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January 1980.

A tall woman stood at the doorstep of the breaking down house, a small package in her hands. She debated for a moment if she should just walk away, remembering the last time she'd met the resident of this house, but eventually decided to stop thinking about herself. Her doom was already known, and near.

She hastily knocked on the door, and waited for the man to open it. He frowned when he saw her.

"What do you want, Mar?" he growled, and she took comfort in the fact that he at the very least used her nickname, rather than calling her by her full name.

"Can't an old friend just visit, Bobby?" she asked, walking into the house without invitation. The war was taking away all of the strength she'd had, but seeing him brought back the little childhood left in her twenty-three year old form.

"Last time I saw you, I told you to never come back," he muttered.

"And I had full intentions of doing just that," she replied. "Alas, sometimes we cannot do as we please, but as we must."

Bobby took a moment to consider the woman in front of him as he followed her to his living room. She still sported a fine, British accent and a tall, proud frame, but she seemed different from the last time he'd seen her, nearly a year ago. She seemed… defeated somehow.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"War," she said. "One I seem to be on the losing side of."

"War?" he repeated. "Between… your… kind?"

Marlene smiled sadly. "Yes," she said. "A Wizarding War."

"And you came here for shelter?" he asked.

"No," she said simply. "I am not likely to survive to see the end of this world. Hiding here will do me no good other than to put you in danger." She looked into his eyes, which reflected the love she felt for him. A love he told her he no longer felt. "I'm not here for shelter…" she repeated. "Not for myself, at least."

She carefully handed him the small package in her arms and he took a moment to look at it.

"What in the name of…" he trailed off.

"Yours," she said. "Couldn't have been anyone else's." She looked longingly at the sleeping baby that was now in his hands. "Her birthday is on September 19th," she provided. "She just turned four months old last week. I am hunted," she added, causing him to look up at her, "and so is my entire family. Nobody knows about her existence other than myself and my parents, and now you."

"Mar…" he started but she cut him off.

"Let me finish," she said, tears in her voice. "Please. I will probably have no other chance to tell you this, and I want you to know it all. I'm sorry, for keeping it a secret from you for so long, and I'm sorry for all the other secrets I've kept from you. I was only trying to protect you from the darkness of my world, just as you tried to protect me from the darkness in yours. I hope for your forgiveness, and hope that you will one day understand why I did it all."

She leaned in and kissed him once, very softly, before turning and walking towards the door.

"Marlene!" Bobby called and she turned to look at him. "What's her name?"

"Hermione," she replied as she walked out of the house and apparated away.

"Hermione," Bobby repeated quietly. "Hermione Singer."

January 1986.

The young girl ran around the house, screaming with the pure joy of childhood as she enjoyed the feeling of her hair trailing behind her.

Bobby Singer looked at his six-year-old daughter. She was so young and naïve, still untouched by the evil of this world. The evil he hunted. The evil he tried with all his might to keep away from the clever kid, who had already started asking questions.

She had inherited her mother's curls, but his brown hair. She had her brown eyes, but his eye-shape. And she inherited all of her mother's expressions, starting with joy and ending with anger. Young and small as she might have been, when she was angry she made everybody in her surroundings shiver.

As she decided to take a leap down the stairs, Bobby realized she wasn't going to make it. He jumped from his place, the warning at the edge of his tongue, but she'd already jumped.

She stayed in the air longer than he thought she would—longer than she should have—and he knew it was yet another sign that her mother's powers had passed on to her. But he was ripped away from the thought when her landing still wasn't perfect and she called out in pain.

"Daddy!" she cried, and he picked her up, gently placing her on the couch and looking at her bleeding leg. Just a scratch, nothing more, but wounds like that always seem bigger.

"It's alright, Mya," Bobby soothed the girl, taking out some gauze and antiseptic and preparing a Band-Aid nearby. "It's gonna sting a bit, but then it'll get better. Are you ready?" She nodded. "Hold my hand against the pain."

He disinfected the wound and she squeezed his hand as he put on the Band-Aid, but recovered quickly afterwards.

"Not so bad any more, is it?" he asked, wiping away her tears.

"Not at all, Daddy," she replied, hugging him.

"Don't you do that again, would ya?" he asked. "Gave me the creeps for a moment there."

"I won't," she promised.

He gave her a short hug to reassure himself that she really was okay, when a knock was heard from the door.

Instantly, he was taken back to that moment nearly six years ago, when Marlene had knocked on the door and brought him what was yet to be the only real joy in his life since he lost Karen. He knew she couldn't be back – if she was still alive she would have returned long ago – but every time someone knocked, he couldn't help but hope.

He opened the door to see a man slightly younger than he was, standing on the threshold.

"Yes?" he asked grumpily as moments passed and the stranger said nothing.

"Are you Bobby Singer?" the man asked.

Bobby's hand tightened on the shotgun that was just outside of the man's sight. "Depends on who's asking," he said.

"My name is John," the man said. "John Winchester. Rufus told me about you, and he said you might be able to help me with a case I'm working on." He looked at something behind Bobby and when the older man looked as well, he found Hermione peeking out from behind his leg, torn between curiosity and shyness. "Rufus didn't mention you had a kid," John said mindlessly.

"Yeah, I'm kinda busy right now," Bobby said. "Sometimes it's best to wait until there's nobody listening," he explained quietly, looking at the girl at his feet. "Why don't you come back later tonight?"

"I can't," John said, gesturing at the car where Bobby could now see a kid around Hermione's age playing with a young toddler. "I don't like leaving my boys alone at night."

The look on Bobby's face immediately softened. "Why don't you all come inside?" he asked. "Mya would love to have some friends her own age to play with for a change, and we could talk without disturbance."

"Sure," John replied, and walked back to the car. "Dean," he said, causing the older boy to look up, "why don't you two come inside? I need to talk to someone and it's best if you don't wait in the car."

The kid, Dean, nodded and walked outside, leading his brother behind their father, and the trio came into the house.

The boys paused at the sight of Hermione, who was no longer hiding behind Bobby, but looking at them with undisguised curiosity. Though many strangers came to the Salvage Yard to speak with her dad, this was the first time any of them had brought kids. She hadn't known any kids other than those who went to school with her and bullied her for her bushy hair and slightly bigger-than-usual front teeth, but those two seemed nicer.

Seeing as none of them was going to introduce themselves, she stepped forward. "I'm Hermione," she said politely.

"I'm Dean," the older one said, "and this is my brother, Sam."

"Why don't you guys go to play outside?" her dad offered.

"Sure!" she said, and reached a hand to Dean. "Come on," she added when she saw he was not taking the offered hand, "there's plenty of place for hide-and-seek."

The boy looked up to his father, who nodded shortly, before taking the hand and letting Hermione lead them outside.

"Wow," he said when he saw all the cars.

"Like I said," Hermione repeated, "plenty of places to hide."

"I was talking about the cars," Dean mumbled, and Hermione laughed.

"I wasn't," she said. "Do you want to play?"

He looked at his brother cautiously. "Sammy's not old enough for hide-and-seek," he said.

Hermione thought for a moment. "What if you two play together against me?" she offered. "That way, all three of us can enjoy the game."

"Okay," Dean replied. "You count first."

"You've got until ten!" she warned before turning around and closing her eyes.

"Cute kids you've got out there," Bobby told John as the three kids walked outside.

"You too," John replied. "Does she know?"

"No," Bobby said with a frown. "Yours?"

"Dean does," John said, "but I'm trying to keep Sammy out of it if I can."

"Smart idea," Bobby said before taking two bottles of beer out of the refrigerator, one for himself and one for his guest. "You said you need help?"

"I'm hunting something I think might be a Rugaru not far from here," John explained, "and Rufus said you might be able to help me find information about this thing."

"I think I might have a book with Rugarus here somewhere," Bobby replied, walking to his library and pulling out a worn book. "You know, if the hunt is nearby, I don't mind watching your kids for a couple of days."

"You don't?" John asked, surprised.

"They seem like nice kids." Bobby shrugged. "And Mya seems to like 'em. It would be nice if she'd have friends to play with."

"If that's the case, I'll hit the road straight away," John said. "Do you mind if I'll take the book with me?"

"Not at all." Bobby replied. "Bring it back when you pick 'em up."

They walked outside just in time to hear Hermione's victory call.

"Found ya!" she said gleefully. "Your turn!"

"Boys," John said as he saw his sons running behind Hermione, "come here for a moment, would you?"

The boys came to their father and Hermione followed and stood beside them.

"Don't go yet!" she called sadly. "You only just arrived!"

"I gotta go," John said. "But I also have some good news." The three kids looked at him expectantly, though Sam didn't seem to realize what was happening around him. "Would you two like to stay here for a couple of days while I'm away?"

The three kids' eyes lit with excitement.

"Yes!" Dean called out happily and Sam nodded to agree. He wasn't sure who this girl was, but she seemed nice and she smiled a lot, and Dean seemed to like her.

"Really?" Hermione asked. "Can they, Daddy? Please?"

"Of course they can, Mya," Bobby told his daughter with a smile before turning to John. "Why don't you go help them get their stuff from the car while we get a room ready for them?"

John nodded and helped his kids bring their bags to one of the rooms upstairs, just next to Hermione's, before walking back to the Impala.

"Dad!" Dean called, running after him and not stopping until he was in front of the much taller man. "You'll be back, won't you?"

"Of course I will," John told his elder son.

"Will you…" Dean looked embarrassed for asking, but kept on anyway. "Will you be back before next Friday?"

"I'll do my best," John replied. "But just in case I'm not—" He took a present out of the back seat of the car "—happy early birthday, Dean."

The young boy's face lit with excitement as he opened the present his father handed to him, finding a small black toy-car.

"It's the Impala," his father explained. "I know it's not much but—"

"It's amazing," Dean said, giving his father a short hug before adding politely, "Thank you, sir."

"No problem, kiddo." John said, ruffling his hair. "Why don't you go back inside and play with your new friend?"

Dean ran back into the house happily, and John drove away. He did miss Dean's seventh birthday after all, but when he returned he found out that Hermione managed to somehow get Dean to tell her it was his birthday, and insisted they do something to celebrate it. There was even cake and all.

He also found out that despite the fact that every night the kids went to sleep in different rooms, every morning Bobby found them all curled up on Dean and Sam's bed.

This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship, he thought to himself, and decided that from now on whenever he had a case nearby, he would leave the boys at Bobby's.