-The Diary Of A Frost Aventura-

-Chapter 6-

-When the Show Over-


Mumble, Gloria and Erik were little worried about not knowing where he was RC, he was not seen anywhere. And the wind blew no more.

Mumble: Where is ... Where are you?! RC?

Mumble way to what was the edge of the iceberg, hopeful that RC was close, but no luck.

Gloria: RC ... should be here, Mumble, calm...

Gloria was trying to calm what could be more, he was trying hard but still I could more.

Erik said nothing in his mind thoughts were confused, did not know was going on all this time. Happiness because after her mother had left vanished RC knowing that I was lost especially for his condition and also for this last catastrophe.

Meanwhile Samantha walked with the nation, but at one point realized that RC and his family was not close, stopped and looked around, then questioned by his father.

Father S.: Daughter, What happened?

Samantha: RC and his family are not here...

Father S.: Well, are perhaps a little earlier, have been away a long time, and should be talking about many things

Samantha: Yes, that must be...

I cared not want to think the worst, thoughts were nothing more than vague and theories of what might happen, so he turned and began walking with his family and the nation again

While Mumble still did not stop looking for RC where else could, even under the remains of the Iceberg broken his leg still sore.

Mumble: RC! Get out of where you are! Come on!

Mumble not want to accept, or even want to think what could have happened. His family stayed just behind him, with nothing to say, with nothing to do but wait.

Gloria hugged Erik, not to give him fear the cries of her father looking for his lost brother.

Mumble gave a strong and long breath, ran his eyes fin drying her tears and turned to his family walking slow and looking down.

Mumble: Let's go ... We should go with others...

Gloria gave a cry silently that his son would not notice, while Erik was crying confused by his missing brother.

The three walked a few meters away from what previously could call "home".


"February 18, 2015"

... A voice called me ... I said ... A very small voice...

"Who are you?"

"I am RC..."

He answered but very weak from my wounds ... I hurt all over...

"My name is Will"

His voice was very small, but you could tell that something had to say...

"Will, it's nice to meet you"

"What are you doing here, RC?"

I did not know how to respond, I felt I was floating in nothingness, I could not open my eyes, dark is what he saw, but was not dead, I felt my body and my wounds still burning and aching.

"I ... do not know ... I ... I saw my family, my friends, my nation ... All ... Trying something that would not work ... And I knew if still end up just leaving ... And I ... I ..."

I didn't know how to keep going, did not know how to keep talking only I remained silent

"I also did the same"

"What are you talking about, Will?"

"I separated from those who knew existed, by my own instincts, my own desire to know how that world I dreamed I was, and now I'm alone, now do not know what to do, do not know what to believe or see"

"Heh, then we are in the same"

"There's something that sets us apart, RC"

"You knew what you did; you knew that if you did that you'd end up here, in nothingness, like me. I had no idea, was just me and my friend, but now I'm just alone..."

"You are not, Will, here I am here, we are together, buddy"

"I think you're right, but you better get back where you belong, RC"

"Do you think I can?"

"You do not lose anything by trying, right?"

With much effort, I opened my eyes and looked around, there were the pieces of ice perhaps the iceberg that had broken, I was floating on the water talking to himself, looked up and was enclosed by other pieces more than Iceberg, apparently when I did force against the walls and broke my body fell to the gap that had opened and that took me to the water that was here before, before it reached the iceberg, and the other pieces fell around me. I started then ask who was that voice speaking to me ... After that I started climbing the broken iceberg and two walls were separated and out through a hole that was there, was where it had been the entire nation of penguins Adeli elephant seals with Bryan, and see that far ahead Mumble, Gloria and Erik went small. With a loud shout called.

RC: Hey!

Mumble, Gloria and Erik turned stupefied to see me out of that hole in the Iceberg occurred, walk taking towards them happy to see them while they ran and come to me hugged me hard and as I was bad my leg made me fall and you could see their faces with emotion and happiness, her teary eyes for concern, while also thrilled me to see them together with me in ice cold.

RC: I love you! Love you very much!

Mumble: Do not ever do that!

Gloria: I'm so glad to see you well!

Erik: Brother!

We cried and laughed together wallowing in the snow. We got up and started walking to the nation, when we saw all stopped and looked at Noah, standing on a small chunk of ice as if to say something important to everyone.

Penguin: Noah! Where do we go now?!

Penguin: We cannot stay here, the seagulls are close, the walls looked after us!

Penguin: What will happen to the proximity to the water to fish?!

They all rattled, did not know what to do, Noah tried to calm the nation but almost impossible. Look aside, the nation watched as I raised a hand.

RC: Excuse me... Hum...

Penguins put attention on me.

RC: Listen, if I know anything about the seagulls is that they are always near the coast, if we do our territory near the same, we will attack us and our chicks, as well as other marine predators.

Penguin: But we need to be near the sea for fishing, and others do not take our food or be little

RC: Some time ago, I went to a place near here, was uninhabited, also was neither so close and so far from the coast, the gulls would not go anywhere near there, why not fly in that direction ever, I know them enough to be sure of that, and is also one of my favorite fishing because it is closed so that other sea creatures like seals Leopard, or even seals Elephants are too large to pass through those pillars and they know it, places and even with its monstrous force cannot break, but the fish and penguins if they can, and there is also a connected coast ocean direct, and the territory of which I speak is tilted, and there is a giant wall and a huge hill that not it can be closed. I can teach them the way if they want to; I'm just making a statement.

Penguins' starts thought for several minutes, until Noah said:

Noah: Those who want to go with RC, raise the flap.

Many lifted the flap, including my family and Noah himself.

Noah: It is decided. RC led us, please.

I nodded and started walking while the nation was behind me. We walked pretty much more than I expected when we arrived and it was night and teach them how was the place, it was huge, and as he had told them was inclined, there was a huge hill that led to what could be called "Surface" and down was a wall that did not cover all the climb I had too, but the wall had multiple holes that could be used as caves for the whole nation. I said that tomorrow would teach all where that coast where you could fish was and where I was connecting the full sea. But now I'm pretty tired and hurt, I'm sure things I had in my backpack to leave my old home will serve to relieve me, but now I just want to sleep. Mumble, Gloria, Erik and I went to an empty cave, which was not very big but it was enough for four of us, I lay on the floor and sighed snow.

Mumble: You did it again

RC: Don't wait for a third time.

Mumble and I laughed and then came Gloria and Erik to sleep, I now I'm writing after everything that happened while Mumble, Gloria and Erik sleep peacefully, I can also see in front and notice how the landscape is in dark night the stars shine strongly and run a fresh wind on my face, everyone is asleep except you and me. In addition're still somewhat wet from the fall I had water in the Iceberg, but you noticed how dry or rather you freeze in the air there, Erik. You know? I've been through a lot with my family, with the nation, it all started as a disaster but, so everything feels like gentler all ... As all worth, living, protecting, seeing how those stars shine, the write even if nobody read you more than me, it feels ... well. And I think I can live with that the rest of my days ... But now, I just want to close my eyes and rest ... Who knows how long? But for now ... I say goodbye. Good evening, Erik. Goodnight, My Frost Diary.

From: RC.

-The End.-