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I'm In Love with a Famous Person chapter 4

Interview Sucks and So Is You
A.K.A "When Levy and Juvia Chocked Their Snacks Because Of Erza."

Erza clenched her fist, gritting her teeth in frustration. The place was pleasant, the tea was great, and the cake was incredible, but there was something that made her to not concern any of it anymore. Erza took a deep breath to calm down, taking the last bite of the cake. She thought she could've enjoyed the place while the band was out on photo shooting, but oh how wrong she was. All the stares and the annoying whispers were hanging her last patience on its peak. Her eyes twitched when the news just kept on talking all about her and Jellal, which was totally uncomfortable. This Jellal that Jellal, have all your precious Jellal-kun for yourself! She thought irritatingly.

"Dear customer, here is your bill." The waitress smiled politely as she gave the bill check. Erza sighed in relief; finally she could get out of this place. "And um… D-Do you perhaps have any selfie or photos that Jellal-kun didn't post in social media? I-It's alright if there's you in there and-!"

"We met with the famous guitarist Jellal Fernandez this morning, and what a surprise! He was in a date with his girlfriend! Her name is-" She quickly stood up from her seat, ignoring the fact everyone looked at her with a surprised looks. Some gasped and some whispered; there were some people who were ready to take a picture too. She glared at the waitress as she pulled out the bills from her wallet and walked outside without asking for the change. Damn it, she cursed as she walked away from the shop. Her red hair was attracting quite enough attention already, and the news with those crazy reporters interrogating her was no help. Last but not least, from that waitress's reaction, it has been decided that it could be worse than ever now. Curse all the reporters!

She sighed as she stomped all the way to the studio of the photo shoot the band was having. Now that it turned out to be like this, she will make sure to clear up the misunderstanding!



"Because it will takes so much work."

She glared, "Well excuse me, mister oh-not-so-busy but if it wasn't because of you attracting quite a lot of reporters this morning from the start I won't be stuck with this crowds looking at us like a piece of meat!" She yelled furiously, pointing at the big crowd outside the buildings and some reporters with their cameras. "You were only lucky there were bodyguards this time but I am not so sure about the next time." She hissed, remembering the event occurred this morning. She even had to skip school because of her being late with all those interviews and crowds forsake!

It was actually a miracle on how perfect Jellal's timing was. The bodyguard almost didn't let her in; ranting about many fangirls would wear a wig and pretend to be Jellal's girlfriend which was annoying. Well to be honest, Erza found it quite annoying enough by only imagining the occasion. When she was about to get chased out, luckily Jellal was on the vending machine, saw Erza and told how it was the real Erza which was quite awkward actually. She wasn't really used to be called the real Erza because heck, she was supposed to be the one and only Erza Scarlet.

Jellal sighed, knowing how she was true. Well yes, they were attracting quite a lot of attention. Jellal was famous of not interested with girls or relationship for the time being, using the reason of focusing with the band for the meanwhile. But of course, him being single and hot plus some extras of how calm and cool, yet famous gentleman personality had him to keep on winning the top 5 hottest celebrity male category and top 3 celebrity-I-want-as-my-boyfriend categories in weekly sorcerer magazine. It appears to be hot issues magazines with the newest news about celebrities and interesting topic of entertainment topic.

"Fine, I will go outside only if you will come with me."

Erza blinked.

Jellal blinked.

"No." She curtly answered. "I don't want to get into that horrid side ever again."

"Wow, what a surprise, Miss Scarlet, so do I." Jellal smiled gently, yet Erza gritted her teeth in irritation. Seriously, this person takes too much to handle!

Erza raised both of her hands, "Fine! I will!" She gave up as she sighed. "You will pay for it if anything happens to me though." She threatened as she glared at the guy.

Lucy sighed, taking another sip of her coke as she just sat there and tapping her fingers on the table silently. She didn't know what to do anymore, bored to death on hours of sitting there doing literally nothing with literally nobody to entertain her. She gave a little glare that wasn't recognized by the busy pink haired singer.

Natsu was busy. Obviously since he was one the top band in the whole Fiore, which was actually a big deal. Then why would he invited –or in fact- forced her to go with him on the photo shoot? She would've been writing her brain off in her lovely desk in her lovely room which was a luxury. That guy just needed a little more lecture! She sighed, deciding she might need to cool her head down.

And that's when everything went weird in her ears.

"I told you we weren't like that!" Her ears twitched, "Was that Erza? She finished her strawberry cake already?"

"Please be a little more honest! A little moment of your date this morning would be enough!" Erza was on a date this morning?! So that's why she was absent?

She decided to ignore it, but curiosity just get the best of her so she decided that maybe, maybe a little peek wouldn't bite. Lucy slowly went her way near the window, nervously started to make her pair of big, brown orbs in front of the window. She saw a sea of humans which was disgusting and caused her want to puke. If it wasn't because of Erza's totally noticeable hair color, she would've lost her in sight.


The blonde quickly retreats back from the window; swiftly making her way back into the studio. Better be safe than sorry, she thought. She was totally curious on what happened, but judging from many reporters out there, it was kind of obvious they would appear in TV anyway.

On the other hand, Erza was trying her best not to snap and go in rampage. She knew fully well not to stain her school's name, and that was the only thing that held her right now. Although to be honest, she didn't know how long she will last with many people and fangirls of Fairy Tail –especially Jellal- were glaring and giving her silent threat with their faces. She sighed, girls are so weird.

"GIRLS ARE SO WEIRD!" Natsu exclaimed, running for his dear life as he regretted his choice of some fresh air to escape from the studio. To hell with fresh air, he can't even breathe for a second and rest. All curse the fangirls.

"Natsu-kun, please sign this for me!"

"Natsu-kun, just a second and grab my hand! I've gone to all your concerts!"

"Natsu-kun, take a photo with me!"

"Natsu-kun! Natsu-kun!"

Natsu groaned as he knew how it will take a whole day to escape. Can he get any normal fan?! All his fans were Natsu crazy or even worse, stalker and creepy. He barely want to imagine how his fans will stare at his photos before going to sleep, he shivered at the thought.

He stopped for a second and quickly turned around, founding a way to make all his fans stop chasing him. "Sorry but Natsu-kun is taken by a weirdo called Luce now!" He shouted all of a sudden, causing all the fans to freeze at that second. Chance! He thought as he quickly ran out of the place, leaving his fans with blank expression and stood silently.

Few minutes passed, and some of them cried.

Juvia and Levy were at loss. They were planning to do some shopping with Erza and Lucy, but Erza wouldn't answer her phone while Lucy kept leading them to voicemail. Now they ended up with a sigh in Levy's apartment. They just ordered pizza few minutes ago and slumped themselves on the sofa, all worn out with all the walking and searching.

"Juvia wonders where Lucy-san and Erza-san went to…." Juvia mumbled, taking another sip of the cold lemonade Levy just offered her.

"Maybe busy with some stuff? Erza-san was absent today too, so maybe Lucy-san was busy taking care of her? They both know each other from middle school after all." The bookworm suspected, grabbing her remote TV and changing the channel.

"We are currently in the photo shoot studio of the famous Fairy Tail Band right now! We weren't allowed to get in but this is how the building looks like." The reporter exclaimed, stepped out from the camera sight and letting the watchers to see the building. There were such a big crowds screaming and squealing, but the building looked so rich.

"Wow, they are real deal, aren't they?" Levy mumbled, amazed at how the fans desperately wanted to meet them and willing to wait in outside until they finished their photo shoot. There were some bodyguards in place, all around the building to be exact. Wow, must be hard work every day with these crowds.

"What a crowd isn't it? But what a surprise! Jellal brought his girlfriend along!" The reporter of the news exclaimed with an oh-so-obviously-fake gasp. Levy just opened the potato chip she took from the fridge and continue watching it, waiting for the doorbell to ring and her pizza to come.

"WE ARE NOT GOING OUT!" Both Levy and Juvia almost choked at the familiar voice. Both pair of eyes widened in surprise as they stepped closer to the television, recognizing the scarlet hair of their friends.


" WE. ARE. NOT. GOING. OUT!" She glared at the reporters, feeling annoyed. "We really had nothing going on between us! There were some accidental meeting but done, nothing else!" She exclaimed as more camera lights flashed on the redhead.

"Then why are you in here with Jellal?"

"There was this new famous cake shop in here so I just came along!"

"Some witnesses saw you both together this morning."

"What are we, prisoner?!"

"Are you two dating?"

"Like I said, we're not!" She answered; face palming as she knew how the question of her and Jellal as a thing won't end no matter how many times she answers it.

"Can you tell us some stories of how you two meet?"

As she was about to open her mouth to reject the question, she was cut immediately by a famous guitarist next to her, "I'm sorry, but I really need to go with the photo shoot and Erza here has some business with me, so excuse me." He bowed, quickly made his way inside the building. That caused uproar outside, if you see it from the inside.

"Wait a minute! Just few more questions!"

"We really are about to finished!"

"Please wait for a minute!"

All that uproar was so…. Crowded? Erza looked pale as she was about to vomit. They have gone with it for an hour and they still wanted more?! Yup, they are crazy. She was dead tired with this.

"Let's go." The deep voice startled Erza from her thoughts. She nodded absent-mindedly, wanted to escape from the place too. "Just for you to know, it was kind of funny seeing you being interviewed. No offense." He gave a little laugh, which earned a playful hit in the shoulder by Erza and a little glare.

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