Chapter One

I was nervous, way beyond nervous. My girlfriend was coming to meet my parents and I didn't know how this was going to go down. Right now I was over my father's house, pacing in front of the door. Before I could continue my nervous pacing the doorbell rung and I opened the door before my family could walk to the doorway of the living room.

There she stood, with a nervous smile on her face and I knew she was nervous from just that and her fidgeting. She looked beautiful. Her raven hair was in a high ponytail that was curly at the end, she had on a black button up shirt, hip hugging jeans that showed off her rounded ass well, and black platform pumps. Silver hoops on her ears and silver bracelets on her left arms with a crescent moon necklace he gave her.

"Hey, Sesshomaru." She greeted with her smile still on her face. I knew my family, most importantly my sister, who was only eleven, was going to mention the scar on her face. It went from her eyebrow over her eye and down her chin on the left side of her face.

"Sessh, I ran out of makeup to cover up the scar." She whispered and I shook my head and brought her into my arms. "You still look beautiful to me Kags." I mumbled into her hair which smells like cherries. I felt her nod and she pulled away, much to my annoyance.

"Sesshomaru, why didn't you tell me our guest of honor was here?" A voice came from the doorway and Kagome looked behind me and saw my step mother standing there looking at us. Kagome blushed and turned to look at me. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in and shut the door behind her.

"Hello there, I'm Izayoi." My step mother greeted with a perfect smile and I watched as Kagome stepped forward with her own smile and shook her hand. I caught a glimpse of Kagome's tattoo of a music note with tiny hearts surrounding it on her right wrist.

"Hi. I'm Kagome." She introduced softly and I knew she had her eyes to the ground. I could tell she saw Izayoi looking at her scar, I saw her violet eyes trailing over it before she said something. Before any of us could say something the rest of my family came and rushed into the room.

"Sesshou!" My little sister shouted dashing past Kagome and hopping into my arms, she reached my waist. I hugged her and gave her a small smile.

"Hey, Rin." I told her and she looked at Kagome who was introducing and talking to my half-brother. I tensed, Inuyasha was known for voicing his thoughts and I knew that he was gonna say something sooner or later.

"So what's up with the scar?" I guessed it was going to be sooner.

"Inuyasha!" Izayoi scolded before looking towards Kagome. I glared at my younger brother and let Rin on the ground before heading to my girlfriend's side. She had her hands clenched and her eyes were narrowed at him.

"It's none of your business." She hissed at him and he looked shocked at her. I looked at Izayoi who mirrored her son's expression. Kagome smiled and turned and faced Rin. She held her hand out and Rin grabbed it back with a toothy smile.

"Hi, I'm Rin. I'm Sesshou's sister, well technically I'm adopted but he says that doesn't matter because they care deeply about me." Rin said in one breath and I looked back to Kagome who still had a smile on her face.

"Nice to meet you, Rin. I'm Kagome, Sessh's girlfriend." She said back before standing and walking back to me. She stood at my side and I grabbed her hand.

"Where's Father?" I asked Izayoi and she gave a small smile. I knew it from that, he was at work. He did have a million dollar company to maintain so I understand. He looked back to Kagome before tugging her towards the living room. The others followed.

"So Kagome, How old are you?" Izayoi asked as we sat on the couch in the living room, we all knew that Izayoi had the food done but she just wanted to talk.

"I'm 19." She said with a smile and I smiled too, knowing that our ages were slightly different. I see nothing wrong with a five year difference.

"But Sesshomaru is 24!" Inuyasha said from his place on a black leather love seat and I glared at him and he sat back. Kagome shrugged, "So?" she said and I pulled her closer to me. I put my head in her neck briefly before kissing it. She pushed me away with a light push and a laugh.

"Well tell us more about yourself. Do you go to college?" She asked and Kagome smiled.

"Actually I'm in medical school. I graduated high school at 16 by taking my GED and then got into college at 17. I zipped through college in two years and finished just a month ago and recently got accepted into medical school since I applied when I got into college knowing they had a waiting list." Kagome explained with a smile and her eyes, a beautiful light green, looked at my step mother's shocked face with amusement. I swelled with pride at how successful my girlfriend was and Inuyasha smirked at her.

"That's amazing." Izayoi praised. Kagome blushed and waved it off. She tossed her long raven hair behind her.

"That's not all. Tell her." I nudged Kagome in the side. She shook her head, dismissing the thought.

"No, Sessh. I'm here to meet them not tell them all about myself. I want to talk about her at least." Kagome said and Izayoi smiled.

"No, go on." She said to Kagome, who threw a glare at me before turning to my family.

"I work at a hospital part time. They said when I graduate med school they're giving me a job to be a nurse before becoming a doctor, you know to see how I work in the field." She said softly and blushed when Rin gasped with awe. Inuyasha leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. His eyes were on Kagome as she smiled and blushed heavier under Izayoi's complaints.

"So what do you do there now?" Rin spoke up from her place next to Inuyasha, her eyes, a chocolate brown, fixed on Kagome in amazement.

"I help out behind the desk as a receptionist but sometimes I'm helping the doctors out like a nurse." She informed them.

"She's amazing. It works out perfectly because she loves helping people out." I continued and she slapped me on the shoulder playfully.

"Can you stop?" she hissed playfully as I pulled her to me. I shrugged at her before giving her a chaste kissed which Inuyasha gagged but Rin "awed" at. Kagome blushed before turning to Izayoi but before she could say anything the front door opened and "Guys I'm home!" ran throughout the house. We all stood but Rin ran ahead and her scream of "Dad!" was heard followed by a "Princess!"

I could see Kagome grin from her place next to me. Our hands came together in unison and they intertwined. We stepped in the doorway and I felt her tensed. I looked at her trying to find out what was wrong but she was focused on my father.

"Father, this is my girlfriend, Kagome." I told him and watched as he looked towards Kagome and froze. They stared at each other and it was silent in the room for a good two minutes before Kagome stepped up to my father who followed the action until they stood in front of each other.

"Hi." She greeted with a nervous smile and he smiled back.

"I'm Toga." He told her and we watched as she nodded. She held out her hand and he grabbed it. He brought it to his lip and placed a kissed on the back of her hand. She smiled but something was off. That look they gave each other looked like they already knew each other.

"Well Toga we have a lot to discuss over dinner. So let's go everybody!" Izayoi said turning and walking towards the living room and was followed by Inuyasha who picked Rin up and marched behind his mother. I grabbed Kagome's hand and we walked behind them with my father next to us.

When we got to the dining room Kagome gasped under her breath, probably at how big the room was. The table could fit a good twenty people. We only took up the top of the table, occupying six chairs.

Kagome sat near my father at the head of the table and of course I sat next to her.

"So dad, Kagome was just telling us about her job at the hospital." Rin announced from across Kagome, sitting between Inuyasha and Izayoi. Father turned to Kagome and raised a brow.

"Oh, really? Tell me about it." He told her as we began piling food on our plates. Kagome barely had anything on her plate and I narrowed my eyes at her plate. A salad with some ranch salad dressing and a steak with some red wine on the side.

"Well I um… I'm helping out with some doctors but I work as a receptionist." She told him and looked down at her plate.

"Do you want anything else dear?" Izayoi offered with a smile. Kagome looked up with a smile and shook her head.

"Not right now. But thank you." Kagome said politely and Izayoi smiled back before they continued eating.

"So what do you do? If you mind me asking." Kagome spoke to my father and he looked at her with amused eyes.

"I am a CEO of a company. Sesshomaru will soon take over and if not then Inuyasha will be taking over." He told her and she looked my way.

"Father, I repeatedly told you that I cannot do that, I am a lawyer." I told him and sipping my wine.

"Plus I am going to own clubs." Inuyasha added and Kagome looked towards him.

"That sounds interesting. I am going to get in free right?" She asked with a smile. Inuyasha smirked at her and nodded.

"Yea but Sesshomaru over there will be paying." Kagome laughed at that and continued to sip at her red wine.

"Not that it matters but do you think you can tell us about that scar?" Rin asked and Kagome and surprisingly Toga tensed.

"I had an accident when I was younger." Kagome told and I grabbed her hand, she told me all about it.

"What kind of accident?" Inuyasha asked his eyes confused. Kagome waved it off and gulped some more wine down.

"Oh you know, I was crossing the street and a driver was texting. I got hit but I jumped and my head hit the window, I had amnesia for a while. But I got most of it back." She said and I swore I saw her glance briefly towards my father before smiling at Rin who had her mouth open in shock.

"I got this scar from a piece of glass that cut my face when I hit the windshield." She told her while pointing to the scar. I nodded.

The rest of dinner was finished in laughter and smiles. While walking Kagome to the door everyone was hugging her goodbye.

"Do you really need to be walking alone at night?" Izayoi asked as we stood on the porch and Kagome laughed.

"No, my older sister will be picking me up. We're roommates." She told them as I held her around the waist. Izayoi nodded with her own smile and I could tell that she adored Kagome as much I did. But as I looked at father I could see him watching her intensely. They locked eyes with each other before she turned away and saw a grey 2014 Toyota Camry pull up at the curb. Kagome turned to me and kissed me on the cheek and waved to my family as she tried walking away. I pulled her back and gave her a chaste kiss and let her walk to her sister's car before they drove down the street with Kagome waving at them which they returned before they watched the car disappear around the corner.

"So how do you know Kagome?" I questioned as I turned to my father. His eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously.

"I just met her." He told us and walked back into the house. Inuyasha muttered a "yeah right" under his breath and I gave my father a disbelieving look.

"Father we all saw the looks you guys gave each other. You know her and I want to know how." I commanded and he shook his head.

"Listen I ran into her one day and it's nothing important." He told us before kissing Izayoi on the cheek and heading up the stairs. We all watched him before Inuyasha led Rin up the stairs to put her to bed.

"Thank you for dinner, Izayoi. Have a good night." I told her and exited my childhood house and entering my black 2014 ford Taurus Sho. I drove off but still the question of how my father knew Kagome strayed in the back of my mind.