You, Me, Him, Her... Us? What?

Summary: Peter & Charlotte adopted a human girl several years back, now she's a sophomore, but just recently their daughter has developed symptoms of, what Peter believes, is her human body calling out to her mate, who just so happens to be their old friend Jasper Whitlock, or should we say Hale? She doesn't know what is wrong with her, but her parents do and Peter's 'knower' has her on edge. What's going on and why is it happening now?

My name is Christie Grace Whitlock and I am on my way to Forks, Washington with my adoptive parents Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. I was adopted when I was eight, adopted by vampires, vampires that 'eat' people, but that all changed a year or so back. Peter said that we would be moving north to a town that has a treaty with the Cullen Clan about 'eating' people, so they had to change their diet.

I was told that the only reason we were going was because of my, I don't know, seizures, the pain in my chest, the absent crying and screaming in the middle of the night and heart palpitations, they had a theory that they refused to share with me, but said it was a good kind of surprise. I detest surprises. They know that.

I'm going in the middle of the 'second nine weeks,' and it sucks. I'm a sophomore this year and all my friends are in the fucking south. I want to be on Whitlock land, I want to go on hikes and camp and be with my friends, but no. My friends threw a party for my departure and said that they would come steal me away if I just gave them the okay, we're a family, family protects their own.

It's Tuesday and their sending me to school tomorrow, damn, I don't want to go, "We're having company over at eight," Char says, I look at the clock, it's only five.

"Okay, Ma," I say, looking out the window, all this green going by so fast is making me nauseous, the hills too.

"It's the Cullen's, we should be at the house in another fifteen minutes," Peter says.

"Alright," I reply, "I'm not gettin' dressed up."

"Just jeans and a tee," Peter replies, "That's what we're wearin' too."

I sigh in relief, I've heard about them, and this is why I hate that we're coming here.

When changing their diet they had to feed more often and I had to be more careful. I cut my finger once, opening the mail no less, and their eyes went black and they had to leave so they could feed on anything BUT me.

We made it to the house and I ran to take a shower, I need to feel the water running down my skin, the calming feeling of I get, only second to the feeling of being that I get when I'm with my friends on our camping trips on 'my' land.

I don't know how long I was standing under the shower head, but Char comes and tells me that I need to get out, the company would be here soon. I get out and head to my room, looking at the clock, I was in there for a long time, it's seven. I didn't want to get out, I don't want to be here and I sure as hell don't want to meet the people who made it so that I have to tiptoe my way around my own house. The house is like an extra large cabin, it's homey.

I dry my body and hair, putting on my dark boot cut jeans, a black tank, a dark blue checkered flannel, black socks and my black converse. In my own personal way, it is a funeral, I'm in a rainy town, up north and it is cold, perfect attire in my opinion. I brush my hair and place it in a high ponytail, not bothering to blow dry or put makeup on. I start to descend the stairs as the doorbell rings, I keep my breathing even, I don't need then to hear anything weird, but, as my friends would say, 'weird' is my middle name.

"Chris! Get the door, please! I'm almost done with your food!" Char calls.

"As long as Pa ain't cookin'." I say, 'normally,' knowing full fucking well that they can hear me.

"I ain't that bad!" He calls, I'm almost to the door.

"You almost burnt down the house with Chris in it, last time you tried to cook for her," I hear Char say after I hear Peter yelp in pain.

I just snicker as I place a hand on the nob, "Will you two stop?" I open the door to see the Cullen family, I can place names by descriptions given to me by my parents, "Please come in, we've been expecting you. I'm Christie, Peter and Charlotte's adopted daughter, but please call me Chris," Rosalie sneers, while everyone exchanges pleasantries, "Please, let me escort you to the living area."

I lead them into the area and leave them there, I walk into the kitchen and see that the food is almost done, "A few more minutes, dear," Char says.

"Go, I'll finish up," I say politely, but glaring at both of them, "I'm sure they won't want to see a human eat this disgusting pile anyway."

They know I'm right and walk out to meet the Cullen's as I finish up my steak, potato and green beans. I start humming Scars by Papa Roach so I can pass the time, not like I can hear their conversation anyway. Once they are done I put them on the plate and head to the dining area, table set for one. I go back into the kitchen for a coke and then head back to eat.

I don't pray, I don't believe in god, but the religious teachings are, in my opinion, common sense that the human population shouldn't have to be reminded of in a book, but the human population is hypocritical, they only believe in god when it benefits them and raises their own ego.

I finish my food and go and wash off the plate and put the coke can in the recycle bin, then I walk back to the table to clean it off, after that's done I hear Peter, "Chris, get in here, quit procrastinating," fuck.

"I'll be there in a minute," I say, I walk back to the kitchen and hang the towel I was using up. I walk towards the room slowly, trying to keep my heartbeat steady, my emotions neutral and my thoughts on different songs. Upon reaching the doorway and looking at the seating arrangements all the mated pairs are together, leaving Jasper, Alice and Edward in an awkward arrangement around them and the only available seat is on the love seat next to Jasper. In my head I insist on standing, at least until I feel the need to sit.

"Why didn't you join us for our conversation earlier?" Esme asks.

"I believe that the food I was consuming would be distasteful and it would be rude to eat in front of company that was not also eating with me," I reply, "Plus I'm sure that you had business to discuss that didn't require my presence."

There is a silence, but I can see the rapid movements of their lips and a chuckle, "Why don't you have a seat, Chris, we have much to discuss," Carlisle says, I feel a bit of apprehension, but a feeling of peace then washes over me, and I know it came from Jasper, so I comply.

Sitting next to the once feared Major was odd, he was not what I was expecting, but it has been several years since my parents last saw him, but I wasn't expecting designer clothes and products in his hair, "Now, what did you wish to discuss Dr. Cullen?"

"Very formal, isn't she?" Esme looks at my parents.

"Until you get to know her," Peter laughs.

"Pardon me," Rosalie says, she looks rather upset at the situation, maybe it's just me being a human that she despises... or fears, "but can we move on, we do have business to attend to here."

"I'm with Ms. Hale on this one," I can't believe that I'm agreeing with her, but I'm starting to like her, she reminds me of my friend Kylie.

Said girl sneers and I no longer feel the need to speak, I resolve to only speak when spoken to, "Can you tell me why Peter and Charlotte felt the need to come here?" Carlisle asks.

"They are concerned for my well being, I suppose," I reply, "I assume you all spoke of this while I was eating, can we just down to the nitty gritty?"

Charlotte smiles, "Sorry, baby doll, but you have to talk about it since we can't actually FEEL it."

I want to groan, but I keep myself from doing so, "What would you like to start with Dr. Cullen."

"How about you tell me about your seizures?"

I look at Peter, because it first happened in front of him, "I have been told that I black out for several hours or I black out for minutes and then go into a Grand Mal. I awake with a headache and a sore body."

Alright, I didn't notice the notepad before now, I'm just a fucking charity case, "Alright, now go on into your, um, I don't know what to call it," he pauses, trying to find the word, and the word is 'episodes.'

I look at my parents, "And all of these people are here for what? To judge me?" I look back at Dr. Cullen, "And the word, if your attempting to be nice, is episodes, and to be honest, I haven't a clue as to why they occur. They don't happen every night, and when they do it's not me, I'm put in the place of men and women screaming and begging for their lives, but the face is always nonexistent, like they have a caul over it."

"Could you tell us the era in which it occurs?" Edward asks.

"I've never taken the time to contemplate the era," go there are so many things I would love to say, but I am attempting to keep my anger in check, but I think I'm failing.

"Okay, okay, let's move on, how about your heart palpitations?"

"I don't really feel anything, except dizziness and shortness of breath."

"Is there anything else I should know about while we are here?" Dr. Cullen asks.

"No," Peter says, but I know he said something since many looked at him to Jasper to Carlisle.

"See you later, son," to "See you, Jazz," was heard by my ears, but that doesn't mean anything to me.

"I'm giving to get a drink," I say, getting up. I feel better with those people gone, but Jasper is still here, my phone rings and I get it out to see a number that I am ecstatic to see, "Bueno?"

"Hey sis!"

"Hey, Kylie, how ya doin'?"

"Good, um, I was wondering..."

"What is it? Come on, what could be so bad that you're being this way?"

"I came out to my parents."

"And they kicked you out? Just because you no longer identify yourself as Kyle? Oh, sweetheart."

"Can I stay at your place, and-"

"Say no more, I left all my clothes there because I needed warmer ones for this hellhole," I say, "Please feel free to use whatever you need, Kylie, and remember that you always have a family with us."

"Thanks, Chris," I can tell she's been crying.

"No thanks necessary, just don't burn down my house," that got her to chuckle.

"Don't worry, I'm not a bad cook, unlike your Pa."

"Alright, my dear, well I have to go, I have company over," I tell her sadly, "God I wish I could be there with you for support."

"I know. Hey, can I have the gang over?"

"Yup, just be careful, girl."

"Alright, love you."

"Love you too, sis," and with that we hung up, "Damn, fucking assholes," I grab another can of soda and some pain relievers, take them, and head back to the living area. I hear a crash and run to see what the hell happened.

I arrive to find Peter on his stomach, underneath Jasper, "You LIE!"

"What the fuck is going on here?" I ask, looking at Char, then back to the guys.

"Peter pissed him off, you know how good he is at doing that."

I give a small smile and walk to the recliner, "Will you two take your horsing around outside?"

"I agree with my daughter," Char says.

Jasper removes himself and just looks at me, then to my parents, back to me, "How?"

"I'm confused," I admit, they are quiet, "Tell me what I missed."

"Nothing," Jasper says, "I'm going to pick you up tomorrow to take you to school at six-thirty," he pauses, looking back at Peter, "Sharp."

I just nod and he walks out, after five minutes of no sound, I have the heart to talk, "What the FUCK was that all about?"

"Peter is a dick and Jasper didn't take it well."

I don't know what they're playing at, but I don't care, "Fine, tell me when you're ready to do so, I'm heading to bed," I leave them to get to bed, I set my alarm for five, after seeing that it is eleven-thirty, "I knew I was coming to hell."