White Angel again. And this is my Yu-Gi-Oh/Harry Potter crossover. Straight story this time: no author notes (save this) and no side story. At the most, I may answer a question.

This story centers around Yugi, Ryou, and Malik's school year. Meaning I will be focusing on them much more that Harry's group. And I may seem to focus on Ryou and Malik a bit more that Yugi at times, but that just happens when I write about my favorite characters.

Takes place after Battle City and may be somewhat of a SPOILER. If you don't want to read what happens at the end of Battle City, skip the rest of the intro, though the story may confuse you later. Yugi has the puzzle and the tauk, which Isis gave him in Battle City. Ryou has the ring and the eye (thought the eye is not "installed" as it was in my "Mutilation" series), and, despite popular belief, he lives through Battle City, at least in the manga. Malik still has the rod in my version for the purpose of involving him in the story. In the manga, Yugi ends up with the rod. The Harry Potter portion takes place after book 4. Storyline: Voldemort has discovered the existence of the Millennium Items and plans to use them to pursue his own evil plans. Meanwhile, Dumbledore finds out that three youths have recently come into some magic. Because of their age, no other school will take them. So Dumbledore extends his hand and invites them to Hogwarts...

Chapter 1: The Discovery

A pale and thin man paced across the dusty floor of an abandoned house. Flames from the blazing fireplace cast shadows across the room. At a table in the corner, a stout, short, sniveling man flipped through the pages of huge book. Several other volumes were stacked next to him. His hand, which appeared to be made out of silver, rapidly scanned the pages as he skimmed over the words. Both men were dressed in long black cloaks.

"Have you found nothing yet, Wormtail?" came the shrill voice of the first man. "My patience is growing thin."

"I am looking, Lord," came the nervous reply of "Wormtail". "I've found nothing that looks like it would do you any good."

"I need a new source of power," the man said, more to himself than to his counterpart. "I shall never get into Hogwarts and have my revenge using the same old tricks."

"I understand, my Lord, I understand well. But I have looked through three Volumes of 'Most Powerful Magic of the Twentieth Century' and I have found nothing!"

"You fool!" shrieked the first man, his scarlet eyes narrowing on his snake- like face. "No modern magic will be of any use! Every witch and wizard at that school knows how to counter modern magic! Check the old texts, the information about the ancient magical races, the Chinese, the Indians, the Egyptians, not this recent trash!"

"Yes, yes, Master!" cried Wormtail hastily. "How foolish of me! I should have known! I'll get on that right away!"

After a few hours passed by, Wormtail paused on the page in front of him. "Master, this might be what we've been searching for."

"What is it?" the thin man replied rather unenthusiastically. He seemed to have little faith in his subordinate.

"It's here in 'Histories of Ancient Magics.' Egyptian artifacts, known as the Millennium items. They contain the forces of darkness and have various powers. There seems to be seven in total."

"Are you quite sure that this is actual truth? It seems as if I have heard this story before."

"It is part of an Egyptian legend, Lord. The book does not say whether or not they actually exist. But if they do, they would be a great asset."

The thin man's interest was peaked. "What sort of powers do these items have?"

"It depends on the item. One contains the spirit of an undefeatable strategist. Another contains the soul of a clever and ruthless thief. One has the power to see the future, another can read minds, and another can control a person's thoughts and actions. One can read truth, and yet another allows you to gain access to a person's mind."

"Interesting," said the thin man. "If these items exist, where can they be found?"

"Egypt, Lord. The book has little information about their exact location, but it says that they are guarded by a tribe of grave-keepers. Or at least they were at the time this book was written. That was over 500 years ago. By now, the items might have fulfilled their prophecy and may be in the hands of their fated possessors, the reincarnated forms of the items' former owners. They could be anywhere. That is, if they actually exist..."

"I have a feeling, Wormtail."

"What's that, my Lord?" Wormtail questioned cautiously. He was obviously intimidated by his master.

"These magical items are out there. Spread the word among my Death Eaters. I want those items..."


At the Hogwarts School, the ancient headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, sat speaking to a scruffy-looking man when there was a knock at his door. Dumbledore cast a glance at his companion which was answered with an understanding nod before announcing that his new visitor may enter. In stepped Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic.

"Dumbledore, may I have a word?"

"You just did," replied the venerable headmaster, "but I suppose you may have a few more. Sit, please. And I will be seeing you at the start of the term, Professor White."

With that, the man stepped out of the room, paying no heed to the Minister, who was obviously not used to being ignored in such a way.

"Might I inquire-"

"He is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." Dumbledore answered before the Minister was even able to finish his question. "Now what is it you need, Cornelius? The term will be starting in one month, and I am very busy preparing."

"Dumbledore, I know that we did not part on the best of terms last year, but I ask you to put that aside for now. I am here on business."

"I am always the professional, as you well know," said Dumbledore. "What is your business?"

"The International Magic Counsel has come to me with a problem that I hope you can help with. A special situation. The counsel has detected three youths with extraordinary magical abilities of a variety that has not been seen in centuries. There are adults with this magic, too, but counsel will handle them. It is the youths that we are concerned about. For some reason yet to be determined, this ancient magic has surfaced in them recently. Their power exceeds anything that has been seen in someone their age. The counsel feels that they could be a danger to themselves as well as others without proper schooling. But that is the problem. They are well above the age of beginning students, at fifteen or sixteen years of age. With that and their already high levels of magic with no training whatsoever, the counsel is having a difficult time finding a school that will accept them. None of the wizarding schools in their areas will take them on. They claim they haven't the means to catch such students up with their age group. That is why I was asked to come to you. You have been known for not, uh, discriminating against those who wish to come to your school."

"And so you want to know if I will accept these students," Dumbledore finished, nodding. "Has anyone approached them yet?"

"No. They know nothing of the situation."

Dumbledore stroked his long white beard thoughtfully, a curious look in his eye. "I don't see why these potential students should be deprived of an education simply because they are late starters," he said finally. "I will accept them."

"Wonderful!" Fudge exclaimed. "One less problem. We shall notify the students at once-"

"No," Dumbledore interrupted. "I shall be the one to approach them. I am the person who approaches all of Hogwarts' potential students."

"But Dumbledore, this is a special situation. Surly it is the Ministry that should-"

"The Ministry is so eager to solve the issue of these students that they will sugar-coat everything in order to get them to accept," Dumbledore interrupted again. "I do not want students arriving with no knowledge of the trials and potential dangers that may face them here. These are dangerous times, Cornelius. The students should be prepared, even if it means they turn down the offer. I will send them a letter, first and foremost."

"Dumbledore, this is highly irregular," Fudge fumed. "The situation calls for more than a simple letter."

"That is why I also intend to meet with each one of them, individually and in person," Dumbledore answered. "And I shall make arrangements for them to stay in Diagon Alley as the term nears. Now, may I have the information on these students?"

Fudge continued to fume as he reached in his robe and pulled out three scrolls. He laid them somewhat roughly on Dumbledore's desk and said, "Here you are, Headmaster. If you insist upon handling this yourself, then I leave you with the responsibility. And seeing as you have no more need of me, I shall take my leave. Good luck with the situation and your approaching school year." With that he turned around and exited the same way he came in.

Dumbledore opened and spread all three scrolls out on his desk. He curiously read each one of them out loud to no one but himself. "Hmm... Yugi Mouto, fifteen, of Domino City, Japan. Ryou Bakura, sixteen, of Domino City, Japan. And Malik Ishtal, sixteen, of Cairo, Egypt. That would make them all about fifth or sixth year. I think fifth would be best. It will be easier on them to keep them with their same age group. Other exceptions will have to be made for their lack of experience, but that can not be determined until I know their magic level. Hmmm...Egypt, I know, has a fine school of magic. And most Japanese students attend The Imperial School of Magic and Sorcery in China. Both excellent schools. I wonder why neither would accept them... "


"Yugi! Are you going to sleep all day just because you're on summer break?!"

"Not with you around, Grandpa," the violet-eyed youth called back. He reluctantly pulled back the covers and stepped out of bed, stretching and yawning loudly. He commenced his morning ritual of brushing his teeth and hair and getting dressed. He completed his outfit of black jeans and a simple T-shirt by placing the golden millennium puzzle around his neck. Good morning, Yami, he said in his mind.

Must you wake me this early? came the disgruntled answer of the ancient Egyptian spirit.

If I have to get up, you have to get up Yugi laughed. A hatred of early mornings was one of many things that they shared.

Yugi headed downstairs to breakfast. His grandfather already had a cereal bowl out for him, with the milk and box of cereal nearby. It wasn't until after he sat down and began to pour his breakfast that he saw his grandfather examining an envelope.

"What's that, Grandpa?"

"A letter for you apparently," replied the older Mouto, scratching his head. "It's odd, though."

"The post never passes this early," Yugi replied. "Anything else odd about it?"

"See for yourself," said the elder as he tossed the letter to his grandson. Yugi examined it. It was written in perfect Japanese lettering and was addressed to "Yugi Mouto, The Northernmost Upstairs Bedroom, Turtle Game Shop, Domino City, Japan." He raised an eyebrow at his grandfather who just shrugged.

"The return address is in English and is stamped in wax on the back. I don't understand a word of it. Anyway, I have to get to the shop. I can handle it alone today if you want to go out with your friends." With that, the old man exited the small kitchen and headed toward the front and his shop.

Yugi narrowed his eyes at the letter. Yami was equally intrigued, although he seemed to think that it was an invitation to a new tournament. The spirit had grown restless since Battle City with the lack of a challenge. Yugi doubted this was the case. He examined the wax insignia on the back, but the only word he understood was "school" which only baffled him further. He hoped he could understand what was on the inside. English wasn't his best subject. He would have to go to Anzu for help if he couldn't read it

He opened it carefully. He gave a sigh of relief when he saw that the content was written in the same neat writing as his address had been. He began reading:

Dear Mr. Yugi Mouto,

My name is Professor Albus Dumbledore, and I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England. It has come to my attention that you have recently gained a great deal of magical ability, and I wish to extend to you an invitation to attend our fine school. We can teach you much about your new talents if you wish to learn. However, there is much more to tell you than can be said in a letter. I wish to meet with you in person. Please meet me in the center of Domino City Park, by the fountain at four o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday. I should think I would be quite noticeable. You will know it is me when you see me. Everything will be explained to you in full and all your questions answered at that time. Please do come. I am eagerly awaiting making your acquaintance.

Prof. Albus Dumbledore,


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

'Is this some kind of joke?' Yugi questioned himself. It looked so official. Could it be a joke from Jounouchi or Honda? No, neither of them was good enough to come up with something that creative. Creative plans like this (especially ones involving such occultish themes as witchcraft) seemed more like something Bakura would come up with. But Bakura wasn't one to play tricks, and Yugi didn't think even Jounouchi could convince the white-haired teen to play a practical joke. What do you make of it, Yami Yugi asked.

I don't know. Tomorrow is the day stated in the letter. That doesn't give us much time to think about it. I'm not sure... It may not be safe.

Are you trying to tell me that you think it could be someone YOU can't handle? Yugi said smartly. We know where all the millennium items are, so it's not like it's a dangerous new item holder. I'm sure it's just a joke. Why don't we let them have their fun?

If you insist, Yami replied. But I want you to wear the puzzle so I'll be there if there is any trouble.

Yami, I'm sure this is either a sudden burst of creativity on Jounouchi and Honda's part, or a sudden mischievous urge on Bakura's part. I mean, whoever heard of a wizard school?



More to come when the torments of the Hell that is my English III Honors class let up.