Pyrrha tried to follow what was happening around her; down at the teacher's desk Port was rambling on about his adventures in his youth, around her, her classmates showed a mixed interest in his stories, varying from 'appearing to be listening' to 'given up all hope' A couple of seats to her right sat Ruby who would occasionally glance at her, but then suddenly retract her eyes back and WHY dear Oum did she have to be so tired

What Pyrrha felt was something her sheltered childhood and dedicated training seldom had allowed her to experience. The regret of an impulse decision that in the moment had felt natural, but in retrospect only would come to course regret. In this case, she was sleepier than she had ever been before in her entire life

The monotone voice of the old teacher lulled the classroom into a trance, but she had to resist. Even though some of the professor's classes might seem somewhat uninteresting, it was important to keep up a façade of interest, at least out of respect for old man, but she knew her body was starting to give up

Why? She was at the peak of her physical excellence, she was at the top of her class. She was looked at as a amazon of steel, and she had the nerve and will to match it. Had she overdone it with the training? Was she simply overworked?

She was tired because that goofball that was her boyfriend had decided to ravish her like some animal at one O'clock in morning, and he was just sitting there acting all normal, that would say, as oblivious as ever to everything around him. Sure there was the accident earlier, but what did he expect when trying to sweet talk on the stairs. What was even going through his mind during these lectures? Could he not detect her rage nor Ruby's nervous looks, poor girl, she would need to take a moment to talk to her, later that is, right now she was just so very, very tired

The next thing she registered was the bell going off. For a moment, she just sat in silence and registered the fury of people running out with their bags and books flying around them. She felt Jaune's hand on her shoulder. Then she heard his voice, his concerned voice

"Pyrrha are you all right?"

His poor naïve voice

Oh, she was alright, but he had no idea what she was about to do to him

For starters, there was the escalation of the training program, which was completely normal considering how well he had been improving. Now he would just have to double up on all the exercises, double pushups, double sit-ups, double sweat, while she had a little lie down to regain some spirit for the evening

As he was showering, she readied herself. First, she undressed herself to the skin, and then she dressed herself again in the tight but thin attire she had given him. He would be far too embarrassed to ever venture into a lingerie store, but she had learned what he wanted. Red silk sat tightly on her curves and satin hugged her frame with red lace, along with black stockings that were tied to a corset bound with scarlet strings and ribbons. Her newest addition was a pair of fingerlegs gloves with velvet crawling up her slender arm. It took some time to put on perfectly, but it made her shine with devilish authority. After making sure the few needed props was in place, the reward, the restraint and the punishment, she waited on him in his bed

The door opened with a bang, and a tired Jaune dragged his body over the threshold. Pyrrha could not help herself to snicker as she saw the quick and curios transformation of him as his whole nature seemed to change. With renewed energy, he slammed the door back in, carefully making sure it was looked properly this time, before he threw away what he had on, and jumped from where he stood down into their bed

Where was the tired wreck that seconds had to lean against the doorframe just to stand up? Now he was fighting an intense battle to relieve her of the binding underwear. Not to say she blamed him. Who would not renew fully with the promise of a touch from their goddess, but still, one gentle touch was supposed to be more than enough for the peasant, otherwise revolt was insured

She pushed him, but she only feel his arms constricting around her. That was really to be expected. After having tried demanding instead of giving, the crave to come would be unavoidable, but this was no good for the discipline. His hands grabbed into the fabric, he was determined, rough even merciless in his actions to liberate her. The temptation to let him was much stronger than it had been the night before

The costume she wore was light and alluring, but unfortunately, even though it inspired affection such as this, it was not built to last through it, and especially not with a man such as Jaune had become. Pyrrha was instantly reminded of that as she heard the back ripping in half, though the brute hardly registered it

Though she could easily top him over if she wanted, Pyrrha thought it funnier to fight a little dirty. She let her fingers glide across his face to get his attentions before pulling him down to her, to let their lips crash. Again, Jaune did not even try to hold himself back, but let his tongue slide in at the first opportunity, but she had not eased the grip on his head, and while he explored her mouth, she turned them around. She slammed his body against the headboard, her hand dived into the nightstand, took up the steel cuffs and quickly locked his arms firmly. Jaune gained a smug expression, the sight his small victory gave him, made it as though he had already won

Pyrrha stood above him, straddling his half-naked body. He really did a number on her. The corset was torn, the suspenders were ripped even her bra strap had been strained too much and now sat loosely on her shoulders. Jaune enjoyed the sight, but felt the steel sink into his wrists

His sly smirk subsided into a tortured grimace, and it delighted her as all those wicked thing she could do to him passed her mind. He was still in dire need of some punishment after that that little stunt he just pulled off

She fell down between his legs, and rested her head on his smooth thigh as she contemplated this

"That's a fair thought to lie between a lover's legs"

Jaune did not retort. He knew anything that did not comply with her was only going to come back to him as pain

"Do you like the cuffs? I had them made just for you"

"They're fine"

She could almost hear the struggle the steel chain was being forced through

"Are you sure? You wouldn't rather be without?"

She lifted herself closer to him so her hands could discover the improvements on his body. She thought his abs might had become a tiny bit harder than last time, but then again, it was hard to tell

"There isn't some things you will like to do, if you wasn't bond?"

She moved her hand down to lightly, just, gliding along his boxers. She was not massaging or stroking, not providing any feeling of real pleasure, but just slowly touching his now quite impressive erection. Her face wore the most devilish grin he had ever seen before

"What I would WHAT?"

"What would you do right now if you wasn't tied down?"

Jaune swallowed the biggest ball of spit he had ever felt in his throat. He tried to relax, let his arms fall down and be free from the pressure

"I-I guess I would-"

"Would what Jaune?"

"I would take-"

"Take what?"

"Take you"

His restrained voice made it sound more like a confession, but the despair caused her even more joy

"How would you take me?"

"I-I would bring my arms around you, and bring you underneath me"


"A-and I would rip the last clothing you have to shreds so I can see your beautiful body completely"


"You will bring your lips up, and kiss m-my manhood as passionately as you will kiss my lips. You will take it in, deeper than ever before, while you tongue tease me all the way, and it will be too much, far, far too much. Though I don't want to, I will hold your head as I... I... can't"


"As I empty d-down y-your throat"

"So forceful... makes we wonder what will happen next?"

" I will push you down on your back while I lock my arms around. You will place a soft kiss on my collarbone, and end it with a nibble as you always does and- Pyrrha I can't take it, please could you not"

"No! Continue"

"I will part your legs and thrust into. You will moan softly in my ear as you embraces me, but I will silence you when I set my lips to yours, and you will let my tongue in again as it begs at our teeth. As the need for air breaks the kiss I will start to move, I will remove myself, but then quickly hammer back in, be-because…"


"Because I wouldn't could stand being away for you! Your warmth, your tightness, your embrace! I will hold you tightly as I thrust into you again, faster and faster, and oh Pyrrha! Pyrrha please I beg you"

She doubted he could feel anything else by now, aside from the cold restraint. The chain was being stretched further than she thought possible, even more than it had been the last night. Her free hand had started to wander down on her own body. It was only passable compared to the bliss Jaune could give her, but it was still a lot more than what she offered him. She gently started to massage around her bud in a practiced motion, as she watched Jaune squirm in longing



"Could you continue your story? Please-"

"I want to feel you around me as your moans becomes louder until they turns into ragged screams. Your screams will beg for more and more, and I will have no other options but to obey. My hands will wander to touch and feel all those places I could only dream to be near during the day. My palms will caress your skin, they will hold your hips, your thighs, your b-breast, oh Pyrrha, your breast"

"What about my breasts?"

"I will feel their softness in my hands, your perfect sweet bosom a-and I will take on nipple against my fingers and you will moan louder than you ever had done before, but it would not be enough- I will let my head sink down between them and take on of them into my mouth-"

"You big baby-"

"And you will squeal and wail as I move as fast as I possibly can. I will lift your legs across my shoulders. It would make it easier for me, and you will scream that I'm too rough, but you love it, you will keep screaming it, but I can see how much you want it, and I'll be building up to my release even though either of us want it to stop. I will drive in and out with as much ferocity as I can while thinking about anything else in hope it would make it last longer, but your voice will be filling my head, and, and, and-"

"And what then?"

"I will hold you close as we come together. I will release deep into you, and you'll take it all, all of me-"

His eyes was closed, his whole face contracted in fear that he had taken it too far, but when he opened them the sight that met him was her smile and her hand around the head of his member

"You really have become quite fond of those pills I have been taking"

She got up from him, and stretched her fingers, still coated in her orgasm, and he licked it clean. It was always funny to see how desperate he became after these sessions, but she would not let his efforts go unrewarded, she reached for the bottle with chocolate sauce on the stand and poured some on her chest. The liquid streamed slowly down her, and covered her creamy skin, it dripped down her side, it laid across her breast, a few drops even landed on Jaune's torso before it solidified. Pyrrha swooped a finger across her cleavage to scoot some up, so he could have a taste and Jaune ate it with a paralyzed expression. She reached out to grab the headboard as she lightly bent over to smother him

The whole bed jolted as jaune eagerly sank his head down into her bosom and ate the sweet substance with fierce appetite. He needed to get it off her, he needed to clean her skin, he needed to lick her chest clean so he could taste her body, fresh and pure

When the finished, as good as he could without arms, she sank back and regarded him thoughtfully

"But would that all that really be enough- Enough for a champion?"

"No… No it would not…"

"Tell me- What will you do then"

"I-I will raise up and get on my knees…"


"I will turn you around"

A knock made the door to the room jerk so violently so only the lock kept it from flying off

"A-and I will discipline you"

The second sets of knocks was hammered unto the door with so much force cracks, big cracks, started to form on the side, too serious to ignore

Shit, just when it started to get good

She got up, and left Jaune. As anger took hold of lust and will, she grabbed the whip, half as reflex and half in a banale attempt to frighten of the intruder

"Pyrrha! You c-can't just open like that!"

She went over to her own bed, and hurriedly threw the sheet around her body. She gave a quick pose, and was instantly confirmed of its appeal by the sound of the rattling chain once again effectively restricted his movements

She opened door and was very surprised with the site of a very frustrated Yang, though Just as Pyrrha's surprise dissolved, Yang's furry seemed to vanquish as well. This could be fun, and why not? Her and Jaune's innocent love had been the course of many remarks from her. How it thrilled her to see the brawling prankster looking like a frightened chipmunk, perhaps she would not even mind being the victim of a little joke...


Pyrrha made a deep satisfied sigh as Jaune finally rolled of her. She had by now completely lost track about what time it was, for how long they had been at it, or how many rounds they had done. The only thing that had made up her entire world for the last many hours was Jaune, and the pleasure he had provided her

"You really stand by our words"

"What else did you expect? I am an Arc after all"

Jaune could not remember a time he had been more tired. He let his head sink into the pillow, and listened with half open eyes to the sound of their racing heartbeats finding back into a steady pulse. Even though Pyrrha was almost asleep, she was not tired enough to pass off the offer of his arms

"I'm sorry I ripped your night clothes, but you think I can make up for it with a date or something, you know it's saturday and everything"

"Perhaps Jaune, perhaps"

She giggled drowsily into the pillow

"This was amazing, though it would be good to go back to the gentler fashion when Ren and Nora comes back. I would be nice to get some decent sleep for once"

The mention of the homecoming of the other half of the team sparked a light in Jaune's head. It desperately tried to find something that seemed forgotten, but when Pyrrha wrapped her fingers around his hand, all he saw was darkness around him

Before he left the conscious world he tried to imaginate if there were a sweeter dream than this moment where he held her tightly

It was so late it was practically morning when Ren and Nora was making their way through the empty halls

the journey from the village to the school is long and strenuous, so they were glad it had already become saturday when they arrived. That would give them peace to rest. This was something Ren particularly looked forward to, though judging by the way Nora skipped ahead, it did not look like it was what she had in mind

"Nora! Calm down... Everyone else is trying to sleep"

"I'm sorry Ren but I can't help it, I'm just so excited to be back with Ruby and Yang and Blake and Weiss... And the two lovebirds of course"

She turned her usual cheeky grin to him, something he had loved during their excursion, but this time it did not help on the overlapping sense of worry that came to him. He knew jaune did posses urges that might be more carnal than his, perhaps even more than most people, considering the amount of adrenaline that pumped through him and Pyrrha after a normal day of hectic workouts

He just wished they would exercise caution if they were to engage themselves in something passionate

as soon as they rounded the last corner, Nora ran for the door, and Ren had hardly time to chide her for that before she opened it

"oh look at the way they fell asleep in each other's arms, isn't that just adorable"

Adorable? Adorable! This mess! Pillows, sheets, blankets all laid spread across the floor, the beds were scattered around the room, the door had scratches all along the sides, someone had thrown everything on Pyrrha's desk down on the floor, and smeared it with chocolate sauce, several of their nightstands had been tipped over, to say nothing of the massive crack that threatened to break their bed in half any second. In short; It looked like the sleeping couple had been the course of an immense hurricane that had destroyed most of their room

"Adorable! can you believe any of this?!"

Nora's eyes glided across the room, as it was first now she noticed the chaos around them and immediately her eyes filled with rage

"They held an amazing super awesome pillow fight while we were gone, AGAIN!"