By Henrika

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Chapter 9

To the Tamer's surprise, they landed inside the tunnel under Guilmon's shelter. After they had all crawled out and settled themselves in various places, Henry began his explanation.

"After the digimon left, I felt it was my fault that I didn't see what my dad was up to. I thought you all hated me." As Takato moved to protest, Henry cut him off. "I know that's not true, but it was easier to think that. I was tired of always being the odd one out and being the mediator." He sighed. "I was tired of a lot of things and I thought that running away would make my problems leave me alone."

Rika wasn't surprised that he didn't mention his suicide attempt. It would further ruin his image as the levelheaded one of the group. "Gosh Henry, we didn't mean to leave you out." Takato said.

"It wasn't anyone's fault but my own. I should have known that if I had a problem I could talk to you guys." Smiles appeared around the shelter.

"Darn right you could have." Kazu said.

"I really want to thank you guys for coming after me. And if...." He faltered slightly, " guys could forgive me for being so stupid.... "

"Of course we forgive you, don't we Takatomon?" Guilmon said.

"Forgiven." Takato agreed.



"Thanks guys. That means a lot to me." Henry said.

"Um, Takato?" Jeri asked.


"Look outside."

"Holy smokes!" Ryo exclaimed as they saw that it was nearly pitch- black outside.

"Our parents are going to be so worried!" Kenta jumped up, opening his pocket so Marine Angemon could fly inside.

"Aw man, I was supposed to be home hours ago." Kazu said as the other tamers started to get up."

"You're doomed." Guardramon said quite cheerily.

"Aw man."

"We'd better get going before we're all grounded for the rest of our lives." Ryo said as he hopped aboard the Cyberdramon Express.

"I'd better walk you home Jeri." Takato said as he held out his arm. "C'mon Guilmon."

"You can call your parents from my house." She offered.

"Buh-bye!" Calumon yelled from Jeri's shoulder as the four of them walked away.

"Nice to have you back Henry!" Takato added.

"We should be going as well Rika." Renamon said.

"Shall I walk you home Rika?" Henry offered his arm to her like Takato had done to Jeri.

"Who said anything about walking?" She bolted past him yelling at Renamon to take Terriermon to Henry's apartment.

"Thanks for the talking-to Renamon." Henry said as she leapt away with a startled Terriermon.

"Repaying a favor." She said as disappeared from his sight. (Henrika- In the series, Renamon and Henry talked quite a bit when Rika was having trouble accepting her as a partner and not a fighting machine.) Henry quickly ran to catch Rika. She had had a considerable head start and he didn't catch her until they were nearly at her house.

"If you ever try anything so stupid as running away or killing yourself again, you'll answer to me." Rika threatened as they stopped outside the gate of her house.

Henry put up his hands in self-defense. "I'll never try anything so stupid again." He recited it like an oath.

"Good. In that case, you're forgiven."

"Good night Rika." Henry said.

"Good.wait a minute." She said as she ran inside her house.


Rika came back and told Henry to close his eyes. He did as she said and she slipped his wristband back in place. "Welcome back Henry." Rika smiled one of her true smiles and gave him a quick kiss.

Henry smiled. "Glad to be back."

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