Wait, what room are you in?"

"B… B-515." Arnold answered and Helga's eyes went wide again.

"Isn't that the room across yours, Helga?" one of the girls asked as she stood up. Arnold looked at her questioningly and she nodded her head. He made a breath that sound like he wanted to gasp in disbelief, but it came out rather weak.

Gerald looked between the blondes in disbelief. "Are you two just gonna stand there and ignore the fact that you are going to be attending the same college for the next years?!" he asked. "And, Arnold, we were just talking about her. Isn't it funny?"

Arnold shot Gerald a hateful look, but the darker boy just smirked. "You were talking about me?" Helga asked and Arnold looked at her awkwardly.

"I… I found the pictures…" he explained, but she still seemed confused. "From the wedding, you know…"

"Oh!" Helga exclaimed when she remembered. "You still have those?"

"Yes… my dad must have just thrown them in with my things though, he obviously didn't look at them first." Arnold explained awkwardly and Helga made an equally awkward laugh before she cleared her throat.

"Um… H-Helga, didn't you say that you were hungry just before?" a girl asked and Helga looked at her. "Shouldn't we go to the cafeteria then?"

It was clear that the girl wanted to save Helga from the obviously awkward situation. Arnold wanted to say that he had to talk to Helga, but she nodded at the girl. "Yeah, sure… I'll… I'll see you around, Arnold." she said clumsily and turned around.

"Helga!" Arnold called and grabbed her wrist before she could get away. She turned her head and looked at him with big eyes. "I missed you." He said just before he noticed something against his palm. He looked down at her wrist and noticed something silver glimmering in the sunlight. He lifted her hand and saw her going shy when she understood what he was looking at. He looked up at her. "You're still wearing it."

Helga shrugged as if she didn't understand why Arnold thought it was a big deal. "I said I would…" she muttered and looked at him with those innocent, kitten-like eyes. He couldn't contain himself anymore and he pulled her into a crushing hug. She gasped and her hands automatically ended on his back do to the force. She let them stay there and relaxed in his embrace.

"Ok, that's our cue!" Gerald declared and waved at Helga's friends. "Let's give these two some space."

"Wait. I still want to know what the hell is going on!" one of the girls bellowed unhappily even while she was walking backwards with her friends. "Helga, is that the guy you were singing about before?"

"Shut up." Gerald ordered.

"And the one from your poems?"

"Shut up!" Gerald said, embarrassed by the thought of Helga writing love poems about his best friend. He had happily forgotten about that.

"He's as pushy as ever, huh?" Helga questioned with a smile.

Arnold nodded and looked at her. He noticed her pink stripe again and touched it absentmindedly. "You actually colored it."

"Yeah… I figured what the hell?" Helga said shyly.

"It suits you… Sid was right." Arnold admitted and let go of the pink lock.

"Thank you…" she said. They realized they were still hugging and quickly let go of each other. Arnold was about to say something, but Helga beat him to it. "I'm sorry."

That caught Arnold by surprise. "For what?"

"I just…" Helga started. "I thought you'd might be mad at me… I mean, there you were choosing me over your dad and I chose my mom over you."

Arnold looked Helga over for a moment and then crossed his arms. "You chose me over yourself, Helga."

Helga smiled awkwardly at being caught. "Tomato-tomato." She said giddily and looked away. "Hey," she said and looked at him curiously. "what happened to Rhonda after I hit her?"

Arnold's eyes widened and he snickered at the memory. He cleared his throat though, feeling guilty for laughing. "She had to get a nose job."

Helga doubled over laughing, she simply couldn't help it and Arnold joined her. "I'm sorry!" she said and tried to hold her laughter back. "I just can't feel bad for her."

"It's good to hear your laugh again." Arnold said with a dreamy smile. She smiled awkwardly at him and moved a lock behind her hair. She was about to speak, but Arnold beat her to it this time.

"What happened with you and Miriam?"

Helga kept looking away, a sour expression taking over her face. "I… haven't talked to her in a while actually."

"What? Why not?"

"Oh, I don't know… I probably stopped talking to her when she went back with Bob." She replied casually.

Arnold's mouth almost hit the ground when the blonde girl said that. "I am… I am so sorry, Helga. How could she do that? What was the thinking - - Why are you laughing?" he asked in confusion when Helga grabbed at her stomach.

"For crying out loud, you're still as gullible as ever! She didn't do that, you moron! She's not that stupid." Helga explained and continued laughing.

Arnold frowned. "Funny." He said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry…" she said and took a deep breath to calm herself down. She smiled at him. "We did what I said we would; got jobs and decided to take care of each other without anyone else's help… pretty feministic now that I think about."

Arnold laughed at the thoughtful expression Helga was making. "That's really cool though… so she's doing fine on her own now?"

"Yep, she has a steady job. It doesn't pay well, but she gets by." Helga explained and Arnold nodded in happiness. That was a load off his chest; he had been worried about them since they left. "So… what happened? After Miriam and I left."

This was the question Arnold had hoped Helga wouldn't ask, but he knew that she would so all he could do was mentally prepare himself for the scolding he would surely get. "We… We stayed in that house for a bit… but as soon as another room became available at Sunset Arms we moved back there. Miles wanted to try and make me happy after everything that had happened."

Helga looked at Arnold disapprovingly. "Miles?" she repeated and crossed her arms.

Arnold sighed. "It didn't work." He admitted. "We tried, I tried, Helga, but… we just never…"

"You never became dad and son." Helga finished for him and he nodded. "So… all the pain you and I went through… our sacrifice was for nothing?" she asked and when Arnold didn't answer, she groaned and sat down on the blanket. "So much for doing the right thing."

"Maybe this means it wasn't the right thing." Arnold suggested as he sat down next her.

Helga shrugged. "Are you happy though?" she inquired and he looked at her in surprise. "All I wanted was for you to be happy, Arnold. If you're happy despite this thing with your dad then…"

Arnold smiled awkwardly. "Define happy…" he asked her, but she just frowned at him. "I'd be a lot happier with you back in my life."

Arnold's words clearly took Helga's breath away and that gave him hope that she felt the same way. She looked down at the grass though and started pulling at it. "I'm… not sure if that's true."

"What? I just told you, of course it's true."

"That's not what I meant." Helga snapped and looked back at him.

Arnold calmed himself. "What did you mean?"

Helga wetted her lips. "Think about your answer before you talk." She said. "What do you want to do after college?"

Arnold shook his head in absolute shock. "Uh… that's not what I expected."

"Answer me anyway."

"I will. I will…" Arnold insisted, waving his hands to assure her that he was just thinking about his answer as she had requested. He didn't have to think for too long. "I want to be a psychologist."

Helga's head tilted and she couldn't help but smile. "No kidding… That's actually… very you." She said in wonder.

Arnold smiled back. "And you?"

Helga's smile faded at that and she looked at her guitar. "I want so many things… I'm not sure yet. I want to write… I want to play and sing, actually." She replied casually. "I want… to travel the world to see what it has to offer before I decide."

Arnold kept smiling. "Sounds like a wonderful idea."

"You don't get it, do you?" Helga asked accusingly and Arnold frowned at her. "Our plans are clashing, Arnold." she told him.


"I want to see the world and you want to become a psychologist. How is that going to work?"

Arnold laughed in disbelief. "You're talking about way off in the future!"

"It's two years, Arnold!"

"It's still in the future."

"I can't say goodbye to you again!" Helga screamed, but leaned back again, ignoring the stares they got from a few students nearby. Arnold looked at Helga for the longest time before he spoke.

"Then don't…" he begged her and reached for her hand, but she pulled it away.

"When college is over, then what? Are we just going to separate? Are you going to ignore that that's what's going to happen?"

"You are talking about two years in the future! A million things could happen until then! I could change my mind about my job, I want to do a lot of different things too! I want to travel the world too now that I think about it!"

"I won't change my mind! I know my plans, I know what I need to do before I settle down or make commitments!" Helga argued back. "I won't change, Arnold, and you have to ask yourself this; can I make you happy the way I am right now?"

"Helga, you made me happy back then… why should that change now?"

Helga grabbed her hair in frustration. "My dreams don't even include you, Arnold. What does that tell you?" she asked and looked at him again.

Arnold thought her words over for a moment before he shook his head. "It tells me you're still afraid." He answered and she looked at him in shock. "After all this time… you're still so afraid of losing me that you'd rather push me away yourself."

Helga hissed and looked away. "Maybe you're right." She admitted and looked back at him. "And what are you going to do about that? I might feel like that forever."

"Then I'll just have to spend forever to prove to you that I'm not going anywhere - - "

"You can't promise that, Arnold! You don't know what the future brings!"

"Neither do you!" Arnold shouted, angrily this time. "You keep talking about the future and what might happen, but you're not anymore psychic than I am, Helga!"

"Then answer me this." Helga said and sat up on her knees. "The way I am now… if I never change, if everything about me stays the same… can I make you happy? Can I make you happy with the way I am now because I am not gonna change."

"I - - "

"And think with this," Helga said as she flicked at Arnold's head. "instead of this," she pointed at his heart. "before you answer."

"My answer is the same." Arnold replied stubbornly. "You made me happy back then, Helga, why wouldn't you do that now?"

"And in the future?" Helga asked and Arnold groaned. "I want you to seriously think before you answer. Please…"

Arnold looked at how serious and Helga was as she pleaded with him and he took a deep breath before he spoke. "I don't know." He replied honestly. "I don't know if you can make me happy in the future, Helga… the same way I don't know if I can make you happy." Helga seemed to appreciate his honesty until he continued. "But I would like to find out."

Helga leaned back as he got closer and she watched him in awe.

"When I first met you," he said and took her hands in his. "I had no idea this was where we would end up. I went from liking you to disliking you to liking you again to hating you and to loving you. I didn't know… that I would love you so much. Or that I even could. I didn't know about all the things we were going to go through together or all the pain I was going to feel when you left me… but I'd do it all over again."

Helga, who'd had a somber and awry expression on her face until now, gawked at Arnold. He'd go through all that again?

"I don't regret falling in love with you, Helga or being with you… and I still want to be with you. You're right, I don't know if you can make me happy or if I can make you happy… but I want to give it all I got. So I don't know, but I want to find out." Arnold said and finally took a much needed breath. Helga's eyes went half-lidded, clearly affected by Arnold's words. He could see that her former resolve was faltering, but she wasn't ready to give in yet. "Helga," he said to get her attention again. "what was the point in leaving the lights on if you're just going to leave the room?"

Helga was gawking at the smug boy in front of her for a long time before her eyes scrunched together as if she was in pain. "That's… That's the most… That is the most horrible metaphor I have ever heard, my God!" she exclaimed in disgust and Arnold rolled his eyes, still wearing a smile on his lips. "I'm embarrassed for you! Have you not learned anything from knowing me for such a long - - "

Arnold put his hands on Helga's cheeks and pulled her into a smoldering kiss. She gasped in surprise, putting her hands on top of his as if she was going to push him away, but she relaxed in his familiar kiss. It felt like coming home and her hands slipped down his arms until they reached his chest and she finally pushed herself away from him. He kept smiling at her, watching her as she bit on her lower lip.

"I can't live with a good conscience, knowing you will make such bad metaphors for the rest of your life." Helga huffed with her lips pursed. She flinched when some hair tickled her and when she looked at Arnold, she found out it was because he was playing with her pink hair once again. He lifted it to his mouth and kissed it adoringly, looking at her through his black eyelashes as he did so. She shook her head in amusement and smirked at him. "Sneaky bastard."

The blondes laughed as Helga jumped into Arnold's arm, successfully knocking him backwards and onto the blanket. They kept laughing for a bit before she leaned down to give him what could only be described as one of her signature passionate kisses that could take his breath away within a second. He pulled her closer to him by the waist and let his hand wander up her back and into her hair.

"I have no idea what's going on, but I'm crying so hard right now!" a girl exclaimed as she was hugged by another girl.

The blondes looked away from each other and at the group of people Helga had been hanging out with before Arnold and Gerald had disturbed them. "I tried to get them away." Gerald insisted with a shrug. "Congratulations! No more gloomy Arnold, thank God."

Helga looked curiously at Arnold because of Gerald's comment, but the blonde boy just shrugged innocently before helping her sit up. "Want to introduce me now?" he asked smugly.

With a giggle, Helga took his hand and helped him stand up just in time for her friends and Gerald to approach them. "Guys, this is Arnold… my inspiration." She confessed and showed them a broad smile.

"Oh, I knew it was you!" a girl said excitedly and bounced before offering Arnold her hand. They all copied her action one-by-one and the boy whispered something in Helga's ear that made her slap his chest. "What?" a girl asked.

"Oh, I just told Helga that we don't really want her to join us in the cafeteria after all." The boy said with an innocent shrug before throwing his arm over Arnold. "I'm guessing this one will be giving her some sugar anyway."

The girls groaned before pulling him away from Arnold. "Jack, you're so gross!" one of them laughed and waved at Helga. "See you around, lovebirds. Have fun unpacking."

"Who's the gross one now?!" the boy named Jack asked sarcastically and the girl just stuck her tongue out at him. "You joining us, pretty boy?"

"Pretty boy?" Gerald repeated with a frown.

"Careful, Geraldo." Helga said mockingly. "Jack's gay."

"As if I hadn't noticed…" Gerald mumbled sarcastically.

"Hey, I resent that!" Jack said. "How did you know?"

"Bitch, please." Helga said. "You fit every stereotype there is."

Jack cocked his head to the side thoughtfully, pursing his lips girlishly. "True." He stated and then grinned. "Come on, you gorgeous man."

Gerald looked slightly awkward at the way Jack was addressing him, but he couldn't help but laugh. He shrugged. "I guess I wanted to find some friends anyway."

"Careful he doesn't become a friend with benefits."

"Still as funny as ever, Pataki." Gerald said and made a loud, sarcastic laugh before he followed her friends.

Helga snickered in Arnold's neck and he laughed at the ticklish feeling. "Same old Gerald." She said and took Arnold by his hand. "Want me to help you unpack?"

"Sounds good. I can help you unpack too." Arnold suggested and they started heading towards their building.

"Oh, please. I've been here for a couple of days already, everything's unpacked already."

"Really?" Arnold asked suspiciously.

Helga hesitated. "Ok, there might be a few boxes left." She admitted.

"Same Helga." Arnold teased as he opened the door for her.

"Same Arnold." Helga retorted and walked inside, pulling him with her by his hand. "You do realize I have no intention of helping you unpack, right?"

Arnold smiled knowingly. "Yeah, I had a feeling you had an ulterior motive."

"Yeah, I'm a bad girl." Helga said playfully and let their hands wave between them. "I just realized something…" she said thoughtfully and looked at him through mischievous eyes. "Things are different now… but we are still going to be sneaking into each other's rooms."

Arnold blinked and then groaned in realization. Helga laughed loudly at his reaction and put her hand on his cheek to stop him from walking. She kissed his cheek once then his jaw, his nose and his forehead, until she finally reached his lips. They held each other tightly and sighed in bliss.

The teenagers had no idea what the many years ahead of them would make them endure and how many troubles they would have to face in order to stay together. They didn't know if they would make it, but the happiness they felt right then was every bit worth the risk. And their hearts told them that they could go the distance.

The end

Author's 2nd note: *Sigh* now it actually is done… I'm sad! And happy… and relieved… and bored xD No, that's a lie, I have so many other stories I am planning to write so I am never bored xD

The song Helga was singing was "See you again" by Carrie Underwood. I considered other songs before writing this chapter, one of them being "What hurts the most" by Rascal Flatts. I figured I wanted her to sing a happier song though so I chose "See you again" at the end :)