Cersei's hands trembled with terror at what had just occurred. Her mind buzzed with rage at what she had seen what the midwives had helped her spend nearly an entire day force out of herself. An old leather faced croon croaked at her. "Are you well, M'lady?"

Cersei shuddered in spite of her self, still weary from the labour she breathed out "Find my Brother. Now." The midwife bowed and left her side and the room to carry out the Queen's request. Cersei dismissed the remainder of the midwives and the decrepit Grand Maester pinning with lust over the young heart-faced red head nearest to the door. "Rancid old goat." snorted Cersei as she turned her nose up the grey haired Grand Maester as he left her chambers.

Cersei cast a glance to her left at the small bundle sleeping in the layers of cloth he was cast into when it fell out of her. 'No! No! No!' she screamed inside her head as she starred at it. It couldn't have been possible it should have been another golden lion shinnig in sunlight when it came into the world instead, drafted in darkness it clawed it's way out of her and almost split her in two to do it. 'That oaf Robert.' she thought 'The thousands of bastards he could have thrown into any woman he pleased he just couldn't have not put one in her.'

At that moment Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer strode into the room resplendent in his shining armour and white cloak flapping behind him. "Come to me, my love." Called Cersei reaching her hand out to her twin. "It's all gone so terribly wrong for us." She told him as he grasped her hand and tears began to well up in her eyes.

"What is wrong, my dear Cersei?" he asked, his green eyes shimmering with concern for his other half, "Is it stillborn?" Cersei shook her head. "No, look. Look at the monster." she spat her finger stretched out indicating the bundle near the window.

Jaime approached wary of the new born wrapped in sheets. He looked down at the pile of silk and saw the round faced baby that occupied them. He gathered it all up in his arms, the babe's head resting in crevice of his elbow. Jaime removed the cloth guarding the sleeping new born's hair and gasped at what he saw. He looked bewildered at Cersei. "Robert's?" Cersei nodded and sniffed, "The monster did this to me."

They stood in solemn silence in the presence of the sleeping baby. "I'm an Uncle." Jaime jested. Cersei's eyes narrowed at Jaime, whose eyes simply kept switching in between her and the baby. "Kill it." she spat in disgust. Had Jaime been eating he would have choked "What?!" he cried. "Kill it!" she shouted kicking her bed sheets away from her. "Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!" "No!" He bellowed back at her as she tried to scramble toward him.

This met with disapproval from the baby, as well as Jaime, whose eyes flicked open to find rather than it's Mother, Jaime looking at it instead. "I stop at killing Kings, Cersei. If you want me to kill a baby, send for Gregor Clegane." he said his voice full of venom toward his beloved Sister.

Cersei stopped a steps within reach of the baby scowling. "Why!?" she demanded of him. Jaime took a final glance at the babe in his arms and looked deep into it. Jaime's reply was simple. "Look at him." He said, pushing his arms forward so Cersei could take it from him. She backed off her face contorted unto a look of rage at the repugnant beast in his arms. "I have." she snorted, arms crossed along her chest, "Why do you think I want him dead?" Jaime forced the baby into her arms. "The eyes, Cersei."

The baby's look of confusion at the Kingsguard who had been hold it change when it was presented with it's mother and grew his first smile and Cersei saw it. A pair of green shimmering eyes. Lannister eyes. The tears that had been weld up in her eyes fell.

Cersei Lannister suddenly abandoned all notion of ever killing this baby. Her son. He would never be a lion like Joffery but it was still her son and she would be a mother to him regardless. Jaime looked at his love and knew she saw it to. She had seen it when Joffery had been born and wept as she did now. Cersei, now sitting on the edge her child now curled up toward her face as it tried to reach out and touch his mother.

"What's it's name?" questioned Jaime "I don't know. Robert told he I could name him, given he couldn't even be there to name his first born." Cersie thought long and hard. "If he is going to look like a Baratheon, he should have name like Baratheon." Said Jaime looking at the two "Bruce." replied Cersei, finally "Bruce?" questioned Jaime "Yes," said Cersei

"Bruce of Houses Baratheon and Lannister." she held her son out her hands gripping him beneath eack armpit the child then beltched at it's mother and burst into a fit of giggles. Jaime smirked "He definatly will take after Robert." Cersei looked at the window the sun starting to shine through it. "I don't care."