Frank's Daughter

Jester: Hey! This is my first UC: Under Cover fic. It's been a long while since I've seen UC: Under Cover. **mutters** damn NBC canceling the show! PAH! The bastards! How dare they?! That was my favorite show! **end muttering** Anyway. I loved that show! Only I can't remember all the characters names and what they do, so please remind in the review. I have no need of what they do in this chapter. SO plZ help me!

Summary: What if Frank had a daughter? You like, he was married, had a kid, divorced. Well I dreamt this story up while I was watching the show like two years ago. Or maybe it was a year? I think it was a year. Anyway, I thought what if one day he has daughter over for a week while her mother is a Bingo Camp, and she got caught up in a robbery or something? Well this is how I got it down. Now know, I don't know a lot of these negotiations. But I had to get it out. So please don't hate me for that!

---Begin Chapter----

Frank Donovan got up at 5:30 Am to go out and run. He ran for five miles then came home and made some French toast. Then he made some coffee, yes, nice black coffee. Folgers of course, He got his newspaper and sat down on his nice black leather couch sipping his coffee and reading the front page. It was about the attemptive bombing that he had negotiated the bomber out of bombing. (OMG what is it called again?? Ich bin sehr dumm! For those who don't understand German that means I am so dumb!) He put down the paper and turned on his radio to hear about the news and what he had done again. He sipped his coffee as he walked over to the kitchen to eat his French toast. As he started on his second he heard the doorbell ring. He glanced at the microwave clock. "6:30 Am? Who'd be here at this time? Maybe there's another case."

He got up and went over to the door. He looked through the peep hole only to see a hazel colored eye looking back at him. He opened the door slowly his gun on the table behind him. He looked at the people outside. "Oh, uh hi, Janet."

"Hello, Frankie," a tall very attractive brunette said. She had hazel eyes and nice red lips. Let's just say that she was very pretty. She smiled at him, and Frank went weak at the knees. Following her was a girl. Frank smiled. "Frankie, I'm leaving Melissa with you for a week. I hope you don't mind."

"No I don't mind her staying for a week. But I do mind the fact that you didn't call ahead of time to tell me!" Frank said to his ex-wife, Janet. Janet scowled a bit.

"That's the thing about you Frankie, you always get upset if things aren't planned out ahead of time!" Janet began.

"Could you two please just not fight for five bloody minutes?!" The girl said loudly, but not too loudly to stir the neighbors. "I swear you two can't look at each other with out fighting!"

"Sorry, honey," Janet said patting her daughter's shoulder. Melissa recoiled, not liking being touch or patted or even shaking her mother's hand. "Don't have that kind of attitude with me Melissa."

"Just leave before you and Dad start fighting. I've got enough problems, I don't need you and Dad to start fighting and get me even more aggravated!"

"I said don't have that-"

"Janet, Janet," Frank said raising his hand to a little to prevent her from going to their daughter. "It's okay. Just go, I'll take care of her."

"Alright, Frankie. You be good for your father, Melissa!" Janet said then left down the hall her heels clicking on the concrete. Frank watched her leave. Even though they were divorced Frank still thought his ex-wife very attractive. He closed the door and turned to his daughter. His daughter didn't look like her mother much, just the same eyes and lips. She didn't look like much of Frank either. Just the hair color and smile which fitted her perfectly. She was fairly attractive, one of the most beautiful people in her school, though she stayed away from being popular. She preferred to hang with the artist, and the people who no one noticed.

Frank spread his arms, "Doesn't your father even get a hug?"

"Not until I get some food in my stomach," Melissa said then ate the last two French toasts that Frank had made.

Frank smirked, "What stomach? You're too thin to have a stomach!"

"Oh I do have one Dad," Melissa said through a mouthful of French toast. Then she finished the two slices. "You sure can cook, Pa."

"Thanks, now do I get a hug?" Frank asked. Melissa thought a moment. Then got up and gave her dad a hug. "It's good to see you Melissa."

"Same here, Pa."

"Well, do you have school this week? Or is there some vacation?"

"It's Spring Vacation, Dad. I got a whole week of nothing to do."

"Well, how about you come to my office?"

"Office? Oh great a bunch boring paper work with humdrum co-workers," Melissa said her voice dripping with sarcastic happiness. Frank smirked.

"You obviously don't know what I do," Frank said going into his room and got dressed. Melissa flopped on the couch and turned off the radio and turned on the TV and DVD player and inserted her favorite movie The Mummy Returns. Her father came out a few minutes later in black pants and a black sweater. He looked at the TV screen and saw what his daughter was watching. He chuckled a bit. Melissa turned to him.

"What?" She asked. Frank shook his head. "What?!"

"Ah, I'm just wondering, why do you like that movie so much?" Frank asked leaning on the counter finishing his coffee.

"Why wouldn't I?" Melissa asked.

"Because there's bad acting. Especially by that guy in the whit button up shirt, with the guns," Frank said pointing to the screen which showed O'Connell going through the dark catacombs of Karnack with a gun in his right hand and torch in his left. Melissa looked indignant.

"Well, I never! Dad! You take that back!" She said with mock severity. "Brendan Fraser is the best actor of the century! He's totally awesome!"

"Yeah, sure. Let's go now. I don't want to be late," Frank said putting his cup in the sink and getting his keys from the hook near the door. Melissa dug in her bag a bit and got out a sketch book , pencil with lead refills and a book entitled The Long Patrol. She walked out the door then Frank closed the door and locked it. They took the elevator to the parking lot. Frank started his car with a touch of a button on his key chain. They walked to the car and Melissa's eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh! You ride this?!" Melissa asked in amazement. Frank nodded. "Oh my Ra! This is an awesome car! Wow! I did not know you rode this! I thought you still rode that crappy red Volvo from 1981!"

"Nope, I drive this now. Get in, I don't want to be late," Frank said getting in the nice black sports car. They got in drove off to Donovan's work.

~~~At Work~~~

Frank got out of the car, his daughter too, and walked to his office building his daughter not too far behind. They walked into the nice building. They got in the elevator and went to the floor Frank worked on. They got off on the floor. Melissa looked around, "Dad, this looks like a police or Under Cover unit."

"Don't fall behind, Melissa. Come on," Frank said, still walking. Melissa jogged up and caught up. A tall slender red haired woman came up to Frank.

"Hello Donovan, who's the little girl?" She asked.

"Hello Alex. Be careful on what you call 'the little girl.' My little girl doesn't like to be called 'little girl,'" Frank said. Then Melissa popped in between them.

"You're right, Dad, I don't like being called 'little girl.' So stop calling me that!" She said. Alex laughed quietly.

"She certainly has your wit. Only she uses it on you," Alex said. "So what's your name?"

"Melissa Tara Donovan when I was born. It's what I like to named. But Mum says that I'm now Melissa Tara Roberts. Plah!" Melissa said making a gagging noise. "I hate it when the school puts that on my report card or in the yearbook. I hate my Mum's new husband."

Alex looked at Donovan with a look that said 'you had a wife?' Frank saw it and nodded. Alex's eyes widened a bit in surpris but then she smiled down at Melissa who was only a few inches shorter than her and said, "nice meeting you Melissa Donovan."

"Thanks! It was great meeting you!" Melissa said as Alex walked off to her own little office. Melissa turned to her father smiling. "I like her. She's cool!"

"You only like her now because she called you Melissa Donovan."

"Yes, but she seems nice!"

"Then you just love the rest of the crew," Frank said as they entered his office. Melissa looked around. The office had a desk with a file on it, a computer. There were two chairs in front of it, it was a bit spacey. Frank motioned to the table out of the office. The table was long and had many chairs. "You can sit out there if you want more room. Or you can stay in here and be bored."

"I'll sit out there. It seems more interesting," Melissa said going out of the office and to the table. She sat down as a tall dark haired handsome guy walked past her into her father's office.

~~in her father's office~~

"Hey, Donovan," The guy said. "Who's the kid?"

"My daughter, Melissa," Frank replied opening the file on his desk then closing and stamping closed on it. The man looked surprised.

"You? You, Frank Donovan, have a kid?" he asked in amazement. Frank nodded.

"Yes, Cody, I have a child," Frank said. Cody smirked.

"It doesn't seem like you," Cody said. Frank nodded.

"That's because it wasn't like me to have a family. I'm not at home often enough to be with my kids. That's why my ex-wife divorced me and got custody of Melissa," Frank said. "Get the rest of the team here. I want them to meet my daughter."

"Sure," Cody said, and then exited the office.

~~End Chapter~~

Okay, I DO need to know more info. Could you please help me?? PLEASE?? PLEASE??? I NEED INFO! All I need is the names of the crew and their duties. And I need to know if they have a boss. And where the files come from. Remember, it's been a while since I saw UC.