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Chapter 6

Bella watched Jasper as he finished getting their bags in order. She'd miss England for the ease it gave Jasper in getting around but she was exited to see Europe. She forced her eyes away before he noticed her staring too much and went for one last look out the window.

"We can always come back. There's nothing saying you have to live in America after all." He stood close and she leant into him, enjoying the contact. Jasper wrapped an arm around her cautiously, smiling slightly when she relaxed.

"Maybe. I suppose we need to go or we'll miss our flight?"

"There are always more flights to Paris." He offered and she turned to look up at him. Jasper swallowed nervously but it wasn't him feeling it, why was she nervous? He found her focusing on his face and stared back, was it possible? He felt her lean closer, rising up and he leant down to meet her, their lips brushing. His other arm moved to pull her closer, she felt so good against him, so warm. Bella's arms moved to wrap around him in return as they kissed and then Jasper moved cautiously to deepen it. He felt her freeze slightly and went to pull back, worried he'd gone to far but then she was responding and he relaxed, kissing her deeply. They finally parted so she could breath and he waited nervously, not sure what she would do or say. "Bella?" he licked his lips, this time the nerves were all him.

Bella stared at Jasper, had they really done that? Why had he kissed her? Because he wanted? Or because of her emotions? And the way he'd kissed her…it was nothing like Edward, he had always kept things chaste but not Jasper. She touched her lips, they were tingling slightly from his venom.

"Bella?" He called again and she looked at his eyes, they'd darkened a little but he didn't look hungry. He did look nervous though and…was that want in his eyes? She stepped towards him and Jasper stayed still, watching her.

"You want me?" She whispered and Jasper swallowed but then nodded slightly. "Why?"

Jasper laughed slightly. "How could I not Bella? You're beautiful." He stroked over one of the many scars she'd picked up over her years on the run. "These show you're a survivor, they don't detract from your beauty. But its an inner beauty too. Despite everything we put you through you still never shy from me. You're smart, funny, wonderful to be with… I didn't want to pressure you or for you to assume you had to be with me for me to stay. If you never wanted more than friendship it wouldn't have mattered." He was practically babbling which was sort of cute but that wasn't the important thing. She stepped in again and kissed him, pressing as close to him as she could, not caring that his body was cold and hard as he kissed her back. "Bella." He whispered, bury his face in her hair to inhale her scent.

She smiled and reached up to stroke his cheek. "We're going to miss our plane." She stepped back and went to pick up her backpack. Jasper took a deep breath and nodded, grabbing their suitcases and they left the hotel room.

Bella went straight to the bathroom once they reached their room in Paris and grinned when she saw the bath, turning on the taps to fill it and then stripped off and got in, sighing in pleasure as the heat soaked in after their flight. It hadn't been long but she had decided she didn't like airplanes. Thankfully they could get around Europe using trains now or even buy or rent a car. She smiled as the water filled with bubbles, this was decadent. She looked over as Jasper knocked on the door. "Yes?"

"Do you want me to order room service?"

"Think I'm going to soak for a while." She answered and he chuckled.

"Alright. Don't fall asleep in there."

"You wouldn't let me drown." She was tempted to call him in, the tub was big enough for two after all.

"No I wouldn't." he could feel her indecision and it was easy to guess why. "I'll unpack. Give a shout when you want me to order." He made himself move away from the door and stop imagining what she'd look like in the water. He wanted to join her but it was too soon, they'd only kissed for the first time earlier that day after all. So he unpacked his bag and settled in with a book to wait, calling room service when she said. She emerged from the bathroom with wet hair and dressed in a robe. She smiled shyly at him before ducking into her room to dress. Jasper had fun feeding her dinner and she let him, cuddling in until she eventually fell asleep. Jasper stayed as he was, not wanting to wake her when she seemed to be comfortable. She really was beautiful.

They held hands as they walked the streets of Pairs, getting soft smiles from some of the older locals at the sight. Jasper felt their emotions and couldn't help wrapping his arm around her shoulder, tugging her closer. Bella just looked up at him and smiled, enjoying the closeness. "What?" She asked and he kissed the top of her head.

"Just the locals, they thing we're sweet." He grinned when she blushed slightly. They kept wandering the streets, taking in the sights and stopping for food whenever she was hungry. That night he left her to sleep while he slipped away to hunt.

They stood on the Eiffel Tower looking out over Paris and Bella was entranced by the view. She wasn't sure which city she liked better, Paris or London. Paris meant learning French but she was enjoying the lessons from Jasper and how people in shops helped her when they realised she was learning. She leant back against Jasper despite the cold wind and he wrapped his arms around her, leaning down to nuzzle her ear and she smiled. She could spend her whole life like this. But could Jasper? He'd spent years with the Cullen's living in one place for several years before moving on. Would he want to live travelling? Could they?

"Heavy thoughts?" he asked softly and she shrugged.

"Not really." She cuddled against him. "The view is amazing."

"It is. I don't think I've ever been in Paris and just looked. It was always fashion shows and shops." He admitted, he didn't talk much about his life with Alice, he didn't want to upset Bella with the reminder. But Bella laughed.

"Yeah, that sounds like Alice." She shivered slightly and he moved her towards the lift.

"Its getting late, time for dinner and maybe another hot bath before you freeze." They stopped at a small restaurant and she ended up ordering pizza with coke, taking the rest of the pizza back to the hotel when she was done. Jasper ran the bath for her and went to leave but she caught his hand. "Bella?"

"Stay?" she asked quietly and he looked down at her.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." She whispered and then slowly pulled her jumper off before removing her shirt, leaving her in her trousers and bra. Jasper swallowed and watched as she removed that too before pushing her pants down. "Jasper?"

"Okay." He agreed before pulling off his own shirt. He could feel Bella watching him as he stripped and then he picked her up and got in the bath, settling her against him even as the hot water began to warm his skin. He smiled as he felt her gently exploring his bare chest and let his own hand gently move to caress her side. They weren't in any rush so they just soaked in the bath and gently explored each others bodies.