Ch. 5 Natsu

Natsu left the girl in the main area of his den. He felt bad for what he did, but he couldn't help it. There was something about her that drove him crazy, even though he's only just met her. Natsu could hear her soft cries echoing through his cave as he headed towards his sleeping area. Tch. Stupid girl. She should be thankful I didn't eat her. His tail dragged behind him in the dirt. No wonder why I don't transform into a human, this body is weak. He could feel his wings twitching at every little air current and the weight of them on his back was starting to hurt, even his tail was bearing down on him. Natsu blew a stream of fire from his mouth, aggravated at the outcome of today. It's not going to be long before that idiot metalhead visits.

Lucy laid on the damp floor, terrified of her recent experience with the beast. A slave? What does he mean by that? What if he… Lucy shivered, her thoughts taking a turn for the worst. She flicked her tangled hair over her shoulder and reached out to find a small indent on the wall to pull herself up. Lucy's feet tripped over every stone and sharp rock they could find on the floor.

"Ouch." Lucy hissed, leaning against the wall for support. Her body was damaged and her emotions were scattered. Lucy headed towards the fire to hopefully grab a small torch and find her way out of this damn den. She picked up the smallest one and a couple of other unlit branches to light the way. Now which cave leads to the outside? Lucy rubbed her chin. Oh! I was facing the fire and he came in through the center hole, so that must mean that's the one leading to my freedom. Lucy mentally congratulated herself and headed over to that direction. She kept glancing over her shoulder to see if the demon was following her, but there was nothing. After walking the tunnel for what felt like forever, she finally felt a cool breeze. She shivered, taking a good look at her tattered gown. Great, I am going to escape, but I will probably end up freezing to death. Lucy scanned ahead with her eyes, picking up a small sliver of light. The end! She rushed forward and came to the mouth of the cave.

The view was spectacular. A forest as far as the eye could see, and a small lake that ran through the middle. The moon was out and the stars were bright. She could finally taste her freedom. This was the adventure Lucy has always dreamed of. She glanced down and let out a groan. The climb down the mountain was most likely going to take a couple of hours and she didn't have that much time left. She was sure Natsu was going to find out that she had escaped and was going to rampage looking for her. One last glance behind her into the dark cave told her this was her last chance at escaping. I better start hurrying. She started down the small rocky path leading to the end of the mountain.

It's quiet. Too quiet. Natsu thought. He had transformed back into his dragon form and had laid down in his den to rest. The only thing bothering him was that he had stopped hearing the girls quiet sobs and began to feel suspicious. Natsu stood, flicking his wings out and closing them back up. I better go check on her. He walked through the tunnel, his claws making a soft clicking sound. He sniffed, noticing her scent has faded. She didn't.. Natsu growled, rushing to the main den. As soon as he stepped in, he let out a roar that shook the cave. His princess was gone. LUCY.

Lucy was just nearing the bottom when she heard a very angry roar. Oh no.. Her heart dropped. She took in the distance she had left and decided to jump. Her body hit the ground, rolling to absorb the impact.

"Shit." She hissed in pain as she stood up. She scanned the skies looking for a red dragon but didn't see one. Lucy ran into the forest, the tree branches slapping her skin. It was dark out and she could hardly see, but that didn't stop her. Getting away was all that mattered. While running for her life, she heard a wolf howl in the distance. Instantly she slowed, trying not to give away her position by sound. There was a bright light above her head, and she looked up. Natsu was circling the sky above. Another roar came from the dragon. I guess it is better to be eaten by a wolf rather than a dragon. Lucy stumbled through the forest and even through some streams to try and hide her scent. She didn't want wild animals nor a rampaging dragon to find her. After a few minutes, all was quiet.

The wind blew through the trees and Lucy shuddered. Something is coming. Lucy scanned her surroundings, trying to find a decent hiding spot, but came up empty. Since I cant hide on the ground, how about the trees? Lucy thought. Lucy started to haul her self up the tree. After getting about 10 feet high, Lucy stopped and laid on the branch, watching for any sign of movement. Time crawled by and Lucy started to get impatient. Maybe whatever was a threat is gone now? Lucy went to move from her spot when she heard a rustle of leaves to her left. A sudden chill took over her body. She peeked over her shoulder, praying that it was a small bun or something. Nothing was there, however when she turned around, she came face to face with a huge, golden eye.

"Natsu!" Lucy's breath had hitched in her throat. To say the dragon was mad is a huge understatement. Natsu however, felt relieved to see that his princess was safe, but he was still angry.

"Lucy, get out of the tree." Natsu said calmly. His red scales were illuminated by the moonlight, casting about him an eerie glow. Lucy shook her head no. Natsu's temper had flared. "Lucy if you don't get out of that tree in 5 seconds, I will get you out myself." Natsu growled. She still hadn't responded.

"5-4-3-2-1. Alright, you asked for it." Natsu roared, transforming into his human form faster that the eye could follow. He flicked his wings open and jumped, gliding up to tree branch Lucy had perched on. He landed in front of her with a thud, wrapping his tail around the branch to keep him sturdy. Lucy's eyes widened.

"Shit!" She yelled, trying to make a run for it, but Natsu reached out and caught her.

"Well, well, well, haven't you been a naughty little princess?" Natsu loved the feeling of dominating her and that is exactly what he is going to do. He brushed a blonde lock out of Lucy's face, enjoying the way her body tensed at his touch. Natsu pushed Lucy into the tree, their chests touching. My god, she is beautiful. Lucy was mesmerized by the soft look in Natsu's eyes. It had given him a new look, and even if he was a monster, there was no denying how attractive he was. Natsu leaned in, inhaling her comforting scent, before licking her neck.

"Ep!" Lucy yelped, struggling to get out of his grip. She felt the tickle of his hair on her chest and a glimpse of a golden horn, before a shooting pain ran through her body. Lucy tried to break free, but the low growl from Natsu made her stop.

"if you struggle, it will only make it worse." His voice a combination of human and dragon. She felt his breathing increase, and the pain in her neck worsened.

"Natsu.." Lucy moaned from the pain. "You're hurting me." The dragon didn't care if he was hurting her princess or not, he needed to be sure she would never run off again and the only way he could achieve this, is by bonding her to his magic. Natsu felt her energy depleting. Her struggles becoming weaker until she passed out in his arms. He withdrew, looking at the mark on her neck.

"There." Natsu sighed. "Now she has no chance of ever escaping." He looked down at the blonde beauty in his arms, running his hand through her hair. A soft moan escaped her lips, and Natsu took this chance to give her a small kiss. She tasted divine, like a gift from the heavens. He looked around the forest, scanning his surroundings before flicking out his wings.

"Lets go home, darling." Natsu jumped off the branch, extending his wings to catch the currents. He flapped once, rising above the tree lines and heading back toward his cave.

However, where he was just residing, there appeared a large silver eye, watching his form retreat into the starry night.

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