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Chapter 1

He followed the scent of freshly spilled blood as fast as he could. He knew that scent, how could he ever forget? But what was she doing here? She should be safe in Forks or off at college somewhere warm and sunny, not high in the Rocky Mountains where hikers never came. She wasn't the hiking type, how many times had one of them had to save her from tripping over her own feet? That was when two new scents reached him and he growled as he recognised one, Victoria. The other was a male vampire but he didn't know the scent so not Laurent. He had warned the family she was dangerous but Edward had insisted she wasn't James' mate. He had been right to trust the emotions over surface thoughts. He only hoped he was in time to atone for his mistakes.

Jasper crouched downwind and out of sight, fighting the instinct to growl as he took the scene in. Bella was sprawled on the rocky ground, her once long hair shorn short and her clothes in tatters. She appeared to be unconscious and the blood he had smelt was coming from a head wound. Otherwise she looked mostly unharmed which was good. His gaze shifted to her attackers and he took in the utterly deranged looking redhead, her emotions were a mess of rage, pain, satisfaction and hunger. Killing her would almost be doing her a favour. The male with her was young, in human and vampire years and was struggling to keep from simply draining Bella.

Jasper readied himself and then attacked, aiming at Victoria first, she would not escape again. She barely had time to realise he was there before her head came free of her body. He tossed it aside and went for the male. He put up more of a fight until Jasper hit him with a potent cocktail of lethargy and peace. As he slumped Jasper removed his head. He tore their bodies apart and then piled the pieces together before pulling out his lighter and setting them ablaze. As soon as they were well alight he moved to Bella's side, being careful not to breath, he didn't want to end up draining her himself after saving her. He quickly removed his own light jacket and wrapped her in, neither of them was dressed for the freezing weather that was moving in as the sun set and he knew he had to find shelter fast or she would die. He stemmed the blood as best he could, picked her up and cradled her close gently and then took off as quick as possible without causing her any discomfort. Just as the snow began to fall he found a Ranger hut and quickly moved inside. He lay Bella down on the cot and then moved to start the fire. Once that was going he found some spare clothes and stripped her down before redressing her and tucking her into the sleeping bag and blankets.

He'd done all he could to help her for the moment. With no phone he couldn't call for aide and he couldn't risk taking her back out into the cold. All he could do was hope she would recover with what little he could do and that when she woke his presence wouldn't make things worse.

She wasn't cold. That was the first thought to cross her mind as she slowly regained consciousness. Why wasn't she cold? After that she gradually became aware of something soft beneath her, last thing she remembered was hard stones digging into her skin. She was still in pain but that was nothing new. So what did all this mean? What new torture had Victoria come up with?

"Bella? I can feel you're awake, it's alright now. Victoria and the male with her are dead." A soft, accented voice called and Bella froze before realising the voice was familiar. Slowly she opened her eyes and found herself staring at a very familiar vampire.

"Jasper?" She didn't understand, what was he doing here? Had he saved her? But why?

"Hello Bella." He greeted softly before taking a slow step towards her.

"Did you….kill them?"

"Yes. I found you all on the mountain. I am so sorry Bella, this is all my fault. I tried to convince the family that Victoria was a threat and you wouldn't have been alone if I hadn't snapped at your party."

Bella frowned and then pushed herself slowly into a sitting position even as her head spun a bit. "Jasper it wasn't your fault. Of course you snapped, I'm Edward's singer. You felt his bloodlust plus the others and your own. I never blamed you. Edward left because he got tired of me and I don't blame him, he was better off without me."

"No Bella, if anything you were far too good for that idiot brother of mine. He told the family that you asked us to leave."

"What?" Bella gasped, eyes wide with pain. How many lies had he told? "I never wanted any of you to go, I would have gone with you." She whispered and Jasper moved close enough to gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"We should never have taken his word for it, we should have come and seen you."

"It doesn't matter anymore." She whispered, plucking at the sleeping bag.

Jasper cautiously sat on the edge of the cot, he didn't want to spook her but other than when she had first woken he had felt no fear coming from her. "Bella, may I ask why you were in the mountains?"

"Running from Victoria but it obviously didn't work." Was the bitter answer.

"Bella please tell me what happened?"

"What happened? What happened is thanks to Edward you left me unprotected. Once you were gone Laurent showed up, scouting for her. He found me in the woods and was going to kill me, he said it would be less painful for me if he did it rather than Victoria, but then these massive wolves appeared and chased him off. Turns out he was right, he was just going to kill me, Victoria….if he had killed me none of them would have died." She choked out and Jasper frowned.

"Who died?" What had they caused by leaving the redhead alive?

"Charlie got a call out one night, I didn't think anything of it since it happened occasionally. I went to bed and just assumed he'd already gone into the station when he wasn't home the next morning. They….they found his body that afternoon. It got recorded as a bear attack due to all the damage but I knew the truth. He died because of me. Jacob was there for me, wouldn't let me push him away. He made sure I ate, went to school, kept living. Renee didn't even come to the funeral, just sent some flowers and a card. Two weeks later Renee and Phil were dead in a car accident. That's when I found out about them, the Pack. They moved me onto the Reservation with Jacob and Billy, it was the biggest mistake they could have made."

"She came after you there?" He asked in disbelief, surely the wolves could have handled one vampire? He had never met them but Carlisle had spoken of the wolves many times and how they could kill vampires.

"Not alone. People started going missing in Seattle." She whispered and if Jasper's heart still beat it would have frozen. He had heard of that and had been considering taking a look since it was so close to Forks when the disappearances had stopped. "They came at night. Fist anyone knew the Clearwater's place was burning. Harry and Seth never made it out. Leah got her mom out and then ended up shifting to protect her but it wasn't enough, they were found with their necks snapped. Sam came running, leaving Emily alone while he went to help his pack. She died alone in their house. They started fires to make people flee and in the confusion it was easy to kill the pack. Jake….he died right in front of me, trying to protect Billy. It didn't work. I ran, I guess the smoke hid my scent. I took Jake's bike and got out of there. Been running ever since, never staying somewhere more than two nights or getting close to anyone. I was staying in a cabin in the foothills when they found me and dragged me into the mountains where no one would hear a thing. Guess I figured I was dead."