Author note: A request story from my friend Nekomato-Nizo of the full auto crew. This one is a Cirno Okuu pairing. It does not tie in with another day at all.

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Summer and Winter

Chapter 1

It was obvious to Wriggle. Something had gotten into Cirno. Cirno wasn't as daring at the moment and often would pause as if thinking about something. This was an odd event.

"What is wrong with you?" Rumia asks as she stares down the ice fairy. Cirno smiles back.

"I've just had someone on my mind is all." Cirno replies. Rumia seems satisfied with the answer.

"Who?" Wriggle asks.

"Ah… I can't say names…" Cirno says as she squirms at the question.

"Describe her them." Wriggle growls. At this point Cirno is wishing the other three members of the group where at the base.

"Ah… Maron hair, black feather wings and red eyes… I've said enough. You don't even know her." Cirno says as she flies out of the room. Wriggle is barely able to make out a blush on the fairies face.

"Is she… In love?" Wriggle asks.

Meanwhile within former hell a different set of characters are talking.

"Okuu. You are starting to remind me of a stalker." Orin sighs as she looks through an album laying on a table. The majority of the pictures are of a blue haired fairy.

"I might be a little bit of one. I guess. But you know the saying. Opposites attract!" Okuu giggels with a goofy grin on her face.

"…You honestly think that… She's a fairy." Orin sighs.

"A fairy I've fought before. And considering the fact that she lived through the fight."

"She fled. She's an ice fairy. You really think you'd have a chance? Let me rephrase that. You think she'd have any chance around you?"


"A nuclear powered demi god trying to romance a weak ice fairy… I just want to see how this turns out." Orin says as she walks away.


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