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Fly and Heath walked back to the hotel, hand and hand, one and a half hours later. Heath swiped his card on the keypad, but was shocked to see Annabel sitting on the bed, staring at the wall.

"I should probably go" whispered Fly, as she went back down the hallway, to the elevator.

"Thank you" mouthed Heath

"Annabel, I..." Heath tried to explain, but the blonde cut him off

"Don't love me anymore?! Have been cheating on me for months?! Are going to break with me?!" she screamed in his face

"Firstly, I never loved you, nor do I think I ever will. And no, I haven't been cheating on you. Fly is an extremely good friend visiting from Sydney. And just so you know, you haven't exactly been discreet either. I know you and that shoot director have been getting together behind my back, so you can't exactly excuse me of anything. And lastly, what do you think? Of course I'm breaking with you! I want you gone, now"

Annabel stood up, very calmly, and walked past Heath, but stopped at the door.

"You know, Heath, you should probably start saving up. I heard that surfboards and cameras cost a lot of money"

And with that, she walked off down the hallway, probably to get drunk at some bar somewhere. That was her way of coping.

Fly re entered the room, and saw Heath standing at the door of the bathroom, in shock.

It was absolutely trashed. The bathtub was filled with all of Heaths photography equipment, and his surfboards lay, trashed, on the floor.

Two months later

Fly and Heath lay on a beach in Hawaii, which was almost deserted, even in the midday sun.

Heath had come with Fly on the pro circuit, mostly to get away from Annabel but also because he has come to the realisation that he loved Fly.

The revenge hadn't stopped at trashing Heath's most valuable possessions, she has trashed their cars, spiked their drinks and generally been an all round stalker.

For the first time in his life, lying on this beach in Hawaii, he beautiful girlfriend by his side, Heath felt at peace.

And that was something Heath would feel for the rest of his life, as long as Fly was safe and by his side.

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