Escape By Henrika

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Disclaimer- I don't own digimon. If I did season three would have continued into a season 4. (I haven't seen Frontier, so I'm not knocking it!)

Setting-Takes place about a month after the defeat of the D-reaper.

Chapter 1

"So how about it Rika? You want to hit the movies with me?" Ryo asked.

"Fine Ryo." Rika replied. The digimon had finally come back and the tamers were having a meeting in Guilmon's old hideout. Guilmon had moved into Takato's, but the tamer's still used his hideout for meetings.

"Well, I guess that wraps it up. Jeri, do you want to get something to eat?" Takato asked. Jeri and Takato had been dating since the D-reaper had been destroyed.

"Let's go." Jeri said.

"I'll pick you up at seven Rika." Ryo said as he drifted out.

"Hey Kazu, I'm going to beat you at cards this time." Kenta said.

"Yeah right chumley." Kazu said as he brandished his deck of cards and ran to the playground where they always played.

"Yeah gotta go." Henry muttered as he left.

Rika leaned back against the wall and Renamon appeared. "Does Henry seem odd to you lately?" Renamon asked.

"Now that you mention it, yeah. At first I thought it was because Terriermon was gone, but you guys came back and he kept acting weird, like he just didn't care anymore." Rika said.

"Renamon, do you mind.?" Rika asked but Renamon cut her off.

"Of course." Renamon said and she disappeared. Rika sighed and went home to get ready for her date.


When Ryo arrived at Rika's house that evening he was a half-hour late and Rika was incredibly mad. She was wearing her usual clothes except for the fact that she had changed into a bright blue-colored tank top.

"Where were you Ryo?" Rika asked.

"" Ryo stuttered trying to explain when Rika looked like she was going to kill him.

"Don't bother Ryo, let's just go." Rika said as she walked out the door.

They went to the movie, but Rika's thoughts kept drifting to Henry.

'Why has he been so weird lately?' Rika thought. The movie ended and Rika couldn't remember what it was about. Ryo tried talking to her and received enough death glares to have died at least fifty times. He finally gave up and brought her home.

"Thanks for the date Rika." Ryo said as they stood at her door. He leaned in to kiss her.

"Learn to tell time Akiyama." She said as she slammed the door in his face and he ended up with a mouthful of wood instead of a kiss.

Rika went into her room and flopped on her bed. She knew Renamon wouldn't be back from the mission Rika had sent her on. She changed into her pajamas and went to bed, hoping that Renamon would be successful.

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