Another Kipper rewrite, this time it's the episode "The Little Ghost" Enjoy and comment.

One evening, Kipper the Dog was having trouble falling asleep, so he decided to get a glass of milk.

He went to his fridge and got out the milk carton.

But what he didn't notice, was that a little ghost was standing next him. He didn't realize this until the ghost touched him.

Kipper screamed and the ghost hid in the fridge.

"Are you a ghost?" said Kipper nervously.

"Yes I am!" said the ghost.

"Wow! I've never seen a ghost before. Would you like a glass of milk?"

"Yes I would." replied the ghost. "And do you have any cookies?"
"Yes I do."

So Kipper and the ghost sat down to have cookies and milk.

But the ghost had trouble lifting up the glass of milk.
"Oh dear." said Kipper. "So why are you here?"

"I'm here to haunt you." said the ghost. "But it's my first time scaring someone."

"You're not a very scary ghost." said Kipper.

"Not even a little bit?"
"No. Can you do any magic tricks?"

Just then, the ghost disappeared out of nowhere, then returned and touched Kipper.

"That was brilliant!" exclaimed Kipper. "I wish Tiger could see this."

"Is he afraid of ghosts?"

"I don't know. I'll be back."

Kipper walked over to Tiger's house. Tiger was watching a late night movie on television when the doorbell rang.

"Who can that be this late at night?"

Tiger went over to the door.

"Hello Kipper. What brings you here this late at night?"
"Can you come over? I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise? Can't you wait 'till the morning?"
"I need to show you it now."
"Okay then."

When they arrived back at Kipper's house, they were in for a big surprise. The entire kitchen was in a mess! Stuff was all over the floor!

"Is that what you brought me over for?" said Tiger.

"No. I want to show you a ghost!"
"A ghost?"

"Yeah, a ghost!"

"Then where is he?" asked Tiger.

"He'll be here."

They waited and waited and waited, but the ghost arrived.

"I'm tired of waiting Kipper. I'm going home." said Tiger.

Tiger walked to the door, and out of nowhere, the ghost came. Tiger was so scared, that he ran screaming home.

"Hooray!" cheered Kipper. "You're scary!"
"Thank you Kipper for making me scary!" said the ghost.

Kipper laughed and fell to the floor!