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I always despised vampires, ever since I reached the tender age of five. Although you may say I'm being too bias at that age, I felt like I couldn't change the feelings I felt after that happened. It makes me feel bitter that I couldn't do anything. Nothing at all to save them.

I used to admire them, but that's in the past. Thinking about it, they probably looked so cool at five years old. Strong, beautiful and blessed with immortal life - what more could you want?

Yet, my feelings of admiration and awe soon turned into a powerful hate. People have told me constantly that one's actions does not represent the whole race. But don't they have the same lifestyle? Couldn't they always succumb to that level?

Sometimes, I wonder to myself, and ask 'What if that never happened? Would I still be the same?'

I do not know, but those events have truly changed my life, and the way I look at it. My hate for supernatural creatures soon developed for some unknown reason, always putting up my guard and a stoic facade.

I had tried to avoid them countless times, but it was no good.

Our society had merged with the supernaturals, forming a peaceful truce after a hideous war.

Oh, that war. The cause for destruction of mankind. Barely any of our kind survived. Many were lost during that time, and yet we still willingly accept supernaturals back into our society.

It had caused millions of deaths. I was one of the survivors, though it was a tragedy to lose so many humans.

They now live peacefully with humans. It has been nine years since then. I am now in high school.

The world had evolved and with the power of vampires supporting them, they were one of the most prideful creatures known to mankind (though I don't really understand why they are so arrogant. There are creatures more powerful than them).

They still drink human blood. Don't these people know that they are deteriorating our society, our race, by allowing them to still drink human blood?

Vampires, in this day and era, have taken some of the most political spots in our government. They might, one day, overpower our society, and bring our race to extinction. And what of the other supernatural creatures? Could they not as well?

Honestly, is there any hope of survival?

My name is Kuroko Tetsuya. I am a freshman in Teikou High.

And I ended up having five arrogant bloodsuckers as my classmates.

Was God cursing me?

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