"JAG – Rose Petals"

Author: Haruo Chikamori

E-mail: hhchikamori

Rating: T

Classification: Meg/Animal


Summary: JAG Drabbles…

DISCLAIMER: The characters Harm Rabb, Jr., Meg Austin, Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie, Meg Austin, AJ Chegwidden, Bud Roberts, Harriet Sims-Roberts et al. belong (in concept if not name) to CBS/Bellisarius. Animal and all OC characters are the property of Heather and Hugo Chikamori. No profit is being made from this story, nor is any infringement intended.

Author's Note: Here are my attempts at writing drabbles. These are various drabbles from each pairing I've created so far. Here's the first, exactly 100 words.


"Frustrated and tired - I need relaxation" was the thought prevalent in her mind - grabbing the next file-folder on the pile when a white envelope slipped onto her desk. Two theater tickets? A knock prompted her attention. "Hi…Flyboy…"

"So you got my little message?"

"It was from you?" His cheerful smile told her all she needed. "So…doing anything tonight?"

"Well not really, but I'd hoped you'd ask because I was planning on inviting myself along."

At that moment, Mac resolved that she was going to be less of an obsessed workaholic and more of a friend. "That'd be great…"